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The Neverborn

Friday, August 2, 2019 - 7:30 pm @ 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Annex Theatre
1100 E. Pike St.
Annex Theatre
The Neverborn @ Annex Theatre

A new creepy comedy by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, directed by Catherine Blake Smith

August 2-31, 2019
Thurs-Sat at 7:30 pm

After murdering the Matron at the Starling Home for Feeble Minded children, two orphaned sisters set out to find their–probably not dead–mother while being pursued by a tormented detective and a vengeful haunted baby painting. Annex’s Gothic Sweetheart returns with a magically creepy tale.

Name | Role
Catherine Blake Smith • | Director
Kelleen Conway Blanchard • | Playwright

Pilar O’Connell • | Bettina, the smart twin
Madison Jade Jones ∞ | Lotte, the sweet twin
Mike Gilson º | Jack Jr., the Reverend’s gifted son
Chad Ro º | Tom, the prophetic boy with gills
James Weidman º | Reverend Jack & others
Val Brunetto • | Mother, Eudora Swiles & others
Sasha Bailey • | Missus Starling & Veronic Wald
Zenaida Rose • | Detective Penny & others

Production Team
Omar Faust º | Production Manager
Brandon Eller º | Stage Manager
Adam Zopfi-Hulse º | Production Designer
Jacob Viramontes º | Lighting Designer
Josh Valdez º | Co-Sound Designer
Wei Low •/∞ | Co-Sound Designer
Violet Séverine Blanchard • | Original Music Composer
Jen Nelson • | Choreographer
Chapin Montague • | Production Intern

Pronoun Guide
They/Them ∞
She/Her •
He/Him º

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