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Womxn’s March on Seattle 2020 — RESCHEDULED AND NEW LOCATION

Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 1:00 pm @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Jefferson Park
Womxn's March on Seattle 2020 -- RESCHEDULED AND NEW LOCATION @ Jefferson Park


On Saturday, January 18th, we will come together again for the 4th anniversary of the Womxn’s March. Beginning with a rally at Cal Anderson Park, ending with a march downtown.

More details to come – updates regularly.

Womxn’s March Seattle

We are looking for a variety of people who can help us along the way leading up to the event and people to help for the day of the event. Please click the link and fill out the google form:

In order to make this possible we need funds to procure permits, sound, accessibility needs, insurance, +more!
Donate here:

Learn more about our Mission, Vision, and Unity Principles at

Seattle Womxn Marching Forward, an affiliate of Women’s March, and March On, has been organizing the Womxn’s March on Seattle, since November 2016.

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8 thoughts on “Womxn’s March on Seattle 2020 — RESCHEDULED AND NEW LOCATION

    • Being a Bronx resident working in blizzards and unplowed 7 ft snow, we have been very grounded in 32 year background and spiritual mgt to authentically note that Washington lacks spiritual flexibility and hopefully it will be approachable to growth beyond this level. Instead of focus on branding and who likes who, the focus on experience without mockery is siuch a novelty today. In L.A the National Organization of Women is led by a young white man because of who likes who and this is the day every State stood together and did not “postpone” as my Philly and NYers are not going to walk away from today and they have snow storms in Philly but any political group or event or medua groups without real phone numbers is just more of the same…a lack of yogic balance. We recall in 1988 on producer team for fundraiser multicultural festivals with 150k or more guests. Never till ageism became trending did we see such lack of unity…and if you dont trust women to have phone numbers and open to others…delays is all you get. Namaste

  1. Having read you “Unity Principles” I have to wonder, why you think these things are problems. How many black women have been killed by cops? Are you saying you want to give Washington state back to the Indians? What is meant by individual bodily autonomy? Who is impeding it? Who says (in this country) Human rights aren’t women’s rights? Why aren’t you including the misogyny of radical Islam and the abuses felt by women and gays in Muslim countries? How are gender and race equivalent? How is gender “justice” the same as racial “justice”? What is gender justice anyway? All in all, this is just another liberal virtue-signaling exercise. Without impact or meaning except to show how “woke” you are.

  2. Wow, so much for solidarity on a national scale! This decision is sad and a bit strange. Guess what? There’s “weather” in every other city that has organized a Women’s March. I checked on dates in all other cities – only Seattle and Salem OR postponed their marches until March 8. Four cities have their marches on 1/19 (same weekend); one other on January 25th. It’s an embarrassment and splinters the goal of unity and sense of solidarity. And, the energy fades just a bit more. Do you remember when “Liberals” chided Trump for refusing to attend a military memorial service because it was raining? Just saying…

    • Too right, Daniel! I’m trying to find out if there’s still one happening in Olympia this year on the 18th. If we women aren’t stronger than that, heaven help us all!

  3. When was the decision made to cancel today’s Womxns March? The weather was good. No rain, no snow. It seems very strange that it simply disappeared. And I thought the greatest impact was that the marches happened concurrently across the country.
    Why will Seattle be marching alone?

  4. Why isn’t NOW involved? If they are why aren’t they doing more PR? I’m a white, straight, woman who would like to hear about the women’s march in the mainstream news as well as other venues. I feel we should be united as women no splintered into groups. If we would do that, we would have some REAL power.

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