Police: Medical emergency led to crash that killed man in street on 10th Ave E

The King County Medical Examiner has identified the man killed after being hit by a driver along 10th Ave E last week.

Meanwhile, the early investigation of the deadly Wednesday morning incident includes details that a medical emergency is believed to have led to the 9:15 AM crash. Continue reading

One struck and killed, driver to hospital in 10th Ave E crash

The 10th Ave E crash scene (Image: CHS)

A person was struck by a driver and killed Wednesday morning along 10th Ave E near the E Newton intersection.

Seattle Fire medic crews and Seattle Police rushed to the scene around 9:15 AM and found a person struck and pinned in the northbound bike lane beneath the red sedan that slammed into a utility pole during the crash.

Crews began life saving measures on the person who was hit and the driver. The pedestrian died at the scene. The driver was transported to the hospital. Continue reading

Now open on 10th Ave E: Gyro House

Owner Akram Bouman Ali (Image: Lena Friedman)

Just before COVID-19 restrictions set in, Gyro House moved into a new 10th Ave E location bordering Capitol Hill. The Iraqi-style mediterranean restaurant is now adjusting to business in a new neighborhood and new coronavirus age of serving customers.

Owner Akram Bouman Ali arrived with his family in the United States as Iraqi refugees in 2009 and achieved his dream of starting a restaurant in 2018 when Gyro House opened at its first location on 5th Ave S between downtown and the International District.

“My dad always inspires me — he’s hard of hearing, he has a lot of health issues going on but he never gave up on his dream,” said his daughter Amal Bouman Ali, who helps manage the business. Continue reading

Police investigating after man found with neck slashed at 10th and Prospect — UPDATE

A passerby found a man down and bleeding with a lacerated neck in an incident police are investigating as an assault at 10th and E Prospect early Sunday morning. Officers found a weapon and splatters of blood on the pavement along a block of 10th Ave E south of Prospect near where the victim was found.

UPDATE 12/17/19 1:00 PM: A department spokesperson said the investigation has determined the incident was “not a criminal matter.” That indicates police have determined the injury was self-inflicted.

Resources to help those in need: National suicide-prevention hotline: 800-273-8255. Local Crisis Clinic: (206) 461-3222. If you need immediate assistance, call 911.

Original report: According to Seattle Police, a 911 caller reported the adult male down just after 5 AM. A quickly arriving police officer confirmed the man had suffered what appeared to be a slashed neck reported him alert and conscious but bleeding heavily. The victim was rushed to Harborview in critical condition. We do not know more about his condition but he survived the apparent attack, according to police. Continue reading

‘Derelict’ house burns in 10th Ave E fire — UPDATE: Reported violations

Thanks to reader Neil for the pictures

Seattle Fire’s mission late Monday night was to keep the flames from spreading as a smoky blaze burned through a 10th Ave E house cleared for long-planned demolition and a new townhouse project.

A 911 caller first reported the smoke and flames around 11 PM coming from the house on 10th Ave E between John and Thomas. SFD units arrived to find the two-story structure fully engulfed. With fire spread across both floors and the house’s “derelict” status, SFD deployed a defensive strategy to keep the flames from spreading to nearby structures and trees.

The fire was significantly knocked down after about 30 minutes but crews were on site late into the night dealing with the blaze. Firefighters reported having to remove plywood from the structure’s boarded-up windows to allow access to spray water on the flames.
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‘Amazingly, there don’t seem to be any injuries’ — Truck flips in 10th/E Highland collision

A two-car collision on E Highland at 10th Ave E left a truck flipped on its roof and a sports car’s front-end mangled but miraculously nobody was hurt in the Friday night crash.

Preliminary reports indicate one driver was taken into custody for investigation of DUI but CHS has not yet confirmed the arrest with police.

Seattle Fire units rushed to the scene just after 6 PM for a serious “heavy rescue” incident but found occupants of the truck had been able to climb out on their own. “Amazingly, there don’t seem to be any injuries,” said one officer reporting on the scene via East Precinct radio. The crash also knocked down street signs at the corner.

The investigation and emergency response temporarily blocked traffic and buses on 10th Ave E but the street was reopened after about 30 minutes as the collision scene on the corner continued to block E Highland and police processed the scene.

UPDATE 4/2/2018: Police say the driver of the flipped truck had been traveling eastbound on E Highland at the time of the collision. The 34-year-old woman was evaluated for DUI and booked into King County Jail. Court records show she has not yet been charged.

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Youth jail protest comes to Mayor Murray’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood

Ed Murray’s North Capitol Hill home Tuesday night was the target for a group of protesters calling for the mayor and City Hall to stop construction of the county’s planned upgraded Children and Family Justice Center on 12th Ave.

A group of around 50 protesters lined 10th Ave E near E Boston near the mayor’s home to call for a last-ditch effort to reject what is expected to be approval of city construction permits for the facility, a decision the protesters say is slated for Thursday:

No New Youth Jail Action Alert
Call the Mayor, County Executive, and City Council Today!
**Mayor Murray, Dow Constantine, the City of Seattle, and King County intend to give our children and families a new children jail for the holidays.**
On December 22nd the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection will release its decision about whether it will grant permits to King County to build a new children’s jail in Seattle.

Wednesday night, protesters chanted for no new youth jail and reminded the mayor they know where he lives. “We’re here outside of Mayor Murray’s house to let him know that we’re not going away, we are paying attention, and he can’t do something like allow his city government to pass this permit right before the holidays,” protest organizer Bana Abera said. “Obviously, we are paying attention.”

“We want to let him know that we are vigilant. And especially with him being up for reelection, we are going to make sure that he knows, if he doesn’t stop this jail, this will be the main issue of his campaign.”

Earlier this week, Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine were targeted by protesters at the announcement designating Washington as a “hate free state.” Continue reading

Blotter | 10th Ave E gunpoint robbery, shootout at 23rd/Union

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • 10th Ave E hold-up: A group of possibly three suspects reportedly held up a female victim at gunpoint as she walked along 10th Ave E waiting for a bus early Monday morning. According to East Precinct radio dispatches on the incident, the victim was robbed by a suspect armed with a silver pistol just after 2 AM along 10th Ave E near Galer where the victim was walking when she was approached by the group. The victim then walked to a nearby residence to call police but by then nearly 20 minutes had passed and the suspects were nowhere to be found. SPD is investigating the hold-up as an armed robbery.
  • Thanks to neighbor Alex Crick for the picture from the police response Friday night

    Thanks to neighbor Alex Crick for the picture from the police response Friday night

    23rd/Union gunfire: A scary scene unfolded around the busy corner of 23rd and Union Saturday night around 5 PM as multiple witnesses reported seeing a gunfight break out between a male shooter on foot and at least one other vehicle speeding away from the area around the Midtown Center parking lot. A large contingent of police arrived in the area and teamed up before approaching the scene where some witnesses reported more than 20 shots were fired. Nobody was reported hit by the gunfire and no suspects could be located when police arrived. Shell casings from at least two guns were found at the scene and multiple businesses in the are sustained damage from flying bullets, a SPD spokesperson tells CHS. The spokesperson said the department’s gang unit is investigating.

Design review: What Vulcan’s first Broadway project will look like, plus small efficiency dwelling units on 10th Ave E

Vulcan's Block 3 plan for Broadway at Yesler might finally justify the First Hill Streetcar

Vulcan’s Block 3 plan for Broadway at Yesler might finally justify the First Hill Streetcar

While Wednesday night’s review sessions will include one half of real estate giant Vulcan’s development plans for both sides of Broadway at Yesler and a review of a Central District project the review board was worried about being shoehorned into a residential area, the bigger design review decisions of the week won’t happen at a public meeting. More on Vulcan’s 120 Broadway development and a rowhouse project from Isola Homes at 18th and Spruce, below. But first, let’s stop by the squabble on 10th Ave E just past the curve from Broadway where neighbors aren’t happy about a planned five-story, “small efficiency dwelling unit” apartment building being lined up to rise above the lot currently home to a 1930s-built single family house.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-3-00-43-pmMcKee 10th
Though it will create a five-story building with 18 small units and one regular old “apartment”-style unit, the McKee 10th microhousing development being planned for 714 10th Ave E isn’t large enough to trigger a full design review. Instead, its “streamlined” review process wraps Friday without the full package of 90-minute meetings and a lineup of public comment by neighbors objecting to the bulk and scale of the project. But you can still have your say — here are some of the comments from letters sent to the city about the project: Continue reading

Amid worries about Capitol Hill demolitions, J.W. Bullock Residence a step closer to landmarks protection

10th Ave E's J.W. Bullock house (Image via Seattle Landmarks Board nomination)

10th Ave E’s J.W. Bullock house (Image via Seattle Landmarks Board nomination)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.43.00 PM_all_2015

Tearing down Ballard? DPD demolition-related permitting activity, 2015 (Source: seattle.gov)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.19.01 AMWith most development comes destruction. Before construction cranes can loom large over city streets, the past’s buildings must be razed. Last year, the City of Seattle received 711 demolition applications. That’s compared to the scant 14 received ten years ago. The demolition increase has led some on Capitol Hill — like the owners of the Gaslight Inn and most recently the owners of the J.W. Bullock Residence — to seek shelter under landmark protection.

UPDATE: The Urbanist has blown apart the “711” demolitions stat. We’ll stick with our pull of seattle.gov numbers for Capitol Hill, however —  94 permits in 2013, 70 in 2014, and 67 through September this year. Thanks to @bryceroda for pointing out the issues raised with the citywide numbers.

Last week, the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted to move the 1220 10th Ave E house forward in the process to be considered for official landmarks protections. CHS reported on the details of the nomination here.

First defined in 1977 as the Landmark Preservation Ordinance, the Seattle municipal code states, “the economic, cultural and aesthetic standing of this city cannot be maintained or enhanced by disregarding the heritage of the City and by allowing the unnecessary destruction or defacement of such cultural assets.”

Around 30 single family homes are permitted for demolition across the Capitol Hill area every year. For a few, landmarks designation has become a way to keep properties away from the growing reach of Seattle development.

That’s the route taken by J.W. Bullock-owner Dr. Valerie Tarico. Although she says she has no personal vendetta against the rising density of Capitol Hill, she said she wants to protect the 103-year-old J.W. Bullock house from that particular fate.

“It’s something I’ve thought about for years,” Tarico said in an interview prior to last week’s vote. “It’s a stewardship issue. This building was made by our ancestors that put a lot of care and precision into their craftsmanship. Buildings like this are not going to be made again.” Continue reading