With planned closure of Roy Street Coffee, Starbucks experiment on Capitol Hill will end

(Image: CHS)

A Starbucks experiment that began ten years ago on Capitol Hill is set to come to an end. Roy Street Coffee and Tea will close this spring.

The global coffee giant hasn’t yet responded to CHS’s inquiry about the planned closure but customers of the Roy at Broadway cafe have been told the location will close at the end of April.

An effort is already underway to “save” the indie-style Starbucks cafe: Continue reading

Taneda, from a member of the Seattle sushi chef ‘dream team,’ preparing to join Broadway Alley

Hideaki Taneda (Image: I Love Sushi)

Capitol Hill’s Broadway Alley has featured an eclectic mix of small restaurants and shops for decades. Its deepest reaches can be a challenging business environment but a well regarded Seattle sushi chef might just have the perfect solution for the “hole in the wall” opportunity.

Chef Hideaki Taneda is putting the final, likely exacting touches on his plans for Taneda, a new sushi bar in the back of the Broadway Alley that will adhere to traditional kaiseki style. Taneda has been the creator behind the bar at Lake Union’s I Love Sushi and is also part of the ownership behind Fremont Bowl. His career began at the age of 16 at the Miyazaki Culinary School in Japan, according to his bio, and, along with Shiro Kashiba, he was part of a Seattle Sushi “dream team” in 2011 to help raise money after the devastating Japanese earthquake. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Remembering the Zapatistas outside the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle

25 years ago, the cause of the Zapatistas somehow burst into the mainstream consciousness of the United States with the drama of masked rebels sometimes overshadowing the causes of indigenous rights and natural resources.

Friday night, a new part of Capitol Hill also brought a new protest to the neighborhood as a small group gathered outside the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle to mark an international day of solidarity with the Zapatistas and other indigenous movements.

Iris Viveros, who grew up in Veracruz and has lived for the past 12 years in Seattle, said the Zapatista resistance has not ended.

“They’re an indigenous group that has created their autonomy for twenty plus years,” she said. “They’re suffering a lot of state violence and displacement due to capital investment, especially transnationals, and extractive economies.” Continue reading

SDOT rolling out revised plan in ‘coming weeks’ to speed up Broadway for First Hill Streetcar

Last week, CHS reported on Seattle’s $286 million plan for a 1st Ave streetcar route (and lots of budget for infrastructure work along the way) linking the First Hill Streetcar to the South Lake Union Trolley via downtown.

We asked city officials about a much smaller $50,000 to $75,000 investment in the existing streetcar resources that has been held up at City Hall for more than a year and finally heard back — changes to speed up the streetcar on Broadway are coming… but we won’t know the details of the proposal for a few weeks. Continue reading

Seattle has new $286M plan to connect First Hill Streetcar to the South Lake Union Trolley via 1st Ave

1st Ave circa 2025

Like most things, the longer Seattle waits to build its downtown streetcar line, the more expensive it will get. Mayor Jenny Durkan put Seattle’s 1st Ave route back on track Thursday, announcing a new $286 million price tag for the planned Center City Connector to link the First Hill Streetcar and South Lake Union Trolley via 1st Ave. Meanwhile, there is still no word on planned optimization work for Broadway to speed up the route for the First Hill Streetcar as it shares the lanes with vehicular traffic.

When it finally goes into service in about six year, the 1st Ave streetcar shouldn’t face similar delays — it will have its own dedicated lane. Continue reading

Design review: Checking in on a hotel and microhousing at Broadway and Jeff

The newly formed Central Area Design Review Board will weigh in on the early plans for a project combining a hotel and microhousing on Broadway at Jefferson.

The project from Developer Brad Padden of Anew Apartments and the architects at Neiman Taber will take its first bow in front of the review board Thursday night at Washington Hall:

Design review: 500 Broadway

The new project above a planned two-story hotel below five stories of Small Efficiency Dwelling Units and congregate housing totaling 90 apartments. The development will not include parking for motor vehicles. The building will also include around 1,600 square feet of commercial space. Continue reading

No winners, no losers, just true Fresh Ground Stories at monthly Capitol Hill event

(Image: Fresh Ground)

One by one, three men came forward to tell personal stories they hadn’t publicly shared in over fifty years. For five decades, no one had heard how Lance’s mother turned him into the recruiter’s office during the Vietnam War after dropping out of college. It was the first time Dave publicly shared how his relationship with his father changed after he refused to cut his hair. For a very long time, Bruce hadn’t told anyone about what what happened when he was put in charge of a boy scout troop on a campout some fifty years ago.

Last November, the three men found the courage to tell their stories in front of an audience of nearly 100 people at the Roy Street Coffee & Tea during the monthly storytelling event Fresh Ground Stories.

“Knowing that they haven’t shared these stories for all those years was very special. Where else would those people feel safe telling them?” says Paul Currington, organizer of the monthly event. Continue reading

Police search for suspects after deadly shooting in parking lot above Broadway and Pike — UPDATE

Police were searching for possible suspects after a shooting that left one person dead at the Harvard Market parking lot late Friday night above Broadway and Pike.

Officers were called to the area just after 11:30 PM to a report of shots fired in the area.and a male suspect with a gun seen in front of Bartell’s. Continue reading

Broadway home to Neighbours hits market for $6.9M

(Image: Nate Gowdy with permission to CHS)

There are a few things to remember.

Everything is for sale.

Capitol Hill is dying.


Add all of that up, and you have $6.9 million — the listing price for the 1911-built, 14,000-square-foot home to Broadway gay dance club legend Neighbours. Continue reading

Blotter | Police respond after cyclist slapped in Broadway bikeway argument

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here. Hear sirens and wondering what’s going on? Check out Twitter reports from @jseattle or tune into the CHS Scanner page.

  • Broadway bike lane fight: Tensions over a cyclist vs. food delivery driver incident in the Broadway bikeway boiled over into an argument and alleged assault Sunday afternoon. According to the SPD report on the incident, the event played out on the east side of Broadway in front of Panera starting around 2:20 PM as Sunday’s farmers market filled the area with trucks and vendor vehicles. According to the report, the driver told police she drove in the protected bike lane thinking she would be able exit the area after dropping off a meal delivery nearby. When she got back into her car and tried to start driving north through the bikeway, the driver said the bike rider road up in front of her car, and parked his bike. The cyclist reportedly was yelling at the driver and called her derogatory names. Police say a passerby joined the argument and then allegedly slapped the cyclist “on the left side of his face with his open hand.” An SPD spokesperson says the alleged assailant was not arrested but that the officer recommended charges of assault be filed by the City Attorney.
    Police say the rider told them he was tired of cars parking in the bicycle lane. The report says the rider was found with a “red mark on his face consistent with a punch or a slap.” He declined medical attention for the injury. Continue reading