Man charged with rape of unconscious women in Capitol Hill apartment

Redwolf Pope

A Capitol Hill man has been charged with the rape of two unconscious women and detectives are still hoping to identify one of the victims in a case centered on a Boylston Ave apartment where police say they have proof the sexual assaults occurred after two business associates discovered secret cameras, and a stash of incriminating recordings.

“The women who were raped have no memory of the event and were not even aware that they had been raped until they were contacted by Seattle Police in the course of this investigation,” prosecutors write.

Redwolf Pope has been charged with two counts of second degree rape in the assaults at the Boylston-Howell building in the 1700 block of Boylston. Pope maintained a fourth-floor residence in the Capitol Hill Housing building, available only to tenants earning 40% and 50% of area median income, and another in Santa Fe where he faces similar charges for a sexual assault on a Seattle-area woman. Continue reading

Sweatshirt bandit holds up Broadway bank — UPDATE

Seattle Police filled the streets around the 200 block of Broadway Wednesday afternoon after a reported hold-up at the nearby Bank of America.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were looking for a suspect last seen leaving the bank headed north on Broadway described only as a white male in his late 60s, wearing a white Nike hat, and, despite temperatures above 90F, a grey sweatshirt, and unknown color pants at the time of the robbery.

The suspect reportedly handed over a note demanding money before fleeing the bank just before 4:30 PM. We do no know how much if any cash he made off with.

Police were continuing to search the area but there were no immediate arrests.

All details in this report are preliminary and have not yet been confirmed with SPD.

UPDATE: Police say one witness say the suspect is homeless and has been seen panhandling near the Convention Center. Police say the suspect made off with around $500 in the heist.

Capitol Hill smoke? Arson investigation after semi fire behind Harvard Market QFC — UPDATE

Seattle Police are investigating after a reported arson fire set a semi truck’s load ablaze on Harvard behind the Broadway at Pike QFC.

The incident began just before 8:30 AM as the truck was in the area for a grocery delivery to the nearby Bartell’s. According to East Precinct radio reports, police were interviewing at least one witness who saw a person acting suspiciously in the area.

According to Seattle Fire radio dispatches, the driver was unloading a delivery outside the QFC and returned to find someone had apparently set the contents of the trailer on fire. Continue reading

At Jayapal Election Night party on Capitol Hill, a rose-colored view of August Primary ‘Blue Wave’

Jayapal celebrates the first August Primary ballot drop on Election Night at Optimism Brewing

Pundits, analysts, and the candidates continue to see evidence of a rippling “Blue Wave” of Democratic support here and in states across the nation in response to the Trump administration. In Washington, the free postage didn’t hurt.

Big names vying to continue representing Seattle and Capitol Hill at the state and federal level made strong showings in Tuesday night’s first counts of August Primary voting — and smaller big D Democrat candidates across the state also gave many reason for hope.

“There’s 3 seats in Washington that are really competitive,” incumbent Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal told CHS during her election night party at Capitol Hill’s Optimism Brewing. “That’s the 8th, the 5th and the 3rd. We have great candidates. We’re all waiting to see what happens in the 8th, but I think everybody will rally around whoever wins that race. Then we’ll all take on Dino Rossi who has lost elections multiple times and deserves to lose again. I really hope that we have an increase in Democratic members of the Washington congressional delegation.” Continue reading

Design review: Twin seven-story buildings set to replace Broadway’s Bonney Watson funeral home

The Modera Broadway development set to embrace E Howell’s approach to Cal Anderson and replace Broadway’s Bonney Watson funeral home and its surface parking lot with twin seven-story, market rate apartment buildings will go in front of the design review board for what the developers and its team of architects hope will be the third and final session Wednesday night.

Design review: 1812 Broadway

“Although development will occur on two separate parcels, the buildings will be designed to create one cohesive resident community with shared management, ample resident amenities and outdoor space,” developer write about the project. “Design will incorporate opportunities for maximizing light and views to the apartment homes, creating overlooks and encouraging people-watching. The buildings will work together toward a shared design concept with similar massing, materials and detailing in support of creating a vibrant transit-oriented development.”

Continue reading

Tech junkies and robot tinkerers lose Capitol Hill haven as Metrix Create:Space closes doors

(Image: Metrix)

Once a center for Capitol Hill’s makers, Metrix Create:Space is closing its doors to the public. Though owner Matt Westervelt will be available for custom work and consulting, there will no longer be public and affordable access to digital fabrication tools like lasers, 3D printers and more on Broadway just down the stairs from the DeLuxe.

“Keeping a large footprint for a niche business on Capitol Hill is hard,” Westervelt said. “There is a lot of competition for people’s attention, and it’s never been an easy thing to do financially. Producing one-off items for people on demand is pretty demanding, especially when you don’t have a big budget.” Continue reading

Paper sign in the window season: Goodbye Octo, recover soon Fogon, welcome YoYo Station

An artist rendering of a new sign set to replace the paper sign that went up announcing Broadway’s Tea Republik is no more

When a business dies on Capitol Hill, it can often be a quiet affair — especially in summer, the season of printed paper “closed for remodel” messages. Thanks to CHS readers, we hear about a lot of these signs during the summer months. Not all of them are bad news. Below, as part of CHS’s ongoing duty to keep track of the comings and goings of Capitol Hill, here are some of the signs and business changes we’ve been asked about. Remember that behind every business are people and hopes and dreams so no need to speak ill of the dead and paper-signed. Continue reading

The flag of Mexico now flies above Capitol Hill

Recent weeks of hot, still Seattle weather haven’t made for great flag flying. But the red, white, and green of Mexico has risen above Capitol Hill.

CHS stopped by the newly opened Consulate of Mexico in Seattle in the overhauled Harvard Exit building to check out the national colors and the official diplomatic seal. We got a ripple here and there when a slight breeze would rise but as far flapping flag action, it was quiet at Harvard and Roy. Meanwhile, groups of people waiting before or after their business at the consulate have made the corner a busy place and put the old benches across the street on the southwest corner to good use. Continue reading

Experts: Capitol Hill mystery soda machine disappearance ‘maybe’ time travel

Or we live in the shittiest timeline.

Experts from Liminal Seattle, trackers of all things weird, wonderful, and paranormal across Capitol Hill and beyond, tell CHS they have been unable to determine exactly what caused the late June disappearance of the mystery soda machine from E John.

“Time Travel is always a possibility (as is sabotage by Timehunters— can’t trust those guys),” Liminal Seattle researcher Jeremy Puma tells CHS. “Portals have also been popping up in random places lately,” Puma reports. Continue reading