Replacing Urban Outfitters, Mosaic Salon and Spa Studios to create new space for independent hair and beauty pros on Capitol Hill

Mosaic is creating space for 58 independent studios inside (Image: CHS) operates out of Mosaic’s downtown location (Image: Mosaic)

By Jethro Swain

A big hole in Broadway’s commercial offerings is about to move from the youth fashion retail era of the past to a new era of hair and beauty.

Mosaic, a privately owned facilities management company that leases studios to salon and spa business owners, is opening its biggest location yet this spring on Capitol Hill.

The new set of leasable suites scheduled to open as early as May is taking the large retail space formerly home to Urban Outfitters in the Broadway Market shopping center corner of Broadway and Harrison. There will be both a street entrance as well as a second floor entrance above the market’s QFC grocery store.

“We’ve targeted the Capitol Hill market for a while, the ethos of Capitol Hill is perfectly suited for what we do,” said Mosaic owner Paul Griff. “The independent spirit and sense of community will be perfect.”.

Mosaic provides salon and spa owners with individual spaces that they can lease on a weekly rent basis and make their own. “What we do is straightforward — We provide a place for people to come and open their business and not have to worry about other things,” said Griff. Continue reading

‘FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES’ — Latest addition to Capitol Hill’s AIDS Memorial Pathway adds messages of action on way to June opening

After a year mostly lost to the COVID-19 crisis, Capitol Hill Station’s AIDS memorial project connecting the transit hub’s mixed-use development and plaza to Cal Anderson is taking shape and on track for a June 2021 completion. This week, an important component of the AIDS Memorial Pathway was installed, adding new messages to the area from time of the height of the AIDS crisis that the project’s organizers and contributing creators say are relevant and important for today’s Capitol Hill.

“We not only wanted to do messaging that was relevant, that was authentic,” Gabriel Stromberg of the Civilization firm tells CHS about the We’re Already Here installation added to the pathway this week. “But we also wanted to find messaging that represents different experiences in the AIDS crisis.”

Stromberg and Corey Gutch say the Civilization creation of bright signs now on display at the Broadway development and plaza is based research and community review of messages from “collective action” — protests, demonstrations, rallies, and campaigns — from the activism around the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Jason Plourde, manager of the AIDS Memorial Pathway Project, says that realness, relevancy, and diversity of experience is a key component of the pathway. Continue reading

Planning to open its Capitol Hill location next month, One Medical faces COVID-19 vaccine ‘line jumping’ criticism

The lobby of One Medical’s downtown Seattle location (Image: One Medical)

A new health care provider preparing to open its newest Seattle clinic on Capitol Hill is facing criticism and has lost partnerships with three California counties including the company’s home turf of San Francisco after being accused of allowing “line jumping” in its providing of COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Washington State Department of Health also halted distribution of COVID-19 vaccine to the company citing a complaint, NPR reports.

One Medical strenuously denies the allegations. “Any assertions that we broadly and knowingly disregard eligibility guidelines are in direct contradiction to our actual approach to vaccine administration,” the company said in a statement posted in response to the reports. “We have numerous checkpoints in place — online at the time of appointment booking, prior to the appointment via a labor-intensive “schedule scanning” process, and in-person verification at the point of care as needed– to mitigate abuse of our vaccine booking system.”

NPR reported this week that leaked “internal communications” show the SF-based health care provider “administered COVID-19 vaccinations to people deemed ineligible for the scarce vaccine by local health departments, including people with connections to company leaders and customers of its concierge medical service.”

“Ineligible individuals with connections to company leadership were set up with vaccine appointments, and patients who were disqualified from receiving the vaccine were nonetheless permitted to skip the line ahead of other high-risk patients,” NPR reported. Continue reading

To help Capitol Hill pets and their owners get back on a healthy track, Urban Animal holding vaccination clinic

Dr. Cherri Trusheim

In the middle of a major expansion and the challenges of 2020, Capitol Hill’s Urban Animal is hoping to help the neighborhood’s pets and owners get a healthy start on 2021 with a first come, first served vaccination clinic.

It’s not just people waiting in lines for vaccines right now. Many dogs and cats have also been waiting for vaccines or boosters while COVID-19 restrictions and busy human schedules have made getting things scheduled a little more difficult than normal. Tuesday at the Capitol Hill clinic, Dr. Cherri Trusheim and her staff are hosting a day of walk up vaccinations and quick wellness checks to try to help Urban Animal families get needed care.

The first come first serve walk-up clinic will be from 11 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday, February 23rd. According to Liz Weber of Urban Animal, “this will be a low cost, brief exam, vaccine day where people who haven’t been able to get into our clinics for an appointment with the restrictions can now get updated.”

In late 2019, CHS reported on Urban Animal’s big plans to expand on Capitol Hill as Cafe Solstice got out from under its expensive just off-Broadway lease. The plans for a new expanded clinic — complete with separate entrances for dogs and cats — have been delayed through the pandemic. Urban Animal is currently operating out of the old cafe space while remodeling the original location next door as part of the expansion.

“We feel like all we do is tell people no all day, they call and we tell them we can’t get you in, because we can’t have people waiting outside,” Trusheim said. “It’s been really challenging. The expansion will help, we will be able to get more people in the door.” Continue reading

9’s | Broadway at Roy

The intersection of Broadway and Roy is another spot where Capitol Hill zigs when you might have expected it to zag. Capitol Hill’s main drag shifts a block here, becoming 10th Ave E if you are headed north. Southbound as you shift, you are entering the Broadway core of Capitol Hill. Some of the older buildings have hidden evidence of this adjustment to the street behind facades and additions to fill the weird gaps that happen when you move a road and sidewalks. These days, the zig zag is home to a collection of neighborhood favorites including the old like the DeLuxe and Rom Mai and newcomers like Carrello and Bait Shop. Broadway continues 1.6 miles south until it ends at a T junctions with E Yesler Way.

9’s is a regular photo series with a simple premise. CHS visits a corner of the Hill twice — once at 9 AM and again at 9 PM — to capture the scenes of the neighborhood in motion. Have a space you’d like us to feature? Let us know in comments.

One reported to hospital in Quinalt Apartments fire — UPDATE

Thanks to reader Gabe for this picture from the response

Seattle Fire swarmed the area around Boylston and Mercer Monday after smoke was reported at the 1925-built Quinalt Apartments building.

Two people were reported in need of medical attention including one victim in his 30s who suffered smoke inhalation and a second suffering an asthma attack. UPDATE: Seattle Fire says the woman in her 20s who suffered the attack was also taken to the hospital in stable condition. SFD says a third patient, a man in his 70s, was treated at the scene and a firefighter who suffered a minor injury was also taken to Harborview for evaluation.

Continue reading

Burglary suspect faces charges after being busted twice in high-end Capitol Hill business break-ins

A man police say is a prolific but mostly unsuccessful burglar is facing charges in two Capitol Hill break-ins part of a wave of commercial break-ins that have plagued the area.

Reported burglaries were up 60% across the East Precinct in 2020, according to SPD stats.

Anthony Swanson, 22, has been booked into King County Jail six times since May after arrests for investigation of burglary, vehicle theft, and possession of stolen items. The seventh booking in February for failure to appear in court on one of those burglary comes as Swanson has now been charged for three break-ins including two at high-end Capitol Hill retailers. Continue reading

Nacho Borracho gets new roommate as Loxsmith Bagels planning daily run on Broadway

(Image: Loxsmith)

It might not be the first pairing you would think of but perennial Capitol Hill bagel pop-up Loxsmith is getting ready to settle into a long-term relationship on Broadway.

With one more pop-up planned at Broadway’s Nacho Borracho later this month on the 27th, Loxsmith bagel dude Matthew Segal tells CHS he’s ready to take things to a more committed level in March when he is planning for daily openings “into the unknown” future.

If things work out, you’ll be able to enjoy Loxsmith on a near-permanent basis on Broadway as it joins El Xolo’s tacos in the Nacho walk-up counter.

For now, Segal said he’s planning for a faster customer experience in the Nacho setup with a new point of sale system and plans to “bake double so we don’t run out by 12:30.”

But be advised — grab coffee before you join the line. Loxsmith doesn’t have coffee — yet.

Loxsmith will pop-up at 209 Broadway E’s Nacho Borracho again on February 27th before its new daily run starts in March. Keep track and learn more @loxsmithbagels.

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By the way, the Capitol Hill GameStop has closed

Shares in gaming retail giant GameStop have soared in the most 2021 of Wall Street rallies:

The swings have largely been organized by amateur investors on forums such as Reddit and have forced a halt to trading multiple times, sparking confusion from traditional investors and short-sellers who are betting on the stock falling.

Analysts say the struggling brick and mortar retailer’s stock should actually be priced about 95% lower based on its weak sales and outlook.

And, analysts and traders, take note: Any future GameStop revenue potential won’t include sales here on Capitol Hill. Continue reading

Capitol Hill-bound Intiman Theater adds new director

Intiman Theater, set to make a new home on Capitol Hill in an innovative partnership at Seattle Central hoped to create opportunities for BIPOC stage and performance workers, has announced a new leader to help guide its move into the new neighborhood.

Amy Zimerman has joined Intiman as its new managing director and will lead the organization alongside artistic director Jennifer Zeyl.

The nonprofit veteran will guide Intiman as it develops a new associate degree program emphasis in Technical Theatre for Social Justice at Seattle Central with training and roles for diverse designers, lighting techs, and theater crews.

The new partnership and program slated to start in fall of 2021 will put Intiman to work on Seattle Central’s stages inside Harvard Ave’s Erickson Theater and inside the Broadway Performance Hall and puts an end of the recent wanderings of Intiman productions and, hopefully, years of financial uncertainty.

The theater group hopes to raise $1.5 million as part of its move to Capitol Hill. You can learn more and donate here.

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