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Upsidedown Wine -Release/Benefit-



The time has come to release some new Upsidedown Wines, celebrate with friends, and pour it forward! Seth & Audrey Kitzke will be tasting their wines at Revolution Wine from 6-8pm on Capitol Hill. Following the tasting bottles will be available.


The Gold Drop Collection is all sourced from Kitzke Family Vineyards in Eastern Washington and consists of our 2014 Malbec, 2014 Cabernet, and 2013 GSM Blend. We are proud to help The A21 Campaign abolish modern day slavery. #A21#BeAVoice

Our 2014 Merlot is sourced from Walla Walla & Kitzke Family Vinyards. This wine benfits The Young and Brave Foundation, which helps families that are battling cancer with their medical bills. #LOVEbeatscancer

If you were hoping to drink pink don’t worry! We saved a handful of cases of our Rescue Rosé for the event!

20% of proceeds go to support different non-profit organizations.
We hope to see you all there!