Cherdonna’s BIRTH-O-RAMA

Join Cherdonna Shinatra and three DONNA dancers for an explosive evening of dance, drama, and guileless glee. This is one wild night of fun and games where these party animals will have their cake and eat it too, because Cherdonna’s signature subversion of clown, comedy, drag, and dread will bake up some candy-coated chaos. The newest creation from the multifaceted mind of Seattle-based dance artist Jody Kuehner, Cherdonna’s BIRTH-O-RAMA is a wide-eyed roller coaster ride of audience participation through Cherdonna’s confetti of feelings inside the manic delight of a birthday party.

With Dirty Thai cocktails and punchline plans, Bites of Bangkok now open on 15th Ave E

Pranesh Sharma is now pouring on 15th Ave E. The laughs are coming soon.

With plans for a familiar recipe combining Thai food and comedy, Bites of Bangkok is now open on 15th Ave E.

What? You’re not familiar with the traditional Capitol Hill pairing of live comedy performance and the cuisine of Bangkok? Let Capitol Hill residents Jansri Parichat and Pranesh Sharma delight you. Continue reading

MIXED BAG – An evening of sketch comedy, live music, and stop motion animation

Seattle’s husband and wife comedy-music duo return for another evening of sketch comedy, live music, and stop motion animation in MIXED BAG, one of the first shows to grace the stage of the newly reopened Hugo House! Hosted by poet and humorist Jeanine Walker and musician Steve Mauer, this edition of MIXED BAG will feature extra special guest Claudia Castro Luna, Washington’s Poet Laureate, as well as other talented folks from the Seattle artist community. MIXED BAG has a track record of delivering an entertaining combo of ironic humor punctuated by catchy musical numbers in the tradition of Saturday Night Live…with a decidedly Seattle twist.

Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress who is best known as the co-creator and co-star of the hit WNYC Studios podcast 2 Dope Queens, which was turned into four one-hour, critically-acclaimed HBO specials. This event will be a stand-up style exploration of her sophomore book, Everything is Trash, But It’s Okay.

Book Launch for DELIVER US by Robinson & Kovite, with Amanda Knox and Jack Ballard

Christopher Robinson & Gavin Kovite will read from their controversial new novel, DELIVER US, which features Amazon, Detroit, race politics, and drone delivery. Jeff Bezos is even a character in the book.

Amanda Knox will host the event and moderate the Q&A. Her experience with controversy, competing narratives, and commitment to racial justice in the Innocence Movement will provide a framework for discussing this provocative book.

And comedian Jack Ballard will open the event with some Amazonian jokes!

Comically absurd and painfully real, DELIVER US is a prescient and provocative literary novel that moves swiftly through near-future Detroit as a black social-media activist leads a campaign against Amazon, whose new fleet of delivery drones offers rebirth to the blighted city while threatening to magnify existing racial inequalities. ​​

Robinson & Kovite’s last novel, WAR OF THE ENCYCLOPAEDISTS (Scribner, 2015) was critically acclaimed. Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times called it “Spirited…a captivating coming-of-age novel that is, by turns, funny and sad and elegiac.”

Reading starts at 7pm, May 25th. Come support Elliott Bay Book Company, and help foster a discussion of Amazon’s relationship with racial and economic inequality.


Funhouse III, a play anthology

Created by Brian Toews
Directed by Anna Ly, Brian Toews, Dylan Gervais, Megan Murphy, and Mikey Moore
Production Stage Manager: Barbara Cawley


Funhouse Anthology is a recurring play anthology inspired by The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Mr. Show, Saturday Night Live, and Adult Swim. Funhouse is a collection of subversive and experimental original content. Our show serves as a rotating platform for emerging and established playwrights, directors, actors, and designers, often with ties to the Pacific Northwest. The creators of Funhouse want artists to take bold risks in their storytelling.



Thursday, April 26 at 8pm

Friday, April 27 at 8pm

Saturday, April 28 at 8pm
featuring musical guest
After-party with beer, wine,
and live music from FLIP PHONE



Check out CHAM at www.
Check out FLIP PHONE at

Run time is approx. 120 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission

Tickets are $15 online, $18 at the door. Online sales close 2 hours before start time.
Tickets for CLOSING NIGHT are $20 online, $25 at the door

Mature Audiences Only 18+ Viewer Discretion Advised

The Slate Theater
815 Seattle Blvd S #140
Seattle, WA 98134


Jacob Foerg, John Minigan, Ivan Faute, Katie Duggan, Jacob Zack, Russell Nichols, Nina Ki, Madeline Puccioni, David Simpatico, and Bill Flatley

Performing Ensemble:
Evan Christopher, Laura Engels, Victoria Felix, Skyler Gahley, Laura Marx, Alaina Moretti, Kwesi Phillips, Jesse Warren, Zach Wymore, and Lee Yang

Production and Design Contributions:
Erika Jacobson, Alex Place, Curtis Gehlhausen, Zane Suarez, McKenzie Ann, Maureen Armstrong, Robert Bojorquez, Will Paulson, Alex Vincini, Jessica Neverkewitz, Griffith Gustafson, Ashley Almon, Tim Albertson, Mitchell Shohet, Greg Delaney


Woody Shticks’ MANIAC!

It’s 1989 and Butch Woods is a Maniac with one dream: sweat through every home in America with his very own VHS empire. He’s got the passion to make it happen…as long as he can hold it together long enough to audition his back-up. Will tight buns and a loose grip take him all the way, or will fitness fame – like sanity – prove too much of a stretch?

Directed by interarts gang and Seattle darlings The Libertinis, Maniac is a solo show on the brink…stage managed by the formidable Maren Comendant and created by Woody Shticks (Noah Duffy, if you’re nasty) – who can be caught stripping and storytelling all over the globe or dealing a low blow to high art with Tootsie Spangles and Hattie HellKat of The Libertinis.

Maniac runs Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30p, Feb 16-24, at 18th & Union in the Central District. Choose your own ticket for $15, $20, or $25!

The Realistic Joneses

New Century Theatre Company presents THE REALISTIC JONESES

by Will Eno

directed by Paul Budraitis

June 1-July 1, 2017

Mainstage at 12th Avenue Arts

Featuring Company Members Sunam Ellis, Brenda Joyner, Peter Dylan O’Connor and Evan Whitfield.

In The Realistic Joneses, we meet Bob and Jennifer and their new neighbors, John and Pony, two suburban couples who have even more in common than their identical homes and their shared last names. As their relationships begin to irrevocably intertwine, the Joneses must decide between their idyllic fantasies and their imperfect realities.

Love Snack Presents: Illuminati The Musical!

2/26 7:30pm
2/28 3:30pm
3/4 9pm
3/5 5:30

A musical comedy duo takes on the most powerful organization in human history. Things are going great.

Baylie Freeman and Caitlin Obom are Love Snack, a musical sketch comedy duo with one goal – get into the upper echelon of the Illuminati at all costs. Join them on a journey of unsettling discoveries and unflagging enthusiasm. Finally, a multimedia theater presentation that asks and then swiftly answers that age-old question: Can any omnipresent and unspeakably influential secret society ever match the power of friendship?

Produced with Seattle Fringe Festival