CHS Pics | Machine House Central District makes winning debut

That guy who is probably not really Steven Gerrard seemed to be having a grand time. His pal Zlatan Ibrahimović? Less so.

What’s it like opening Machine House Brewery’s new Central District neighborhood pub as your home nation’s team is playing its biggest World Cup game in more than a decade?

“It’s extremely stressful,” UK-born Bill Arnott tells CHS. “We had a health inspection a half an hour before the last game — and then that went to penalties.”

We think Arnott is talking about England’s Round of 16 victory over Colombia on Tuesday — but maybe the health department does things differently when it comes to tap houses serving English-style cask conditioned ale. Continue reading

#pacifiquenorthwest — L’Oursin washes ashore at 14th and Jefferson

The flavors of the Salish Sea now reach the shores of E Jefferson.

L’Oursin, French for “The Urchin,” opens its doors to the masses — 50 at a time — on Tuesday.

“It feels really good. It’s been a long time coming,” co-owner and bar manager Zac Overman told CHS Sunday night at a party for the restaurant’s Kickstarter backers.

Co-owner chef JJ Proville and Overman hosted a couple of test runs with family and friends and one for their Kickstarter backers that raised $27,325 from 183 supporters. Continue reading

The Nevertold Casket Company back from the dead on lucky 13th Ave

(Images: Nevertold Casket Company)

(Images: Nevertold Casket Company)

Jack and Tiffany Bennett are back in business. Naturally, they are in the market for your haunted goods. Especially if a poltergeist comes attached.

“Last week we bought a haunted carousel horse,” Tiffany tells CHS. “That’s the kind of thing we love.”

“Anything that had a poltergeist attached to it. I want a poltergeist in my house,” Jack adds.

Poltergeists and all, Nevertold Casket Company has risen in a new location not that far from its old haunts on E Republican. Continue reading