After criticism for route that included riding on sidewalk, city rolls out new plan for E Union ‘parking protected bike lanes’

The proposed layout for parking protected bike lanes between 14th Ave and 26th on E Union — the vehicles inside the outer white lanes would provide a buffer between bikes and traffic

Above E Union at 18th Ave

The Seattle Department of Transportation has responded to community feedback and has a new plan for E Union that will create unbroken protected bike lanes from 14th Ave to 23rd Ave. Construction is now on track to begin this summer.

The updated plans were presented at a community open house Wednesday night at the neighborhood’s Liberty Bank Building. An online survey will be collecting feedback on the updated plans through February 7th.

The updates follow plans shaped last year that drew criticism for trying to maintain area parking and existing traffic lanes by routing a portion of the planned bike lanes onto the sidewalk. The E Union bike lane project is being paid for by the Move Seattle levy to create an alternate for bicyclists away from the coming Madison Bus Rapid Transit corridor. CHS reported earlier this month that the future RapidRide G start of service has again been pushed back — this time to 2023.

The newly released plans would remove some street parking, shift a school bus loading zone, and consolidate Metro bus stops to add the “parking protected bike lanes” to both sides of E Union between 14th Ave and 26th Ave, and then transition to an uphill protected bike lane and a downhill sharrow lane from 26th to Martin Luther King Jr Way. Continue reading

Wise Orchid Tai Chi opens on E Union with an alternative to yoga — UPDATE: New home for Apex Aerial Arts

Wise Orchid led a Seattle celebration of World Tai Chi Qigong Day 2016 in May

Wise Orchid led a Seattle celebration of World Tai Chi Qigong Day 2016 in May


The army of local yoga studios are getting some competition. Paralegal-turned-Tai Chi teacher Viola Brumbaugh has opened her own Tai Chi studio in the Central District, in the space recently vacated by children’s toy and clothing store Magpie.

Wise Orchid Tai Chi opened for business at 2002 E Union with a series of free classes on the Fourth of July and has been up and running since then. While Central Seattle has no shortage of yoga studios, Wise Orchid is one of just a few Tai Chi centers in the area. Continue reading

Seattle’s first kombucha brewery, CommuniTea opens the taps at 21st and Union




CommuniTea’s Joyner (Images: CHS)

“We want to have kombucha that a babushka in Russia would recognize…”

Seattle’s first kombucha brewery and cafe has turned on the taps, albeit just a trickle so far, in the heart of the Central District. While production hums along, CommuniTea Kombucha’s 21st and Union cafe is still in its infancy. Currently, customers can buy bottled kombucha at the shop Monday-Friday (closed weekends) from 10 AM-5 PM. Kombucha is currently served in the cafe from 3 PM-5 PM at $3 per six-ounce glass.

Owner Christopher Joyner said the cafe will soon expand its weekday hours and open on weekends when the cafe will also start offering a small selection of fruits and cheeses. “We’ve had to go slow. This is a realistic schedule,” Joyner said.

CommuniTea showed off its new base of operations during its grand opening on April 2nd. Like its coffee and beer counterparts, CommuniTea’s interior is a mix of industrial and bar vibes. Tables and chairs, buckets and crates.

Kombucha production had already been underway at the brewery before the public-facing component opened. CommuniTea supplies several restaurants and shops with its pro-biotic rich fermented tea. The drink is also slightly alcoholic, coming in around 2% ABV, meaning Joyner had to obtain a liquor license to open the cafe. Continue reading

Capitol Hill food+drink | Peloton at center of bicycle cafe pack coming to Pike/Pine, 12th Ave


Team Peloton: Dustin Riggs, Mckenzie Hart, Paul Dano, and Aaron Grant

IMG_2809A tightly packed group of businesses combining passion for the bicycle with food, drink, and repair and maintenance services is pedaling its way around Capitol Hill. As the yellow jersey in the race of big city trends, you’re probably not going to be surprised to learn that the streets of Capitol Hill and the Central District will soon be home to not one, or two, but three bicycle cafes.

“Many cyclists kind of pick up the sport and it leads to a rabbit hole,” Dustin Riggs tells CHS. “There is a lot of culture around it.”

Riggs and his partners hope to clip into that two-wheeled enthusiasm as they prepare to open Peloton at 12th and Jefferson by early October.

“The coffee and the beer and the bikes. It’s just a lifestyle kind of thing,” he said. Continue reading