District 3 challenger adds 6 pound, 10 ounce running mate to ticket

Caitlyn and grandmother Ly Tran (Image: Elect Ami)

District 3 candidate Ami Nguyen has announced a new running mate.

The challenger for Kshama Sawant’s seat on the City Council gave birth Saturday morning, her campaign has announced.

Complete with a press release featuring proud grandma Ly Tran, little Caitlyn joins a race marked by the amazing amount of cashed poured into the battle where her mom has held her own thanks in large part to the city’s Democracy Vouchers program. Nguyen, whose “get out the vote” strategy is centered on meet and greets and “aggressive” doorbelling, Nguyen, a public defender vying to become the first Vietnamese American to serve on the council, has focused her campaign on D3 communities beyond Capitol Hill.

“There’s never a perfect time to have a baby, but I’m excited to be in a position where I have the chance to help build a more inclusive Seattle for Caitlyn to grow up in,” Nguyen said in the announcement. “I want her to feel safe walking our streets, have access to great educational opportunities, and create a city that is affordable so that if she chooses to remain here in the future, that option is available to her. But right now, I’m just happy that she’s here and healthy.” Continue reading

Our Healing Forest: Seward Park’s Living Pharmacy

– Seward Park Audubon naturalist will guide us in discovering native medicinal and edible plants that grow in our City

-Volunteers from Wilderness Awareness School will lead games and activities with children

-Roger Fernandes, a Native American storyteller will share a story from his tradition

-One Equal Heart will share briefly about how Tseltal Maya health promoters are caring for their communities by growing and using medicinal plants.

One Equal Heart supports locally-led sustainable development programs that partner with Tseltal Maya communities in rural Mexico to create healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

This forest walk is part of our local effort to raise awareness about sustainable practices for living in harmony with the Earth and an indigenous vision for our sustainable future.

In addition to the forest walk on September 6, we are organizing a worm composting workshop with Seattle Tilth on October 4, and we will host a Tseltal Maya ritual to honor the Earth at Casa Latina on October 5. At both these October events, our special guests from Chiapas will be present.