Cal Anderson sweep — Day 3: 11th and Denny gunfire, pre-sweep molotov cocktail attack, sad update in park overdose — UPDATE: ‘Antifa soccer’ arrests

Seattle Police investigated reported gunfire on the edge of Cal Anderson overnight as the clean-up effort is slated to continue following Friday’s sweep of protesters and homeless encampments from the park. Meanwhile, a medical emergency in the park earlier this week had a tragic outcome, police say.

According to East Precinct radio updates, police received reports of multiple shots fired and three vehicles speeding away from the area of 11th and Denny early Sunday around 1:30 AM. There were no reported injuries or property damage and it is not clear if police found any evidence of the shooting at the scene identified by at least one witness. Continue reading

Police investigate reported gunfire near Cal Anderson

Seattle Police investigated a report of gunfire early Friday morning on the edge of Cal Anderson Park.

According to East Precinct radio updates, multiple people in the park reported a shootout involving a white sedan near Nagle and Pine around 4:20 AM.

Police responded to the area but did not immediately locate the vehicle or any suspects, There were no reported injuries or property damage.

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Police investigate gunfire and bullet through apartment window at 12th and Yesler

A round of gunfire sent a bullet into a nearby apartment and left at least one car riddled with bullets but there were no victims in a shooting late Wednesday night near 12th and Yesler.

Police and Seattle Fire were called just after 11 PM to the scene for reports of gunfire and a male down on the pavement. Police arrived to find bullet damage to homes and vehicles but there were no victims found at the scene. Continue reading

Police investigate overnight gunfire near Tashkent Park

Multiple 911 callers reported gunfire near Capitol Hill’s Tashkent Park early Friday morning. There were no injuries or property damage reported.

Police were called to the area just before 12:30 AM to a report of multiple shots. One caller reported finding shell casings outside their window. According to East Precinct radio updates, police recovered eight shell casings at the scene and were looking through a grassy area for more.

According to radio updates, a check of the area around Belmont and Republican turned up no suspects.

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Tuesday night shots fired incidents continue string of gun violence across Capitol Hill, Central District

Seattle Police detectives are investigating after two shooting incidents Tuesday night in the Central District with no reported injuries.

The shooting incidents join a string of gun violence in the area including three King County shootings this week that left multiple victims and one Bothell police officer dead.

In one incident Tuesday night at 21st and Union, witnesses said a fight or argument in the street was followed by multiple shots fired. Police reported no injuries in the 6:45 PM gunfire and said four shell casings were recovered on the southwest corner of the intersection, according to East Precinct radio updates. Later around 8 PM, gunfire sent people running and speeding away from Powell Barnett Park along MLK. There were no reported injuries. Continue reading

One injured in another bout of gunfire at 29th and Alder — UPDATE

Monday night gunfire at a Central District corner with a history of shootouts and gang activity including a shots fired incident Friday afternoon sent a 27-year-old man to the hospital in stable condition but with serious injuries, a Seattle Fire spokesman said.

Seattle Police were called to an address at the corner of 29th and Alder just after 6:30 PM Monday to a report of gunfire and a vehicle speeding from the scene. Continue reading

City Council comes to Central District to talk taking on gun violence with cops on foot, SDOT improvements, economic development

Flowers and a memorial left for Royale Lexing along E Union (Image: CHS)

A slide from the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New
Americans, and Education Committee meeting

One-third of the Seattle City Council, half a dozen city department officials, and the deputy chief of the Seattle Police Department met with a crowded room of Central District residents Thursday evening as they outlined the city’s holistic approach to addressing the recent spate of gun violence in the neighborhood that has left citizens worried.

Lorena González brought herGender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans, and Education Committee committee to the CD for a special meeting In collaboration with the African American Community Advisory Council at the Seattle Vocational Institute in what has been the most significant official response to concerns about gun violence and a deadly shooting in the neighborhood.

On a Friday afternoon in mid-May, 19-year-old Royale Lexing was found dead by police outside Swedish Cherry Hill where he was rushed by private vehicle after multiple shooters exchanged fire in a chaotic scene along E Union. This was the first fatal shooting in the community in the first six and a half months of a year since 2014, according to SPD. Continue reading

Despite recent CD and Capitol Hill shootings, Seattle says its efforts against gun violence are working

(Image: SPD)

Sunday morning, gunfire again echoed across 23rd Ave running through the Central District. Meanwhile, Capitol Hill was rocked by gun violence late last month after a man suffering a mental crisis was shot when he opened fire on police and, only days later in Cal Anderson, 21-year-old Hakeem Salahud-din was murdered with a single shot to the head in the busy central park. But city officials say more is being done to curb gun violence in Seattle and police department statistics show that the efforts might be working.

In a presentation to City Council last month prior to the latest rounds of violence, Seattle Police and city officials documented what we know about the city’s shootings and what is being done to prevent them. Instead of short-term efforts like “increase patrols,” the Seattle strategies outlined include addressing issues of equity and tackling problems around mental health.

Overall, Seattle shootings have continued to drop from recent levels with 41 through the first two months of the year — 2015, 2016, and 2017 all saw around 70 incidents by the end of February. Continue reading

Sunday afternoon driveby rattles Central District — UPDATE

Neighbors and families are wondering when city officials will speak up and do more about ongoing incidents of gun violence after a driveby shooting rattled nerves and sent kids scrambling Sunday during a soccer game at Garfield High School and as many took part in MLK Day weekend events and activities in the area.

Teams and parents fled the field as 911 callers reported a round of gunshots from a car speeding away on 23rd Ave just south of the high school around noon Sunday. There were no reported injuries but responding officers found shell casings across a block of Alder between 24th and 23rd Ave. Continue reading