60+ pictures of a not watered down Hilloween 2018

Congress has not — yet — moved Halloween to the last Saturday in October. This year, with Capitol Hill’s favorite holiday falling on a Wednesday night, Hilloween enthusiasm may have been a little watered down by weekend celebrations but at least the rain was never heavier than a drizzle.

CHS was on patrol in the Pike/Pine/Broadway zone to see how the big kids were playing and to count how many Elevens we could find (a dozen?). We also found a peculiar nautical element in the thick of the Hill’s trick or treat hot zone at 18th and Mercer where a “Hunt for Blue November” display included a trip through the guts of a Russian submarine complete with periscope and a Putin-on-a-porpoise (probably a dolphin) porthole before emergence at the steps for the Kremlin for a visit to the candy bowl. A family of matryoshka were in attendance. Putin was nowhere to be found. Continue reading

73 spookiest Capitol Hill Seattle posts… ever

Here are some of the best tales of mystery and paranormal activity from around Capitol Hill from the CHS archives. Feel free to tell us any Capitol Hill ghost stories you know about in the comments.

  1. Lake View Cemetery, Annotated
  2. The Williamson Sisters
  3. Meet the decomposers of Capitol Hill
  4. After mystery summer disappearance, Capitol Hill mystery soda machine mysteriously resurfaces


  5. A new haunting on Capitol Hill
  6. Dougsley the corpse flower in bloom at Volunteer Park Conservatory
  7. Garbage truck gone rogue closes streets around E Olive Way
  8. Dead can dance on Broadway (and they did Saturday night)
  9. CHS Crow | Lou, Carrie & Yohan — ‘The ghost messed with me a lot’
  10. The great Capitol Hill eastern cottontail mystery of twenty eighteen
  11. Death and density: 40,000 and counting make Lake View their eternal Capitol Hill home Continue reading

Hilloween 2018 pics from the crowd — Plus, where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill

Are we still doing Halloween this year? The world is frightening enough. But this seems like the wrong time to abandon a celebration of the freakish and bizarre. Plus, costumes are fun. Here are a few images from the crowd from this weekend’s kid-friendly Hilloween celebration on Broadway. You can search through for some costume ideas — and to spot a Hillebrity or two. More spooky shenanigans are to come Wednesday night.

(Image: Alex Garland/CHS)

If you are planning to add some trick or treat action to your Hilloween, we’ve included the famous CHS Trick or Treat Hot Zone map, below. It’s the area of the Hill where you’ll find scenes like the above — and buckets and buckets of candy. Here’s a message from the “Red Zone.” They’re waiting for you. Happy Hilloween. Continue reading

Hilloween reminders: Kids carnival and trick or treating on Broadway, Fire Station 25 pumpkin carving

Hey kids, in addition to the big night, Capitol Hill has some extra Hilloween treats lined up for you.

Tuesday, E Pine’s Fire Station 25 is hosting a night of pumpkin carving (bring your own!) and hanging out with firefighters and police officers:

Fire Station 25 Fall Festival

And don’t forget Saturday brings the annual Hilloween Carnival and trick or treat parade to Broadway:

Hilloween 2018

More Hilloween 2018 events from the CHS Calendar… below!

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Capitol Hill Pets | Volunteer Park Hilloween parade edition

Hilloween 2018 has begun. Over the weekend, hundreds turned out on a foggy Sunday for the first ever Volunteer Park Halloween pet parade. Dozens of fur babies dressed up for the day vying for contest prizes and treats for tricks. You can check out the rainbow dogs, superheroes, not an actual dairy cow, a rabbit, a monkey with a banana dog, and more, below. Continue reading

Hilloween 2018: Broadway carnival, Volunteer Park pet costume parade, Chophouse Courtyard of Chaos, Capitol Hill trick or treating

Capitol Hill takes Halloween rather seriously. 2018 will once again bring multiple days of costumed fun with events for big kids, little kids, and, for the first time, furry kids across the Hill. Meanwhile, the bars and clubs of Pike/Pine and Broadway draw plenty of ghouls and boys and make the streets prime zones for creature watching. And the neighborhood’s suburban residential zones are well-stocked with candy when it’s time for trick or treating. Details on Hilloween 2018 are below.

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CHS Pics | With IT below and dotted by Kusama, 60+ pictures from the Capitol Hill trick or treat hot zone

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

When you dress your front yard up as a Yayoi Kusama exhibit for Halloween — and the kids get it — you’re probably on Capitol Hill. CHS returned to the Capitol Hill trick or treat hot zone along E Aloha again this year to see the neighborhood’s classic yard scenes and new surprises.

The first Hilloween night without rain in a decade brought out all sorts of goblins, ghouls, and Totoro characters to the doors of neighbors handing out candy by the bucketful — some houses dole out more than 3,000 bars on the night — and, sometimes, treats for the grown-up neighbors, too. Thanks for the beer, neighbor. For a look at the, um, more grown-up side of the holiday fun, check out our 80+ pictures from Pike/Pine’s Hilloween weekend here.

More pictures from Hilloween night, below.

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53 spookiest Capitol Hill Seattle posts… ever


Here are some of the best tales of mystery and paranormal activity from around Capitol Hill from the CHS archives. Feel free to tell us any Capitol Hill ghost stories you know about in the comments.

  1. Under protection of the Hex of Obsolescence, Capitol Hill artist creates Problem Glyphs
  2. Chalk number mystery on E Howell cobbles
  3. The ghosts of Hill’s indie bookstores past
  4. Sleepy bar patron rescued from Broadway nightspot
  5. ‘Capitol Hill is lousy with zubats’
  6. 16th Ave E’s ‘haunted house’ comes down
  7. Why is this black metal box at 10th and Pike?
  8. Stranger Things: What are you wearing this year for Hilloween?
  9. Pikes/Pines | Gypsy moths are on the Hill
  10. Terrifying Hilloween Costumes
  11. CHS X-Files | #13Magnus
  12. CHS X-Files: The Joan Armatrading painting of 14th and Olive
  13. CHS X-Files | Capitol Hill drone pilot spotted, glowing orbs
  14. CHS X-Files: Mystery midnight boom rattles Miller Park and Madison Continue reading

Two scary Hilloween stories: The Williamson Sisters and the last day of the CHS subscriber drive

Want to hear something really scary? Without your financial support, CHS as we know it is DOOMED. Halloween is the last day of our push to 800 subscribers. We are far short of the goal but if you would like to continue to enjoy CHS without the DREADED SUBSCRIBER WALL AND HAVING TO LOGIN EVERY TIME, you still have time to SUBSCRIBE and HELP!!!!! us continue providing community news to everybody. Happy Hilloween!

Wanna hear another scary story? Let’s visit 1633 Boylston — today’s Buena Vista apartments. For now, it remains one of the Hill’s oldest apartment buildings. In the winter of 1911, it became the home for two of the more tragic figures in Capitol Hill historythe Williamson Sisters:

While visiting Victoria BC, they read an advertisement for Linda’s book in a Seattle newspaper. Although there was no indication that either of them was sick, they decided to go and take the fasting cure. In February of 1911, they visited Linda at her office and were told that the sanitarium wasn’t ready yet, but that she would treat them in Seattle. The sisters were put up at the Buena Vista Apartments at 1633 Boylston on Capitol Hill.

Under Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard’s, um, care, the sisters were starved from February into April inside the Boylston Ave building, according to Stalking Seattle:

They survived mostly on a thin vegetable broth. Linda would show up regularly to provide the enemas and massages. She also began to make inquiries about the sisters’ business affairs, and offered to store the women’s diamond rings and real estate deeds in her office safe. (How nice)

Dr. Linda’s fasting diet is now a legendarily macabre tale from the annals of quack medicine and a descent into some of the darker corner’s of Capitol Hill’s mortuary past:

Prosecuting attorneys would later suspect that Hazzard had starved the British sisters in order to strip them of their wealth (Claire, weak and skeletal, had signed over her bank accounts to Hazzard shortly before her death.) Worse, the body lying before Conway on the fourth floor of E. R. Butterworth and Sons, beautifully preserved as it was—What was it with these Americans and their obsession with pickling the dead?—was not Claire. At least it didn’t look like Claire. The sisters’ uncle, a Brit and also unaccustomed to embalmed corpses, didn’t recognize his niece either.

Enjoy your Hilloween candy. Oh, and subscribe to CHS… while you still have time.


80+ pictures from Pike/Pine Hilloween weekend 2017 (and where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill)

For the first time in 11 years, the forecast for Halloween in Seattle does not include rain. This weekend in early Hilloween action, CHS discovered the amazing run of fall weather also encouraged large crowds of celebrants across Capitol Hill. Saturday featured a swarm of children trick or treating on Broadway and what organizers say appeared to be the largest crowd ever at the annual Hilloween party hosted by the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.

By the time night fell on Pike/Pine, hordes of early revelers were on the prowl. We’ve shared some of the best costumes and funniest scenes we found on the night. Let us know if you have something to add.

CHS Hilloweens past: 20162015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

Tuesday, the kids and the goblins will again gather in frightening numbers in the trick or treat core of northern Capitol Hill near the neighborhoods around Stevens Elementary. Click some of the picture posts past to see what it’s all about. And don’t forget to carry a map.

More pictures from the weekend, below. Continue reading