Signs of Capitol Hill normalcy: Frankie and Jo’s scooping again on E Union

(Image: Frankie and Jo’s)

After weeks of COVID-19 restrictions, Capitol Hill-born plant-based ice cream shop Frankie and Jo’s is back serving scoops on E Union. With the world busy with COVID-19 recovery and the wave of protests calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality, the small chain of scoop shops is taking a slow start in solidarity with the movement:

We have decided to shift our focus from reopening to being in solidarity with this important movement in racial equality. we are choosing to keep our hours limited from 12 – 3pm, Wednesday through Sunday. June and everyday flavors will be available in pints only. we love you, stay safe.

Started in 2016, the vegan ice cream business is part of the sweet Capitol Hill offerings of Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes and Kari Brunson of Juicebox Cafe who joined together to form Frankie and Jo’s. The Ballard shop has also reopened with limited hours.

Meanwhile, you can also find a treat on E Pike where scoopers are back at work at Salt and Straw.

More details on the Frankie and Joe’s reopening can be found here.

Glacier de Crumble & Flake ready to fill Capitol Hill’s need for ‘ice cream every day’

There are silver linings to this COVID-19 cloud settled across the small business communities of Capitol Hill — buttery, silky smooth silver linings.

Tiny but hugely delicious E Olive Way pastry shop Crumble & Flake has added online ordering and is sticking to its summer plans despite the restrictions to add what is likely to be a popular new offering: Glacier de Crumble & Flake.

“We have it in the shop until we run out pretty much like everything else around here,” Crumble’s Toby Matasar tells CHS about her new small-batch operation to turn out “silky smooth” French ice cream and sorbets.

En quoi c’est français?

“They use butter instead of cream,” Matasar says of her education in Parisian ice cream. “That’s really all you need to say right there.” Continue reading

Kurt Farm Shop part of a double scoop of Capitol Hill ice cream closures — But Sweet Alchemy ready to step in

Rainier Shine — with AG Farm Rainier cherries… and Rainier beer (Image: Sweet Alchemy)

Now it is finally time for legendary locavore Kurt Timmermeister to cut his ice cream-y ties with Capitol Hill. By early next year, his tiny Chophouse Row ice cream parlor Kurt Farm Shop will make a home for another purveyor of one of a kind frozen deliciousness who also shares Timmermeister’s love of purity and do it yourself effort.

“Most people opt to purchase their ice cream base from a local daily farm,” Lois Ko tells CHS about Sweet Alchemy’s creations and labor intensive effort to pasteurize its own milk as a WSDA certified creamery.

By early February, the University District born company will open its third Seattle shop on Capitol Hill.

You also have a few more days to enjoy Kurt Farm Shop. Timmermeister announced a planned December 29th closure for his Chophouse Row counter. “It’s time for me to retire from ice cream and head back to my dairy farm full time to make cheese and take photographs,” he writes. “It’s been a great nearly-five years and I’ve loved all the customers and the great folks that have worked scooping ice cream.” Continue reading

Game over for Full Tilt Capitol Hill

In a season of Capitol Hill closures with large leases and high rents as the culprits, the 15th Ave E expansion of Seattle ice cream and arcade chain Full Tilt is also declaring game over.

Owner Justin Cline announced the plans for the Capitol Hill shop to close at the end of December after just under two years of business.

“I am proud of the team we have had there, and they effort everyone put into making it work. It just didn’t. It is not the right area for us,” Cline wrote. “We knew the cost of rent when we went into this space, but we thought we would have the traffic to support it. That did not happen. The wonderful employees are going to work at our other locations, and we have some new projects in the works.” Continue reading

Kurt Farm Shop’s ice cream man staying, for now, in ‘the center of ice cream for the city’

(Image: Kurt Farm Shop)

Kurt Timmermeister turned the proceeds from his sale of the legendary Septieme into his now-legendary Kurtwood Farm on Vashon Island.

Now Timmermeister is considering the sale of his latest Capitol Hill creation but he tells CHS not to worry about Kurt Farm Shop’s ice creamy goodness going anywhere anytime soon.

“I have had a great summer at the Farm Shop with such a long, hot summer that continues,” Timmermeister tells CHS. “Although I did mention it to someone, I have no plans to sell at this time. The neighborhood has become the center of ice cream for the city and I am loving being a part of it.” Continue reading

Molly Moon’s turns 10 (OK, E Pine shop is only 9 but you still can get a free scoop)

(Image: Molly Moon’s)

Between today’s golden age of frozen treats and the end of the 31 flavors era, there were dark days on Capitol Hill. Then Molly Moon’s opened on E Pine across from Cal Anderson. And there was ice cream.

Thursday, the Seattle chain of scoop shops celebrates its birth 10 years ago in Wallingford:

Hooray! We’re turning 10 this Thursday, May 10, and to celebrate our birthday, we’re giving free scoops to the first 100 customers at each of our shops, which are located in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Madrona, Queen Anne, University Village, Redmond and Columbia City!

Molly Moon Neitzel opened her Capitol Hill shop a year later in 2009. “Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is a great local hang-out where families, kids, hipsters, and ice cream addicts alike, can congregate and celebrate their favorite dessert,” the marketing text read. Continue reading

With a mix of Portland and Seattle flavors, Salt and Straw opens on Capitol Hill

At 4 AM, Portland is even closer to its bigger, richer Pacific Northwest sibling Seattle. It’s a good thing. The Salt and Straw delivery truck is coming through.

“Making it all in Portland, driven up every day, that was a huge decision for us,” Salt and Straw’s head ice cream nerd Tyler Malek tells CHS. Building a big, strong Rip City kitchen team gives Salt and Straw a center to its ice cream creation process and make hiring the best talent easier, Malek says.

Capitol Hill customers are getting their first scoops of the I-5-imported ice creams and frozen creations as the shop made its E Pike debut Friday at 11 AM. Ice cream for breakfast. Ice cream for lunch. Continue reading

If you get in line now, you will only have to wait 10 days for the first Capitol Hill scoops at Salt and Straw

With the buildout on Capitol Hill still fully underway, the glory Friday will go to Ballard as the first Seattle opening of Portland-based ice cream chain Salt and Straw. But we finally know when the new E Pike shop will open — and we’ve got a first peek at some of the 17 flavors you’ll find when it does.

Friday’s S&S Seattle debut on Ballard Ave is appropriate — “Seven years ago, Kim Malek sold her Ballard home, held a garage sale and moved to Portland,” MyBallard reports. The rest is PNW ice cream history.

The E Pike shop on the southwest corner of the Pike Motorworks building at Pike and Boylston from the Malek cousins — Kim and Tyler — is slated to debut a week later on Friday, February 16th. Here’s a preview of what you’ll be lining up for: Continue reading

Bluebird Ice Cream looking for new Capitol Hill home

Counting down the growth of ice cream joints operating on Capitol Hill with last week’s opening of Full Tilt on 15th Ave E, we found out about a big change for one of the early players in this generation of frozen treat businesses around the neighborhood.

Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream shuttered its original E Pike shop late last year after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a new lease for the location. Owner Josh Reynolds tells CHS there’s nothing yet to announce but Bluebird is looking for a new location on the Hill:

Now expanded with two shops north of the Cut, Bluebird debuted on E Pike in the summer of 2009 — in a space that was previously being used by a local church — with a smaller, more microcreamery take on the ice cream business. Along the way, Reynolds also experimented with craft soda and beer and collaborated with Capitol Hill Block Party bands on a few rock and roll flavors.

Hopefully we’ll see a new Capitol Hill Bluebird by the time the next CHBP rolls around.

Thanks to reader Matt for the tip.

Ready, player? Full Tilt Capitol Hill now open

We don’t know why big coffee Starbucks surrendered but we do know who to thank for Full Tilt coming to Capitol Hill’s 15th Ave E.

“This building was built for them 25 years ago,” Full Tilt’s Justin Cline tells CHS. “When they decided to move, Linda Derschang called and said she wanted us to be her neighbor.”

Full Tilt Capitol Hill debuted with a “quiet opening” Thursday night in the former 15th Ave E Starbucks space next to Derschang’s bar Smith. Expect louder nights to come. The fifth Full Tilt in the city, the 15th Ave E edition is now the chain’s largest and the only location with a reservable party room. You will also find a freezer full of typically delicious, uniquely Full Tilt flavors (including vegan varieties) straight out of its South Park ice cream factory. Continue reading