SPD investigating body parts found at 20th and Marion likely belonging to Renton mother — UPDATE

Police closed off 20th Ave and canvassed the area for more remains. (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

Police closed off 20th Ave and canvassed the area for more remains. (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

Seattle Police were investigating suspected human remains found in the Central District Friday morning near the site where body parts belonging to Ingrid Lyne were discovered a week earlier. A SPD spokesperson said detectives were “confident” the remains were connected to the case of the 40-year-old mother’s murder.

A garbage collector for CleanScapes found the remains around 9:45 AM and called 911, police said.


Ingrid Lyne worked as a nurse on First Hill. (Image via Facebook)

The 20th Ave block south of E Union remained taped off Friday afternoon as police continued searching through bins and talking to neighbors in the area. Officials have said the Central District was only a dumping location in the case and that Lyne and her suspected murderer had no other known connections to the area.

UPDATE (4/18): More human remains believed to belong to Lyne were found at a SODO recycling center on Monday, according to SPD. Seattle Police were investigating the discovery at the 200 block of S Hanford St.

A homeowner at 21st and E Pine found Lyne’s head and other body parts in his recycling bin on Saturday. Two days later, police arrested Lyne’s boyfriend, 37-year-old John Charlton in Lake Stevens for her murder. The Snohomish County man is suspected of dismembering Lyne in her Renton home, then dumping her body parts. Upon searching Lyne’s home, detectives found bits of flesh and a 15-inch pruning saw in her bathroom.

King County prosecutors charged Charlton with first degree murder Wednesday.

Friends of Lyne, who worked as a nurse at Swedish Medical Center, said she had been dating Charlton for a short period of time after the two met online.

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John Charlton charged with murder, suspected of dumping victim’s body parts in a CD recycling bin


The recycling bin where Lyne’s head and other remains were found. (Image: CHS)

King County prosecutors charged John Charlton with first degree murder Wednesday for allegedly killing a Renton mother of three, whose body parts were found in a Central District recycling bin on Saturday. The 37-year-old Snohomish man is suspected of dismembering Ingird Lyne, 40, in her home then dumping her body parts at 21st and Pine. Friends of Lyne, who worked as a nurse at Swedish Medical Center, said she had been dating Charlton for a short period of time after the two met online.

“The tragic murder of Ingrid Lyne has left a family and community in a spiral of grief and anguish,” said King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg in a statement. “We may never understand why she was killed … but the police and prosecutors working on this case have done a tremendous job of piecing together a solid case against the person we believe to be responsible for her death.”Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.32.26 PM

Lyne was reported missing on Saturday. She and Charlton planned to go on a date the night before, which included seeing the Mariners home opener. After Lyne’s dismembered body was discovered on Saturday at 21st and Pine, detectives searched her Renton home and found bits of flesh and a 15-inch pruning saw in her bathroom.

Charlton also faces a charge for stealing Lyne’s car, which he allegedly used to transport her remains to the Central District. The vehicle was eventually recovered in Belltown.

The body parts found by a Central District homeowner were officially identified as belonging to Lyne on Wednesday, though SPD officials said Monday they were certain of the victim’s identity. Officials said the Central District property was only a dumping location in the case and that Charlton had no other known connections to the area.  Continue reading

Murder arrest in Central District body parts investigation, victim tentatively ID’d as missing mother


Police investigators at the scene of Saturday’s grisly find (Image: CHS)

Chief Kathleen O'Toole announced the murder arrest Monday evening. (Image: CHS)

Chief Kathleen O’Toole announced the murder arrest Monday evening. (Image: CHS)

Seattle Police have arrested a 37-year-old man for homicide in connection with body parts that were found in a Central District sicycling bin Saturday afternoon. John Robert Charlton of Snohomish County was arrested Monday morning and booked into the King County Jail.

Although SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole declined to identify the victim, she said evidence was clear that the remains belonged to a woman who was reported missing in Renton that evening. Ingrid Lyne, a Swedish Medical Center nurse and mother of three, was reported missing after going on a date that included attending a Mariners game on Friday, according to friends who have posted about the 40-year-old woman’s disappearance on social media.

“We have no reason to believe that there is any question as to the vicim’s identity,” O’Toole said. “We’re very confident the victim is the one that has been identified in the media.”

UPDATE (4/13): King County Medical Examiners positively identified Lyne as the victim in the case on Wednesday.

UPDATE (4/12): Charlton made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon, where King County prosecutors said they believe he murdered Lyne in her Renton home and transferred her body in her car to Seattle. Bits of human flesh were found in Lyne’s bathtub along with a pruning saw, according to probable cause documents filed in court by SPD Tuesday.

The judge found probable cause to keep Charlton in jail and set bail at $2 million. Charlton stood still and remained silent during the brief hearing.

According to the probable cause documents, the Central District homeowner discovered the body parts after emptying his bin which he thought was unusually heavy. After he called 911, investigators found a human head, an arm, part of a leg, and a foot. Since the face was intact, investigators were able to match it with Lyne’s photograph. The garbage bags used to wrap the remains matched an emptied box of bags at Lyne’s home, according to detectives.

A neighbor later told investigators that Lyne had been dating a man named John and that she was going to the Mariners game with him on Friday. Police found a ticket to the game on her computer.

The documents also shed light on what transpired in the day after Lyne’s disappearance. On Saturday, Lyne’s ex-husband arrived at Lyne’s house with their three daughters — ages 12, 10, and 7 — and found Lyne’s wallet and keys, but not Lyne. He called Lyne’s mother, who came to the house where she found Charlton’s number on Lyne’s phone and began texting him to ask about her daughter’s whereabouts. Charlton acknowledged the two were dating, but stopped responding after this text:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.38.34 PM

After his arrest, Charlton told police he and Lyne returned to her house but that he was too drunk to remember what happened afterwards. He said Lyne likely drove him back to Seattle, where he slept on a sidewalk. Detectives observed abrasions to his face and scratches to his hand and chest.

Charlton’s criminal history stretching back to 1998 includes violent crimes committed in multiple states.

Ingrid Lyne (Image via Facebook)

Ingrid Lyne (Image via Facebook)

King County Medical Examiners will make the final determination on the victim’s identity.

Investigators used forensic evidence, including a photograph, call records, and cell tower information to connect to the missing woman in Renton to the body parts found in the Central District, according to SPD. Police converged on Lyne’s Renton home early Sunday, the Seattle Times reported.

SPD did not provide any details on where the alleged homicide may have taken place. Assistant Chief Robert Merner said the recycling bin appeared to be a “dumping location” for the remains and that there were no other known connections to the Central District.  Continue reading

Suspected human remains found in recycling bin at 21st and Pine — UPDATE

King County Medical Examiners investigated "likely" human remains dumped in the CD. (Image: Alex Garland)

King County Medical Examiners investigated “likely” human remains dumped in the CD. (Image: Alex Garland)

Seattle Police were investigating suspected human remains found in a recycling bin near 21st and Pine Saturday evening. According to SPD, a homeowner called 911 around 4 PM to report finding what he thought were human remains in his bin. The remains were found wrapped in garbage bags, though an SPD spokesperson said he was unsure what made the homeowner suspicious of the items.

UPDATE (4/11): Seattle Police said they were prepared to announce “significant developments” in the case Monday evening along with developments in a Renton missing person case. A Swedish Medical Center nurse who lives in Renton was reported missing on Saturday.

Upon arriving at the scene officers verified the items were “likely human remains,” according to SPD spokesperson Patrick Michaud. Investigators canvassed the neighborhood looking for more possible body parts but had not turned up anything in the hours after the initial discovery. The homeowner told police he put out his recycling bin on Friday and called 911 as soon as he found the remains.

Neighbors told CHS the evidence may have included a human foot, but SPD says investigators had not identified what was found by the time the scene was cleared around 9 PM. King County Medical Examiners took custody of the remains for further investigation. SPD is investigating the case as a homicide, though it was unclear on Saturday where that homicide may have taken place.

“It looks like it was dumped, so it doesn’t appear to have been in this neighborhood,” Michaud said. SPD offered no information on the age or sex of the possible victim.

Multiple units responded to the Central District house along with SPD’s “mobile precinct” vehicle. Detectives taped off an area around garbage and recycling cans outside the home.

While the find may be grisly, it would not be the first time human remains were found along city streets. In 2012 body parts were found in Eastlake belonging to a murder victim whose torso was discovered nearly a year earlier.

SPD is asking anyone with information about the case to call its Violent Crimes tip line at (206) 233-5000.