Capitol Hill Historical Society | Pantages House, a home built for the Hill’s Alexander the Great

(Pantages House Image:Rob Ketcherside)

In 2004 the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted to make the Pantages House a Seattle landmark. They had three reasons: its association with Alexander Pantages, its architectural style, and its prominent siting at the corner of Denny and Harvard.

The house was built in 1906 for Alexander Pantages by architects Knapp & West at the southeast corner of Denny Way and Harvard Avenue. It’s a block from Dick’s and Capitol Hill Station.

Construction date: If you look around you’ll find that everyone but us says it was built in 1907. That’s the date given in the city’s report on landmark designation. Possibly that came from the 1936 King County Assessor property card, which is not to be trusted for early dates. Continue reading