Community remembers Polish Home neighbor lost in deadly fire

Capitol Hill’s Polish Home is planning to honor its neighbor

The King County Medical Examiner has identified the man who died in last week’s house fire as Michael Gross.

Friends and neighbors who knew Gross or were familiar with the 18th Ave resident and his dog and cat Vince and Max are making plans to remember his remarkable life.

The 70-year-old died last Wednesday in the fire which has been ruled an accident. Investigators say the deadly blaze was started by “a portable space heater placed too close to combustible materials.” The dog and cat were reported to have safely escaped.

Gross’s house neighbors the street’s Polish Home. The community group is planning to honor gross with a gathering: Continue reading

One dead in 18th Ave house fire — UPDATE

Thanks to @tygraham for the picture from the scene

One person was found dead as firefighters battled an early evening fire in a house near 18th and Madison Wednesday.

Seattle Fire confirmed a person was found dead inside the two-story house as crews continued to battle the blaze first reported in the 1600 block of 18th Ave just before 5:30 PM.

Neighbors reported a non-ambulatory elderly male lived at the residence with pets. Continue reading

Thanks, Mayor Pete: E Madison bus rapid transit project gets $60M in federal funding — Here’s a block by block look at the planned changes to the street

Mayor Pete has come through. Monday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced $187 million in federal funding for four bus rapid transit projects — San Bernardino, California, Ogden, Utah, Everett, Washington, and right here on E Madison in Seattle:

The City of Seattle Department of Transportation will receive a $59.9 million allocation for the Madison Street BRT project, a 2.3-mile east-west BRT line operating diesel-electric buses along Madison Street spanning from downtown Seattle in the west to the Madison Valley neighborhood in the east, with connections in First Hill, Capitol Hill, and the Central Area. It will connect people to hospitals, schools, businesses, and other destinations as well as to dozens of bus routes, the First Hill Streetcar, and ferry service at the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal.

The federal money helps put the $134 million Madison bus rapid transit project on path for its planned 2024 start of service of the Metro RapidRide G line, a 2.3-mile, 10-station route connecting the waterfront through First Hill and Capitol Hill to Madison Valley.

The final designs for the BRT route’s major overhaul to the Madison corridor’s streetscape were finalized last year. You can check out a block by block look at the changes below.

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Capitol Hill’s next burger joint? Bombay Burger with masala on a bun

Bombay Burger will be 10,000x better than this

(Image: Broadcast Apartments)

The corner of 15th and Madison will be home to a new adventure in masala. Bombay Burger is coming to the restaurant suite part of E Madison’s Broadcast Apartments.

“There’s a lot of walking, a lot of clubs nearby,” Seattle Indian restaurant veteran Amardeep Singh tells CHS. “We just want to bring another option for customers.”

The Singh family knows the neighborhood. The creators of Kanak forged a deal to make way for Indian street food venture Spice Waala in 2019 but their success on the street left the Singh’s hungry for more business on the Hill. With Spice Waala growing into a neighborhood community leader and expanding, Singh and his family business partners are excited to reconnect with the neighborhood with a new twist on their flavors and recipes.

Bombay Burger is an opportunity for a family that has made a life around the cuisine to be part of shaping a trend around new forms of Indian food instead of the freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s. Continue reading

Fired by binchotan charcoal, Aki Kushiyaki brings skewered and grilled meats — and $129, two-hour set-course menu — to E Madison

(Image: Aki Kushiyaki)

(Image: Aki Kushiyaki)

In 2020 just before the coronavirus hit, CHS reported on the plans for Aki Kushiyaki to open in new development along E Madison in what was expected to be a meaty wave of grill concepts to open around Capitol Hill.

One pandemic later, the binchotan charcoal-fired restaurant is now open with a $129 per person set menu that offers diners a two-hour experience in modern Japanese cuisine — yes, meat on sticks.

The kushiyaki experience is all about the skewers and the grill. Aki Kushiyaki’s menu includes a selection of chicken, duck, lamb, wagyu beef. Preparation is key with delicately skewered chicken thighs and bacon wrapped tomatoes. Continue reading

Pony’s patio getting slimmed down makeover to make room for E Madison RapidRide bus project

Relax. When this is all over, Pony and its E Madison patio — slimmed down just a little — will still be there.

Owner Mark Stoner confirms that the work underway on the famous street sign wall of Pony’s patio is part of changes being made to make way for E Madison’s coming “bus rapid transit” line.

“We will reopen,” Stoner says, “but with a slightly shrunken patio.” Continue reading

In the shadow of the greenest office building in the world along a busy street destined for bus rapid transit, Capitol Hill adds an electric vehicle charging station

(Image: Electrify America)

By Jethro Swain

Already home to the greenest office building in the world and still set to be transformed by 2024 into a transportation corridor optimized for public bus transit, Seattle’s efforts to add more infrastructure for electric cars are driving a new construction project in the surface parking lot of a Capitol Hill bank.

Electrify America, a nationwide electric vehicle charging station company, is constructing a new Seattle charging station in Capitol Hill at 1300 E Madison St in the parking lot of the Bank of America branch currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Madison station is projected to open this summer, Electrify America told CHS, and it will have four DC (direct current) fast chargers that can charge capable vehicles at up to 150kW. Electrify America stations normally have at least one (often two) CCS and one CCS-CHAdeMO style chargers, the two of which together cover almost all types of electric vehicles. Many of their chargers in metropolitan areas, including the majority of the ones around Seattle, also include a level 2 charger.

Electrify America is an expanding company that has 556 live locations across the country with 143 more coming soon, according to their website. They currently have two fast charging locations open in the city of Seattle, and more than 300 open stations across the state of Washington. Electrify America is planning on building six other stations in the city of Seattle, including a few near downtown including one in Ballard, the U-District, and Queen Anne, to go along with the Capitol Hill station.

The parking lot off E Madison, where the charging station has been approved by the City of Seattle and welcomed by Bank of America, is currently unused by customers and the construction for the charging stations is underway.

The stations will be placed in the middle of the parking lot, and there is an entrance to the lot from both E Pike and E Madison.

Electrify America’s expansion into the center of Seattle highlights Seattle’s continued push to encourage electric vehicles and the need for a stable infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations. The priority of Electrify America, according to them, is to expand access to fast charging in metro areas and along major highway routes. They also put their resources into a “future-proof” network by deploying exclusively 150kW and 350kW chargers, which are the fastest speeds available currently. Continue reading

Hoped to help address displacement in the Central District, Mount Zion’s affordable senior housing project taking shape on 19th Ave

(Image: Rolluda Architects)

Mount Zion’s affordable senior housing development hoped to help address displacement and gentrification could begin construction as soon as this summer.

The property is on 19th Ave just north of Madison and is being developed by Mount Zion Housing Development, the housing arm of the nearby Mount Zion Baptist Church. The property is currently occupied by the Price Arms apartments on a lot shaped roughly like a triangle with one end cut off. The existing building, a two-story, four-unit apartment building that county tax records indicate was built in 1901, would be demolished. Mount Zion housing has owned the property for decades.

The project will add to a small wave of new housing for seniors in the area and could be part of a series of new buildings related to Mount Zion as one of Seattle’s leading Black churches moves forward on long-held plans to develop its property holdings. Continue reading

Seward Park homicide suspect arrested in Capitol Hill traffic stop charged with first degree murder

The man taken into custody with blood on his hands after passing out behind the wheel of his car at 17th and Madison has been charged with first degree murder in the killing of a 21-year-old woman found stripped naked and shot to death near Seward Park.

CHS reported here on the January 14th arrest of Bryson Morgan in the 4 AM traffic stop near 17th and Madison as the suspect was found inside the blood splattered car along with a 9mm handgun, two fired rounds, a live round, and suspected illegal drugs. Police say they also found women’s clothing and shoes inside the car.

The victim in the homicide has been identified as Autumn Young. The Seattle Times reports she was raised in Portland. Continue reading

Suspect arrested in Seward Park murder investigation was acquitted in 2018 Seattle U threat case — UPDATE

Police say a man acquitted in a 2018 Seattle University shooting and bomb threat case taken into custody Thursday afternoon in a Capitol Hill traffic stop is suspected in the death of a woman found shot to death early Thursday morning in Seward Park.

Police say they took Bryson Morgan, 23, into custody Thursday after a 4 AM traffic stop near 17th and Madison. UPDATE: We’ve corrected the time of arrest from 4 PM to 4 AM.

Morgan has not been charged. He was booked into King County Jail Thursday night for investigation of homicide. Continue reading