With potrepreneurs making plans, 15th Ave E worries about longtime merchants being pushed out

It’s reefer madness on 15th Ave E where, if nothing else, paranoia about the demand for commercial space for I-502 retail floats thick.

It’s not just smoke. Entrepreneur and real estate investor Ian Eisenberg has confirmed with CHS his plans to convert the former veterinary clinic he purchased at 15th and Republican into a marijuana shop. CHS reported on the $1.5 million purchase in February as the CHS advertiser and Uncle Ike’s owner snatched the property out from under another prospective I-502 retailer.

But judging by the volume of emails, text messages, and phone calls CHS has received from worried neighbors and customers, the other side of 15th and Republican is also being lined up for some major changes with many rumors of another retail marijuana operation being planned in the storefronts currently home to Angel’s Shoe Repair and the Postal Plus post office. Continue reading