Reminder: Cal Anderson Park outdoor movies outer space edition

The best way to watch a space fantasy movie has to be under a night sky filled with stars, or at least beneath the glowing orbs of Cal Anderson Park’s lamp posts.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema is holding its annual outdoor film run in the park each Friday night in August. This year’s mini-festival is dubbed The Fierce Awakens! All the screenings are free and start around 8:30 PM in the southeast corner of the park. A DJ will start warming up the crowd around 7 PM and concessions are available.

First up is Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, which screens this Friday. The film tells the story of lesbian space aliens that have on earth with a mission to rid themselves of romantic emotions through inevitable heartbreak. The rest of the month looks equally spacey and fun.

Friday, August 5
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (2011)

Friday, August 12
Spaceballs (1987)

Friday, August 19
Barbarella (1968)

Friday, August 26th
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

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You can Netflix and Chill in Volunteer Park whenever you want (but July 9th event is bunk)

12993572_996744510417136_8643009139894569224_nSorry, incredulous hacks, you’ve been had. As part of what is apparently a global marketing scheme that cost the company a marketing “director” salary to dream up, a series of Netlfix and Chill movie events have been announced in parks and plazas around the world this summer — including Capitol Hill’s Volunteer Park this July:

We celebrate the launch of the [Dumb App Name] app in Seattle ( and are transforming the Volunteer Park into the largest free open air movie theater the city has ever seen. Take your partners, bring your friends, pack your favorite snacks and grandma’s picnic blanket and enjoy the best movies and series on Netflix with hundreds of other people. Line-up voting’s gonna follow.

[Redactions] are CHS’s.

The Facebook invite for the Seattle event has, of course, spread like Volunteer Park lawn daisies over the weekend and at least one local media outlet, of course, has already jumped on the story with more concern about making sure you know what Netflix and Chill means than whether they are mindlessly promoting Dumb App Name. Of course.

But Seattle Parks tells CHS the event is not happening because organizers have not applied for the necessary permits.

Still, with a solid wireless plan — and a good friend — you can Netflix and Chill in Volunteer Park anytime you like.

Meanwhile, Capitol Hill’s slate of outdoor summer movies will again return in 2016 thanks to Three Dollar Bill Cinema (seen here!) and the Seattle Art Museum (seen here!). Not Dumb App Name.

2013: Gamera and Chill in Volunteer Park

2013: Gamera and Chill in Volunteer Park

They are (probably) not filming Capitol Hill Block Party: The Movie at Lost Lake Cafe

As Pike/Pine teeters into full-on Capitol Hill Block Party preparation mode for the 18th annual edition of the three-day music festival, 10th Ave between Pine and Pike was filled with production trucks and crew for a commercial shoot at Lost Lake Cafe.

According to a *mostly* reliable source, the commercial is for global shoe giant Nike and features beloved Mariner hero Ken Griffey, Jr. We’ll let you postulate on possible scenarios in the comments.

Also, we could be completely wrong so feel free to tell us what you know — or you *think* you know — below.

UPDATE 9/19/14: Here’s the finished product —

Teenage Dreams, Art Deco Japan part of summer 2014 outdoor movie schedule on Capitol Hill

8446531864_ceacd36e09_oScreen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.36.04 AMFive weeks of outdoor cinema on Capitol Hill begins Friday night with a special screening in Volunteer Park of a silent Japanese classic accompanied by a live musical score performance. Below, you’ll find the summer 2014 roster of the annual screenings brought to you by the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park and Three Dollar Bill Cinema in Cal Anderson.

July 25
Volunteer Park, 8:30 PM — The Lady and the Beard: Directed by Yasujiro Ozu, 1931, silent, 75 min. A traditional kendo practitioner becomes interesting to a cosmopolitan young woman once he shaves off his beard in this classic comedy. The Aono Jikken Ensemble performs their original score to accompany the film, with live benshi narration (English and Japanese).

August 1
Cal Anderson — Bring it On
Volunteer Park — Osaka Elegy

August 8
Cal Anderson – Dirty Dancing
Volunteer Park — Floating Weeds

August 15
Cal Anderson — Clueless

August 22
Cal Anderson — Teen Witch

Dirty-dancing-coverx-largeThe July 25th screening in Volunteer Park is part of a celebration of the SAAM’s Art Deco roots:

… we are celebrating Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920–1945, the Asian Art Museum’s Art Deco building, and summer in Volunteer Park with Deco Night , 6:30-10:30 pm, hosted by the Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas. Below are details:

Exhibition Viewing and Guest Lecture
Asian Art Museum
6:30–8:30 pm: Short tours of the exhibition, the museum’s Deco architecture, and the park design, plus light refreshments.
7 pm: Textile artist Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada speaks on Japanese Deco textiles and fashion.

Outdoor Music and Film
Volunteer Park Amphitheater

8:30–10:30 pmA short selection of Deco-era music from Japan and the U.S. is followed by the silent film The Lady and the Beard. The Aono Jikken Ensemble performs their original score to accompany the film, with live benshi narration (English and Japanese).

Meanwhile, the connective theme for Three Dollar’s Cal Anderson screenings is “Teenage Dreams” —

Three Dollar Bill Outdoor Cinema returns to Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park with TEENAGE DREAMS! Four enchanting films that’ll get your heart racing on Friday nights in August. Come enjoy the summer with FREE outdoor movies. The night is young, and so are we!
Hot popcorn, cold drinks, candy, and other concessions for sale on site.
Limited lawn chair rentals available.

The Cal Anderson shows are free and begin at sunset (around 9 PM) in the southeast corner of the park. You can learn more at

The SAAM screenings at Volunteer Park are also free and take place at the park’s amphitheater adjacent the reservoir. If it rains, the film will be shown in the the nearby museum’s auditorium. You’ll want to arrive around 8:30 PM to find your place on the lawn. Learn more at

2013 slate of outdoor movies begins on Capitol Hill — Conan, Godzilla… and Divine

GodzillaCapitol Hill’s short but sweet season of outdoor cinema starts this week with the first screening in Cal Anderson Park of the summer. This year’s Three Dollar Bill Cinema theme will bring the likes of Conan the Barbarian and Divine to the inflatable Cal Anderson big screen. Later in the season, you’ll also be able to take in some classic Japanese “creature features” in Volunteer Park. Details on the summer fun, below.

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Capitol Hill to host 2014 Seattle Deaf Film Festival

Arts organization Deaf Spotlight has an open call out for submissions to the 2nd annual Seattle Deaf Film Festival, which will take place next spring on Capitol Hill.

The first Deaf Film Festival was held at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall, but this year the films will be screened at the Northwest Film Forum on April 4-6, 2014.

In order to be considered for inclusion, a film must be made by a member of the deaf community – either deaf, hard of hearing, or the child of a deaf adult.

Organizers are accepting submissions in the genres of Documentary, Drama, Animation, Thriller/Action and Musical/Comedy. Submissions received before July 31 will receive a lower price for entry.

Check the festival’s website for more info.