Speaking of Capitol Hill walls, here’s how this Lake View Cemetery construction project gave new life to a row of Seattle’s ‘exceptional trees’

As far as new Capitol Hill walls go, it will be easier to miss this one. There’s a big change on the backside of the neighborhood’s Lake View Cemetery near 11th and E Howe and it comes with some good news for some old Seattle trees. This cemetery improvement didn’t end up costing the lives of a row of Bigleaf Maples, American Elms, and Copper Beeches that have rooted into the cemetery’s soil for decades.

The construction project “for replacement of an existing and failing retaining wall” for the cemetery on the backside of Lake View started its permitting process about two years ago. According to city records, as the process proceeded last year, it became clear that the planned removal of 14 “exceptional trees” and the possible removal of a dozen more to make way for a new wall faced too many barriers to proceed.

The trees are variously exceptional individually by species and size and/or as a part of a grove,” a city update from May of 2019 reads. Continue reading

Blotter | SPD releases photo, video of ‘$40K’ Capitol Hill burglary suspect

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  • Screen-Shot-2015-06-24-at-9.44.36-AM-1024x641‘$40,000 heist’ suspect sought: Seattle Police say they are looking for 41-year-old Jason James Mora in connection with this Friday, June 12th burglary on Harvard Ave E that netted its thief nearly $30,000 in cash and goods and resulted in another $10,000 in reported damage to the residence:

    Detectives believe Jason James Mora, 41, smashed his way into a home in the 2300 block of Harvard Avenue E. on June 12 and made off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and cash. Surveillance cameras captured Mora entering the victims’ property, and recorded him riding away from the scene about an hour later on one of the victims’ bikes. Continue reading