CHS Pics | Capitol Hill days of snow and ice

Tuesday’s snow has become Wednesday’s ice and with temperatures forecasted to remain below freezing through Friday afternoon, you might as well enjoy it. Here are some of the scenes of snow and ice from around the Hill. There will be more to come, no doubt. Snow is likely to return again Thursday night before transitioning to a “wintry mix” into the holiday weekend. There could also be “freezing rain” and all the hazards that come with it. Stay warm.


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CHS Pics | A Grand Menorah in Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park’s Black Sun pedestal lit up in the chilly December night Monday at a community celebration of the second night of Chanukah. The annual event organized by Chabad of Capitol Hill included music, plus latkes and treats, along with the lighting of the “grand menorah.” Meanwhile, Capitol Hill’s Temple De Hirsch Sinai shares most of its services online including a stream Friday night of the 4th Shabbat. Continue reading

CHS Pics | The dream of 90 F days is alive in Seattle

Seattle has never seen more than five 90 F days in a row before. With a string starting Tuesday, the city could match that record by Saturday. If the predicted cooling doesn’t quite show up in time, Sunday could bring a new milestone for Seattle’s march into a new era of hotter, more extreme summers.

CHS Pics hit the streets around Capitol Hill to see how the neighborhoods are handling the heat wave and found mostly chill scenes of people — and critters — trying to keep cool.

You can add your scenes and let us know what you’ve seen in the CHS Comments.

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CHS Pics | All the sides of Capitol Hill Block Party 2022

Guess which side has beer

In June, Pride returned to its rightful space on Capitol Hill. It felt good to be there and have dozens of great pictures to share of the triumphant return after two summers of cancellations and postponements.

In July, another neighborhood tradition returned. Below, we’ve shared the scenes of Capitol Hill Block Party 2022 from inside and outside the fences — and from above.

We reported here on the return of the three-day music festival and its ongoing mixed relationship with Pike/Pine’s culture, neighbors, and small business community. Some of the images below are illustrative of the dynamic. There are glorious scenes of a summer party. And there are scenes of fenced-off neighborhood streets. The good news is we found a party on both sides.


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CHS Pics | After big Seattle events postponed last June, Pride 2022 starts with day of music and celebration in Volunteer Park

Sure it was corporate. And sure the sky was gay gray. But this is Seattle circa 2022. Summer starts around July 5th. Big companies love Pride. And people like a good excuse to gather, dance, and enjoy a beer garden in Volunteer Park. And then there is the whole overcoming the pandemic thing. Last year, Pride’s big events didn’t even happen in June.

Saturday, Seattle’s return of official™ Pride season kicked off with Seattle Pride in the Park, the annual music celebration that has filled Volunteer Park with bands and LGBTQ+ love and community in recent years before pandemic disruptions. Continue reading

CHS Pics | A weekend of Pride clean-ups and politician photo ops on Capitol Hill

(Image: Kelly O Photography)

Things looked about as close to normal as they get on Capitol Hill over the weekend with a community clean-up spreading through the neighborhood around Cal Anderson Park and politicians making visits to the Hill for photo opportunities and rare chances to mingle after months of COVID-19 restrictions.

At Cal Anderson, the annual Pride clean-up helped brighten the park and tidy the streets. Around 200 volunteers helped out “from the freeway to 15th and Roy to Madison,” PrideFest’s Egan Orion tells CHS about Sunday’s Taking Pride in Capitol Hill clean-up. Continue reading

9’s | Broadway at Roy

The intersection of Broadway and Roy is another spot where Capitol Hill zigs when you might have expected it to zag. Capitol Hill’s main drag shifts a block here, becoming 10th Ave E if you are headed north. Southbound as you shift, you are entering the Broadway core of Capitol Hill. Some of the older buildings have hidden evidence of this adjustment to the street behind facades and additions to fill the weird gaps that happen when you move a road and sidewalks. These days, the zig zag is home to a collection of neighborhood favorites including the old like the DeLuxe and Rom Mai and newcomers like Carrello and Bait Shop. Broadway continues 1.6 miles south until it ends at a T junctions with E Yesler Way.

9’s is a regular photo series with a simple premise. CHS visits a corner of the Hill twice — once at 9 AM and again at 9 PM — to capture the scenes of the neighborhood in motion. Have a space you’d like us to feature? Let us know in comments.

CHS Year in Review 2020 | The year in pictures

Happy New Year. As we do every year, CHS has assembled photographs that tell the story of the year behind us as we look ahead to the year to come. In 2020, CHS was helped like never before by our readers and community photographers as the incredible stories of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests converged on Capitol Hill. Thanks so much for the help and thanks, again, to CHS regular contributor Alex Garland. Drop Alex a line if you’d like to learn more about supporting his work or purchasing photographs.

Please also consider becoming a “pay what you can” CHS subscriber to help us pay reporters and photographers for their amazing work covering the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, explore CHS’s 2020 in photos, below. Each image links to its CHS post so take a minute to explore the stories from the year. We thank you for being part of CHS and look forward to bringing you more images and stories from around Capitol Hill in 2021.

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CHS Pics | A socially distanced dance party in Cal Anderson and ‘See you in 2021’ promises for Capitol Hill tricks and treats part of Hilloween 2020

Under a dry, crisp fall sky and with promise of a full moon, Capitol Hill’s trick or treat zone was much quieter than normal Saturday night and even Pike/Pine’s nightlife scene was subdued if not sober as Seattle marked a Halloween of social distancing and masks under masks amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

(Image: CHS)

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