CHS Pics | A weekend of Pride clean-ups and politician photo ops on Capitol Hill

(Image: Kelly O Photography)

Things looked about as close to normal as they get on Capitol Hill over the weekend with a community clean-up spreading through the neighborhood around Cal Anderson Park and politicians making visits to the Hill for photo opportunities and rare chances to mingle after months of COVID-19 restrictions.

At Cal Anderson, the annual Pride clean-up helped brighten the park and tidy the streets. Around 200 volunteers helped out “from the freeway to 15th and Roy to Madison,” PrideFest’s Egan Orion tells CHS about Sunday’s Taking Pride in Capitol Hill clean-up. Continue reading

9’s | Broadway at Roy

The intersection of Broadway and Roy is another spot where Capitol Hill zigs when you might have expected it to zag. Capitol Hill’s main drag shifts a block here, becoming 10th Ave E if you are headed north. Southbound as you shift, you are entering the Broadway core of Capitol Hill. Some of the older buildings have hidden evidence of this adjustment to the street behind facades and additions to fill the weird gaps that happen when you move a road and sidewalks. These days, the zig zag is home to a collection of neighborhood favorites including the old like the DeLuxe and Rom Mai and newcomers like Carrello and Bait Shop. Broadway continues 1.6 miles south until it ends at a T junctions with E Yesler Way.

9’s is a regular photo series with a simple premise. CHS visits a corner of the Hill twice — once at 9 AM and again at 9 PM — to capture the scenes of the neighborhood in motion. Have a space you’d like us to feature? Let us know in comments.

CHS Year in Review 2020 | The year in pictures

Happy New Year. As we do every year, CHS has assembled photographs that tell the story of the year behind us as we look ahead to the year to come. In 2020, CHS was helped like never before by our readers and community photographers as the incredible stories of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests converged on Capitol Hill. Thanks so much for the help and thanks, again, to CHS regular contributor Alex Garland. Drop Alex a line if you’d like to learn more about supporting his work or purchasing photographs.

Please also consider becoming a “pay what you can” CHS subscriber to help us pay reporters and photographers for their amazing work covering the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, explore CHS’s 2020 in photos, below. Each image links to its CHS post so take a minute to explore the stories from the year. We thank you for being part of CHS and look forward to bringing you more images and stories from around Capitol Hill in 2021.

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CHS Pics | A socially distanced dance party in Cal Anderson and ‘See you in 2021’ promises for Capitol Hill tricks and treats part of Hilloween 2020

Under a dry, crisp fall sky and with promise of a full moon, Capitol Hill’s trick or treat zone was much quieter than normal Saturday night and even Pike/Pine’s nightlife scene was subdued if not sober as Seattle marked a Halloween of social distancing and masks under masks amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

(Image: CHS)

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CHS Pics | Blessing of the Capitol Hill Animals

For many Capitol Hill pets, the pandemic has answered prayers. Humans are home nearly all the time. Walks are plentiful. Sunday, at Capitol Hill’s St. Joseph Parish, the congregation again marked the feast day of Francis of Assisi with a Blessing of the Animals. Several furry friends attended and gave thanks while sniffing the lawn along 18th Ave E. Continue reading

CHS Year in Review 2019 | The year in pictures

Dreamboyz Espresso

Happy New Year. Here is a look at the year that was through the lens of CHS and longtime contributor Alex Garland. Each image links to its CHS post so take a minute to explore the stories from the year. We thank you for being part of CHS and look forward to bringing you more images and stories from around Capitol Hill in 2020.

Lindas 25th Anniversary

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Capitol Hill Pets | Goober and Rusty, the well behaved Capitol Hill newbies

Goober, a nine-year-old Chihuahua, and Rusty, a three-year-old Dachshund, are both rescues and new members to the Capitol Hill community. Jason, human, lives a few blocks away from the E Olive Way Starbucks and walk the Hill most mornings. While they may appear well trained, Jason assures us he’s done absolutely nothing, and they’re just good dogs. Continue reading

I drank this *in the Central District*: Paper Plane at The Neighbor Lady

The bartender at E Union’s The Neighbor Lady, Tom, let CHS know it wasn’t a fancy cocktail bar, before he made us a fancy cocktail. He did not waste his time informing us that we were in the Central District for an episode of “I drank this on Capitol Hill.” Continue reading

CHS Pics | The Spider House rules: 50+ pictures from the Capitol Hill trick or treat hot zone

It was crisp and cool and it did not rain. Shenanigans were mostly peaceful. Lots of neighbors on 16th, 17th, and 18th Aves along E Aloha put on most excellent shows again including the classic Bates Motel and the Spider House. And the candy was copious. CHS’s visit to the Hilloween Trick or Treat Hot Zone(™) is a nearly annual tradition and the 2019 edition of the fully organic, people-run night of great costumes and good times did not disappoint. CHS saw a dinosaur dancing. And skeletons dancing. And a creepy goblin on a swing. We also saw a human-sized Bop It, the trick or treating Eurythmics, and a tribute to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Were you out and about? Let us know what you saw.

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CHS Pics | Hilloween 2019 weekend pics — Plus, where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill

Unless the actual big day falls on a Friday, Hilloween always begins on a Saturday. You should know that. CHS hit the streets of Pike/Pine over the weekend for a look at what the fashionable costume set was wearing this year. Many of the get-ups we found along E Pike were deep cuts — CHS might need your help sorting out the various pop-culture references. Or you can just let us squirm.

If you are planning to add some trick or treat action to your Hilloween, we’ve included the famous CHS Trick or Treat Hot Zone map, below. It show the area of Capitol Hill where you’ll find scenes like the above — and buckets and buckets of candy. Here’s a message from the “Red Zone.” They’re waiting for you. Also make plans to stop by the Trick or Treat House of Montlake. Happy Hilloween.

The map — and more pictures from Hilloween weekend — below. Continue reading