After long court battle over $3 fee, Pagliacci settles $3.75M wage theft lawsuit with drivers

Capitol Hill-headquartered Pagliacci has settled a $3.75 million class action lawsuit brought on behalf of the Seattle pizza chain’s delivery drivers who sued over the company’s wage practices including “failing to pay delivery drivers the automatic ‘delivery charge’ paid by customers” and not passing along tips.

The wage theft settlement was reached earlier this year but announced by the E Pike headquartered chain Wednesday bringing a four-year court battle over the $3 delivery fee to a close.

“Pagliacci has engaged in a systematic scheme of wage and hour abuses against its pizza delivery drivers,” lawyers wrote in the 2017 complaint that kicked off the long legal tussle.

In a statement sent to media, Pagliacci said when the company first added the service charge, “it failed to state in all the places required by state statute precisely who received the money from the delivery fee.” Continue reading

Blotto — ‘pizza and wine and pantry’ — coming to former Chungee’s space on 12th Ave

(Image: Blotto)

After working in a 200-square-foot space, the Blotto guys will have just a little more room to work inside the former Chungee’s (Image: Blotto)

A popular Broadway pizza pop-up is set to bring new life and a new cornershop to 12th and Denny in the space formerly home to Chungee’s.

CHS introduced you to Blotto in December as the pizza venture put wholesale Greek bakery Paximadi’s Broadway commercial space to work refining its recipes for 14-inch New York and Neapolitan pizzas with crusts that are thin and crispy and rims of puffy, chewy dough.

Now Jordan Koplowitz has announced plans to take Blotto to the next level, taking over the old Chungee’s space to build out a new market, patio, and pizza shop. He describes the project as “a restaurant corner store mega mart super shopping center / BevMo on 12th and Denny.”

“There will be pizzas. There will be wines and beers. There will be sides and pantry items. And there will be outdoor patio ~vibes~” Continue reading

For pop-up pizza — and a recipe zine — get Blotto on Broadway

One of Blotto’s pies: Briny Greens, with market greens, taleggio, olives and capers (Image: Blotto)

came from the design world before transitioning to start pizza pop-up Blotto, a word that’s old-fashioned slang for “really drunk” (Image: Blotto)

You’d probably never know it, but hidden at the back of Broadway Alley is a small bakery that hosts Blotto, a pizza pop-up, every Thursday. The “200ish”-square-foot space is a commercial kitchen for Paximadi Co., a local, wholesale Greek bakery, but once a week Jordan Koplowitz rents out the space to make and sell pizzas made with local grains, naturally leavened dough and seasonal ingredients.

The pop-up’s beginning came slightly after the release of a zine in July that featured recipes from Koplowitz’s friends throughout the food and beverage industry. Now sold out, sales from the zine raised $1,030 for the Seattle BIPOC Organic Food Bank

Koplowitz works with partner Christy Wyble, and friend Caleb Hoffmann to debut about four pizza choices every week, along with a salad and dessert option. The weekly menu drops online every Monday at noon for pre-order. Orders are available for pick up at the Broadway Alley bakery Thursday from 5:30 PM to 8 PM. So far, Blotto has been selling out every week. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Pagliacci’s Pike/Pine pizza HQ adds slice bar and ‘Center for Excellence’

Pagliacci marked the opening of its new E Pike slice shop this weekend with a free day of pizza.

The special day of free slices — two per customer, please — celebrated the opening of its new slice bar which was built out of the Seattle company’s longtime E Pike headquarters and call center. The new space on Pike between Crawford and Summit features the slice bar, seating, delivery and takeout, and also serves as the HQ’s “state-of-the-art training facility and pizza testing kitchen.” CHS is all for experimentation and research and development in the field of pizza. Continue reading

After nearly 40 years, Pagliacci Pizza leaving Broadway

(Image: Gibraltar Investment Property Solutions)

A part of the street since 1983, Pagliacci Pizza is leaving Broadway.

The Capitol Hill-headquartered chain confirmed the planned closure which they are calling a “move” and said the plan is for the 400 block Broadway E shop to close next month.

While many pixels have been spilt discussing Seattle pizza restaurant closures and the city’s minimum wage, the Broadway closure is about Pagliacci’s new project on Capitol Hill: Continue reading

Portland’s Sizzle Pie says can’t cut it in Seattle, shutting down Capitol Hill pizzeria and Dark Bar

Burnside-born Sizzle Pie could make its recipe of metal and pizza work in Portland, Eugene and even Reno. But Seattle? Not so much. The pizzeria chain announced Tuesday it is closing its Capitol Hill joint and sister venue Dark Bar at the end of August due to what it says are the rising costs of doing business in Seattle:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the imminent closure of our Capitol Hill location on August 31, 2019. We are eternally grateful for all of the wonderful years that we were able to be a part of the Capitol Hill community. We’ve worked alongside so many great organizations and local businesses in our time here and we will miss you all dearly.

“Unfortunately, the continually rising overhead and operating costs in Seattle have brought us to the very difficult decision to close this location,” the statement reads. Continue reading

With work started on new E Pike slice bar and ‘pizza testing kitchen,’ Pagliacci celebrates 40 years in Seattle

UPDATE 6/10/2019: Pagliacci has provided this rendering of what the E Pike project will look like

(Image: CHS)

As Capitol Hill-headquartered Pagliacci celebrates 40 years of pizza in Seattle, work is underway to create a new pie and slice bar perfect for research and development next door to the company’s E Pike busy offices.

“This fall, Pagliacci Pizza will open a new store on Pike Street between Crawford and Summit in the building that has long served as Pagliacci’s headquarters,” an announcement of the new project sent to CHS reads. “The restaurant will feature seating, beer and wine, a slice bar, delivery, and a state-of-the-art training facility and pizza testing kitchen.” Continue reading

Coming full circle, Toscana Pizzeria returns to Summit Ave

You can clean up, change your look, develop new relationships. But sometimes it is best to just accept who you really are. The Summit Ave food and drink path that led from Toscana to Itto’s to A La Vida has circled back to pizza.

“We’re back!” the sign in the window at 601 Summit Ave E proclaims. As a handful of loyal CHS readers will tell you, Toscana Pizzeria is, indeed, back on Summit. Continue reading

Zeeks Capitol Hill adds pizza to 19th Ave E’s growing food+drink menu

If you’re looking for your 19th Ave E dad, we might know where he’s been hanging out

Families on Capitol Hill’s quieter eastern slopes have already become accustomed to beating a path to 19th and Mercer for Whidbey Island-style tacos and Macklesmore-style cookies. The intersection will now have even more foot, scooter, and stroller traffic — the first Zeeks Pizza on Capitol Hill is now open.

Debuting Monday with an afternoon of free slices, the company said the new joint has been ready to go but held up from a planned opening in late 2018 due to a few paperwork issues with the new mixed-use building it calls home, The Shea.

The company said it has long coveted a presence on Capitol Hill. The 19th Ave E location is being opened by Sean Murray, a franchise owner who lives in the neighborhood only a few blocks away. With a new pizza restaurant only blocks away from two elementary schools, a Hebrew academy, a middle school, and Holy Names, he has probably made a wise investment.  Continue reading

Pike/Pine entrepreneur tells Big Mario’s goodbye as he gears up for stadium Gridiron project

Meinert, center, on patrol on E Pike

Capitol Hill-born Big Mario’s has new ownership. But don’t be sad. Your favorite chain of faux dive pizza bars is in familiar, local hands.

Dave Meinert, a Seattle nightlife entrepreneur with his fingers in many of the most popular venues in the core of Pike/Pine entertainment district, announced he has been bought out of the three-location pizza chain by his longtime partners and frequent collaborators. Continue reading