Three arrests as protest marches on Capitol Hill for ‘essential workers’

Protests in the street on E Olive Way (Image: SDOT)

A Black Lives Matter march for essential workers part of “Black Friday” protests across Seattle ended with arrests Friday night at Denny and E Olive Way on Capitol Hill.

A group marching through the neighborhood was reported blocking traffic and had been given dispersal orders, Seattle Police said. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Goodwill lined up for mixed-use development

Plans have been filed with the city to replace the Capitol Hill Goodwill with a mixed-use development that would add around 170 new apartment units to Belmont Ave E just off E Olive Way.

The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce reports the planning could be part of the first steps in a sale of the 1926-built building by longtime ownership.

In the early filings, the development is being planned by VIA Architecture as a seven-story structure with 171 apartment units on the sloping lot. Continue reading

OK, now The Redwood really is dead and gone forever from Capitol Hill

(Image: CHS)

You can finally give up on those rebirth of The Redwood hopes. Nearly two years after the never say die dive bar was finally demolished and erased from Capitol Hill, a permit just issued from the City of Seattle all but guarantees a new boozy offshoot will not rise from  the corner of Howell and Belmont

Developer Blueprint Capital has been approved for a change of plans to eliminate the mixed element of its seven-story mixed-use development rising at the corner. The new permit allows Blueprint to transition its plans for a ground floor food and drink space in the project to become two “live/work” units. Continue reading

Power outage in POWHAT makes COVID-19 inspired ‘working from home’ a challenge on Capitol Hill — UPDATE

Capitol Hill residents working remotely during the area’s COVID-19 response might be finding it more difficult to be productive in their impromptu “home offices” again Wednesday. A lingering power outage in the densely populated POWHAT — Pine-Olive Way-Harvard Ave Triangle — area is lingering into a second day.

City Light says “equipment failure” is to blame but we haven’t heard back on specifics. People in the neighborhood say the outage has ranged from more than 800 customers to just over 200 out Wednesday morning. City Light currently lists an 11 AM estimated time for restoration of service while the “south line” in the area is returned to service.

Power first snapped off in the area around 1 PM Tuesday. Continue reading

Standoff with barricaded man shuts down Belmont — UPDATE: In custody

A standoff with a possibly armed man inside an apartment unit tied up the blocks around the 1700 block of Belmont Ave Sunday afternoon.

Police and SWAT units were in position around the building on the west side of Belmont starting around 1 PM.

Earlier in the day, Seattle Fire and police responded to the building for a small fire that was believed to have been intentionally set.

UPDATE 5:10 PM: Police were able to enter the unit and took the suspect into custody just before 5 PM.

Continue reading

After years of Capitol Hill obituaries, the Redwood has fallen

Surely a Capitol Hill dive bar that warranted annual obituaries but somehow managed to remain open deserves a post to mark its final demolition.

Work has begun to remove from the earth any traces that the Redwood ever stood on E Howell.

Thanks to a CHS reader for a picture of the demolition in progress. We might not have believed the news without it.

The neighborhood bar was notorious for inspiring nearly annual fits of sadness over its pending displacement. The owners and the Redwood’s patrons knew redevelopment was coming and made quiet plans for dealing with and moving on. Six years of inevitable doom came to a close this week.

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Carmelo’s Tacos a silver lining of taco goodness inside Capitol Hill’s Hillcrest Market

Carmelo Gaspar is at the center of things on Summit Ave E

Tucked inside the Hillcrest Market is Capitol Hill’s newest culinary delight from south of the border. Serving up fresh salsas, homemade tortillas, tender meat, and succulent cactus leaves, Carmelo’s is bringing the flavors of Mexico City to Seattle, one taco at a time.

This family owned and operated business is staffed by four employees, including the owner Carmelo Gaspar, who was slicing asada when CHS went for a visit. Carmelo’s manager Miguel Cruz says they worked close by and knew the owner of the store. “We saw the teriyaki guy was out, so we started talking to the owner and we got an opportunity to start,” he said. Continue reading

Deputy in 13-hour Capitol Hill standoff charged for pepper spraying cops

The long standoff shut down several blocks around E Howell and Belmont

The off-duty King County Sheriff deputy who told police he had a shotgun and engaged in a 13-hour standoff with police inside his Capitol Hill apartment last week did, indeed, have a firearm in the unit.

Prosecutors say police found the weapon, ammunition, and a pepper spray canister inside the fourth-floor apartment of Berdon Parsons following the incident. The 30-year-old has been charged with three counts of third-degree assault for allegedly spraying pepper spray under a door as police officers attempted to contact him at the start of the Wednesday, May 30th standoff.

CHS reported last week on details from Seattle Police about the alleged domestic violence assault over a fight about groceries and sex that sparked the 13-hour standoff with the off-duty King County Sheriff’s deputy inside the Granada Apartments building. Continue reading

Hold-up victim says made run for it, used Siri to call police in Capitol Hill knifepoint robbery

Police are investigating after a man reportedly made a run for it and was able to call 911 with help from “Siri” after he was held-up at knifepoint and beaten on his way to a Capitol Hill parking garage early Monday morning.

According to the Seattle Police report on the incident, officers were dispatched just before 4 AM and found the victim near Howell and Harvard crying with blood on his shirt and his pants torn. The man told police he had been out at Neighbours and then went to a friend’s who lived nearby before making the walk back to his truck parked in the Seattle Central parking garage. Continue reading

Police: Reported assault over groceries and sex led to 13-hour standoff with deputy at Capitol Hill apartment building

Berdon Parsons via Linkedin

Police say the 13-hour standoff with a King County Sheriff’s deputy at a Capitol Hill apartment building started with an alleged domestic violence assault over a fight about groceries and sex, according to court documents released Thursday.

Berdon Parsons faces charges over assaulting officers as Wednesday’s long standoff on the fourth floor of the Granada Apartments escalated after police say the deputy sprayed officers with pepper spray as they attempted to contact the 30-year-old from outside his apartment door early Wednesday morning.

“While officers were in the hallway they attempted to talk through the door with Parsons,” the report reads. “Suddenly, O/C Spray (aka Pepper Spray) started being sprayed from inside Parsons apartment along the seals of the door, therefore being sprayed out into the hallway where the 5 on-scene officers were.” The officers were forced to retreat and the standoff would then last through the morning and into the afternoon. Continue reading