Capitol Hill’s Metier has new partner in Homegrown for cycling, coffee, sandwiches — and beer

(Image: Metier)

As a global brand stumbles with as much focus on fashion as cycling, Capitol Hill’s Metier is setting its own pace with a new partner on E Union.

Metier’s Todd Herriott tells CHS the decision to link up with Seattle “sustainable” sandwich shop concern Homegrown was a natural combination and will help keep the food and drink in Metier’s “Coffee and Racing” concept.

“We learned a lot,” Herriott said of Metier’s three years in the food and drink business after it opened its new headquarters combining a cafe, bike gym, and training center on E Union in late 2015. One of the lessons, Herriott said, was to find a partner to put Metier’s space more fully to use with good food connected to the space’s cycling culture. Continue reading

Capitol Hill food+drink | Central Agency project rounds out its offerings with Canadian Meat & Bread

M&B's Gastown location (Image: Meat & Bread)

M&B’s Gastown location (Image: Meat & Bread)

The tennants of what will likely be the center of a southern expansion and leap across Union for the Pike/Pine food and drink scene have rounded into shape with the addition of a neighbor from the north.

Vancouver’s Meat & Bread is slated to join the Central Agency building “to hold down the opposite end of the building from Lark,” we’re told.

“M&B is in the Gas Light district, are very passionate about food and are a great compliment to Lark and the neighborhood in many ways including the fact that they are a daytime business,” a rep for the Central Agency project tells us.

Describing itself as “a man made sandwich shop,” Meat & Bread founders Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington created a working recipe that keeps things simple with a menu pared down to four daily offerings. Bon Appetit, doing the BC tourist thing, called the offerings “lavish.” Today’s offerings are porchetta with “salsa verde,” a “Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb, Caper Tomato Sauce, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Romaine” special, a “Grana Padano, Sambal, Gremolata” meatball variant, and the grilled cheese is “Aged White Cheddar & Shaved Onion.” They’ll run you between $7 and $9… Canadian. Continue reading