Monday night in Volunteer Park: Rally against Trump’s immigration national emergency — UPDATE: Shovel for democracy!

Marchers at November’s protest

UPDATE 3:15 PM: Organizers are finding Volunteer Park is still pretty iced over and are putting out a call for volunteers to help make the space safe for Monday night’s rally. Here’s a message sent to CHS from Maggie Cuevas of SEA NO H8:

we have been hoping snow would melt from the venue for the protest tmrw. it has not. we’ll be staging at sculpture and could use the public’s help to clear sidewalks of snow to provide disabled access plus ensure safety for others. if at all possible to post a call for folks to come help out… in front of the black hole sun sculpture and sidewalks around the space.

They’ll be out there Sunday afternoon into the evening if you have a shovel and would like to lend a hand.

UPDATE 3:30 PM: Don’t head to the park just yet — organizers are working things out with Seattle Parks staff. UPDATE 5:20 PM: Permit issues have been worked out. Stop by Sunday night if you can help shovel. They’ll also be back out before the rally Monday starting at 3:30 PM.

Original report: Political leaders and activists will lead a rally in Capitol HIll’s Volunteer Park Monday night to protest President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on immigration at the southern border:

Join a national day of protest to preserve our constitutional democracy against an illegal power grab by the president to advance his dangerous policies that run against true American values and the rule of law. MoveOn, with the help of local community organizers, is mobilizing national rapid-response events against Trump’s #FakeNationalEmergency and hate-driven agenda. Please join us to stand up for our democracy and to stand with our immigrant, Muslim, and Black and brown communities.

Seattle Protect Democracy Rally

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‘The Intimate Values of Inside Space’ — Of course an art show mixed with a townhome open house is happening on Capitol Hill

At first glance, “The Intimate Values of Inside Space” sounds like your quintessential Capitol Hill Art Walk Valentine’s Day show.

The one-night exhibition, opening this Thursday during the monthly art walk at the new construction at 1532 15th Ave E, checks many of the typical boxes. It is curated by two local artists, Gabriel Molinaro and Alexander Keyes. And it groups together a group of great local artists, such as Jennifer Zwick, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Natasha Marin and local bands like Cumulus and Mahal. It also name-checks a French philosopher (Gaston Bachelard) along with a fancy-sounding concept (topoanalysis, in this case).

The Intimate Values of Inside Space

What’s peculiar, however, is its setting: six new construction townhouses. Hosted by Keyes, artist-turned-real-estate-agent, and real estate developers and investor company Build with Style, ‘The Intimate Values of Inside Space’ is also a real estate open house. Continue reading

After more than 140 years of burials, Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery needs a new wall

Lake View still has room (Images: CHS)

Last week, CHS reported on Recompose, the Capitol Hill-birthed startup dedicated to rethinking what happens to our bodies after we die. As if Lake View Cemetery needed something else to worry about, the 147-year-old burial grounds are also in need of some costly repair.

The City of Seattle is reviewing a $1.5 million plan to replace the Capitol Hill cemetery’s dilapidated western retaining wall according to permit documents filed by the nonprofit association that runs the private grounds just north of Volunteer Park. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Community Post | Community invited to learn more about Volunteer Park amphitheater replacement

From Seattle Parks
Seattle Parks and Recreation and Volunteer Park Trust invite the community to learn more about the Volunteer Park Amphitheater Replacement project on Thursday, January 31, 2019 from 7 to 8 p.m. at Miller Community Center, 330 19th Ave. E. The Seattle Park District Major Projects Challenge Fund provides $900,000 in funding to move the community-initiated Volunteer Park Amphitheater Replacement project forward through the final design phase and construction. Continue reading

In event of catastrophe: Study recommends Volunteer Park reservoir remain ready to serve Capitol Hill and beyond

22 million gallons of Cedar River water is waiting atop Capitol Hill (Image: CHS)

A recent study recommends that Volunteer Park’s reservoir will remain exactly that — a reservoir. Even if it were to stay unconnected to the city’s drinking water system, as it is now, the water could prove crucial in the event of a major earthquake. There is a 15-20% likelihood that such an earthquake will hit Seattle within the next 50 years.

Back in 2013, the city began studying the reservoir, along with one in Roosevelt, to see if it was still needed. Federal safety guidelines about protecting the water supply mandate expensive upgrades (basically putting a lid on it) in order to continue using the reservoir as a source of drinking water. So the city considered decommissioning it instead. Continue reading

Family of Twitch CEO celebrates parents’ 40th anniversary with free admission at the Volunteer Park Conservatory

A Capitol Hill family is celebrating 40 years of love and commitment with a gift for everybody. The Volunteer Park Conservatory will offer free admission for the holidays and to start 2019.

“We grew up walking to the Conservatory during my whole childhood, and I know my parents want everyone to be able to enjoy this beauty and peace,” Emmett Shear said in an announcement from Seattle Parks. “In their honor, I’m excited to be able to invite people to come for free to the Conservatory again.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Pets | Alligator the Santa Border Beagle in Volunteer Park

Alligator, a “Border Beagle” half Border Collie, half Beagle — “we think, as proven by Google image searches” — was seen prancing about in his fancy Santa costume and big red bow at Volunteer Park and leading his owner Sarah on a tour of the best smells. Now ten years old, Alligator was adopted three years ago and has become part of the family. Seattle4Dogs walkers were also out and about in the park for a holiday-themed walk so he didn’t feel alone in his festive garb. He is known to get into any food, literally anywhere in the house, even “on top of the refrigerator,” so if he comes to visit, lock up your tasty treats.
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Happy Hilladays: Mark your calendar for Neighbours Alley celebration, Holiday in the Park

A caroler in the snow at a Holiday in the Park past (Image: CHS)

If you’re like CHS, you probably aren’t totally feeling the holiday season yet. That’s cool. But next week, you better get ready to be festive.

Next Thursday night brings a double header of celebration to Capitol Hill including a very Pike/Pine venue — the Neighbours Alley.

Organizers from the effort to redesign the alley to enhance the neighborhood and surrounding streets are holding a party along with the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walk:

Neighbours Alley Celebration

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Volunteer Park amphitheater replacement project gets $900K boost

The old amphitheater still stands — for now (Image: Volunteer Park Trust)

There is still more money to raise but a Seattle Parks District grant will go a long way toward making the planned replacement of Volunteer Park‘s crumbling amphitheater a reality.

$900,000 in funding for the project was announced Thursday in a grant that will help the Volunteer Park Trust replace the park’s old masonry stage “with a modern structure that meets community needs for a versatile outdoor performance space” while enhancing “the historic Olmsted landscape” of the park and putting the facility in full ADA compliance. Continue reading