CHS Year in Review 2020 | The year in pictures

Happy New Year. As we do every year, CHS has assembled photographs that tell the story of the year behind us as we look ahead to the year to come. In 2020, CHS was helped like never before by our readers and community photographers as the incredible stories of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests converged on Capitol Hill. Thanks so much for the help and thanks, again, to CHS regular contributor Alex Garland. Drop Alex a line if you’d like to learn more about supporting his work or purchasing photographs.

Please also consider becoming a “pay what you can” CHS subscriber to help us pay reporters and photographers for their amazing work covering the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, explore CHS’s 2020 in photos, below. Each image links to its CHS post so take a minute to explore the stories from the year. We thank you for being part of CHS and look forward to bringing you more images and stories from around Capitol Hill in 2021.

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CHS Year in Review 2020 | Capitol Hill’s most important stories

In past editions as CHS has attempted to tally the most important stories from the year, many of our biggest came and went with the relentless flow of news and other stories to tell. But in 2020, those stories never ended and will continue into 2021.

To break through the fog of COVID-19 and a year of unrest and protest on Capitol Hill, we need to consider the Year in Review through the prism of some of the individual stories that formed the larger narratives around the pandemic and the protests. This year, it might be more accurate to call them Capitol Hill’s most important news moments — pieces of the larger issues that dominated the year in Central Seattle.

Viewed at that level, there is also some room to see a few smaller but still important chapters in the year that was including closures of some loved small businesses and bits of the fabric that made up life here in 2020 like, yes, a tofu shortage.

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In 2019, by the way, readers said the race for the District 3 seat on the City Council was the story of the year. This year, we are also again asking you about your optimism for the year ahead. We get the feeling those measurements may have changed over the past year.

Given all that, here is a look at some of the most important news moments around Capitol Hill in 2020. Thanks for reading and being part of CHS. Continue reading