A Capitol Hill bus map

Do you find Seattle bus maps confusing? I sure do. I mean, I’m no Massimo Vignelli, but neither are the Metro map designers, you know?

So I spent a little time with Illustrator making the map you see below. I don’t know if it will be very useful for long-time Cap Hill residents, but new people might like it.  I’ll make another post soon about how to use the cool “Mybus.org” site from your cell phone, but for now, let me know if you have any suggestions on the map.


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8 thoughts on “A Capitol Hill bus map

  1. What about the #2? Goes Lake Washington to Queen Anne, with a very well used stop at Broadway & Union and stops all along Seneca on the hill.

    Other than that, good job! Thanks.

  2. Massimo Vignelli’s inspiration for the New York subway map was surely the London tube map:


  3. why metro doesn’t have a map like this was always beyond me. i bet ridership would pick up even more than it already is if people could quickly look at something visual to plan their route rather than use something like the online trip planner.

  4. Slightly off topic but Google Maps public transit option is so much nicer than trip planner. I highly recommend making the switch. Occasionally Maps will even tell you to suck it up and walk and every time I’ve ignored the advice I’ve ended up regretting it.

  5. seems like a really good way to find out when a bus is coming.


    if you have an iphone, the seattle bus app wins though. takes about 10 seconds to find out when the next bus is in real-time!