‘Change of Corporate Officer’ — the paperwork of the Meinert misconduct accusations

Pike/Pine changes in the wake of sexual misconduct and rape allegations against a prominent neighborhood business owner have boiled down to the paperwork.

Monday, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board approved a raft of liquor license changes for three Pike/Pine nightlife venues after David Meinert was removed from the corporations operating the businesses. Continue reading

Community groups begin education and outreach on Pike/Pine bike improvement plan

Neighborhood and Central Seattle Greenways activists volunteered their weekend to survey the merchant community along the Pike and Pine corridor from Broadway west toward Downtown. A $10 million protected bike lane route through the busy thoroughfare is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

Brie Gyncild of Central Seattle Greenways says the outreach campaign is simple. “Our entire goal is to ensure that the design works for everyone, including businesses. Understanding their needs, whether they be loading or parking or pedestrian safety or even aesthetics, lets us advocate for a design that accommodates their needs,” Gyncild said. UPDATE: We have updated Gyncild’s comments and removed a quote that was mis-reported by CHS. We apologize for the error. Continue reading

With a spin of the zodiac wheel, East Trading Co. now open on Capitol Hill

I-Miun Liu

E Pike’s East Trading Co. is ready to be a drinking spot for all Capitol Hill communities: rats, oxen, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, roosters, dogs, and, yes, even you pigs.

The new bar in the old Sun Liquor space is now open with Chinese, Korean, and Filipino flavors and themes of Sheng Xiao, the Chinese zodiac. And, if you can’t decide on which sign to associate with, you can always spin the big zodiac wheel to let fate choose a cocktail for you.

“When I first bought this place, it already had a lot of Sun Liquor soul to it,” I-Miun Liu tells CHS about the makeover of the E Pike venue. “I wanted to get back to the bones of it.” Continue reading

More openings and closings: Fogon returns, ‘A Pizza’ bar you might have missed, and Capitol Hill now down one ramen joint

(Image: A Pizza Mart)

Monday’s update on a more unusual example of a papered over Capitol Hill food+drink window reminded us — and a few readers — of a few more updates to add to our roster of is it open/is it closed ponderings. Below, we’ve tallied a few more new places to check out and marked a passing or two we missed along the way.

  • Fogon is nearly ready to return to action after being shut down since a July kitchen fire. Neighborhood tipsters Blair and Richard report that the E Pine Mexican favorite hopes to reopen Friday if everything goes well with the inspector. Fogon missed its own August birthday — it debuted the corner of Pine and Belmont six years ago. UPDATE 9/13/2018: Co-owner Noel Cortez tells CHS it might take a few more days to get the doors reopened. He’s shooting for a Sunday opening and tells CHS a silver lining to the situation has been time to do more work around the restaurant like redoing floors and sanding tables. Though the staff and ownership have also had a bit of a break as contractors worked to repair a damaged exhaust fan and finish up other repairs from the fire, Cortez says they’re also ready to get back to work. “They’re a little board. And they’re ready to make some money.” Cortez says the closure caused Fogon to miss what has typically been a strong month of business but he’s also grateful to be reopening after what could have been a major fire. “It could have been worse,” Cortez said. The closure has also been a reminder of the support of the neighborhood for the popular restaurant. “They brought card over from across the street,” Cortez said. “It’s been great.” Continue reading

Here’s why there was a cowboy buried up to his neck at 14th and Pike

A performance art piece featuring a cowboy up to his neck in Pike/Pine soil turned a few heads on Capitol Hill Thursday.

The performance even inspired a 911 call or two: Continue reading

Kurt Farm Shop’s ice cream man staying, for now, in ‘the center of ice cream for the city’

(Image: Kurt Farm Shop)

Kurt Timmermeister turned the proceeds from his sale of the legendary Septieme into his now-legendary Kurtwood Farm on Vashon Island.

Now Timmermeister is considering the sale of his latest Capitol Hill creation but he tells CHS not to worry about Kurt Farm Shop’s ice creamy goodness going anywhere anytime soon.

“I have had a great summer at the Farm Shop with such a long, hot summer that continues,” Timmermeister tells CHS. “Although I did mention it to someone, I have no plans to sell at this time. The neighborhood has become the center of ice cream for the city and I am loving being a part of it.” Continue reading

Sole Mates brings sneakerhead paradise to Capitol Hill

Seattle’s sneakerheads will have a new foothold on Capitol Hill when Sole Mates, a sneaker consignment store above the Broadway and Pike QFC, opens shop at the end of the month. Owner Parris Johnson said culture is “in demand” on Capitol Hill, and that preparations are basically done and the store should be open by August 31st.

“I felt like this is what the area needs,” Johnson said. “A real true boutique. Brick and mortar.”

Johnson, who grew up in Seattle, jumped at the opportunity to open a business less than a quarter mile from where he grew up on 20th and Union. Continue reading

Dingfelder’s dream of a Capitol Hill Jewish deli ready for smaller start on E Pine

Like most dreams, the arrival of an “Old World” Jewish deli on Capitol Hill might not play out exactly as you might expect.

Dingfelder’s Delicatessen, a Seattle coming soon food+drink venture so hyped that Seattle Eater has already done two posts this summer about it being almost ready to open, is, well, almost ready to open.

“Probably the end of next week,” Stephanie Hemsworth told CHS last week as the already busy kitchen at 14th and Pine was preparing for a tasting party to put its first available menu offerings to the test. “We had our door made, the POS is arriving, and we’re doing taste testing tonight.” Continue reading

Cinnaholic set to join carnival of Pike/Pine food and drink

(Image: Cinnaholic)

As much as Capitol Hill likes to eat up chains and franchises and spit them out, the businesses have changed to be smaller, nimbler, and — sometimes — more local. A new business lined up to join the carnival of food and drink in Pike/Pine will put the recipe to the test.

“I wanted the help of the franchise,” Maysaa Abouhamze tells CHS. “Being a mom and having other businesses, I just wanted that support.” Continue reading