City Arts move adds to Capitol Hill’s independent media two-block radius

Like weedy little flowers, pockets of culture continue to somehow find places to thrive on Capitol Hill. Like a cockroach you can’t smash, media lives on here, too.

City Arts, recently independent after splitting from glossy arts program publisher Encore Media Group, will now call Capitol Hill home.

The “independent local arts media company” and Capitol Hill “shared workspace, lounge and bar” the The Cloud Room announced the move Monday morning. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale makes space for new neighbor Ghost Gallery

A space carved out of the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale has made a new home for longtime neighborhood art boutique Ghost Gallery.

“I got really scared once I started looking at spaces and price tags,” shop owner Laurie Kearney told CHS at the debut of the new space during Thursday’s Capitol Hill art walk. “I got really discouraged and freaked out. But then I got a phone call from Jody Hall.” Continue reading

Capitol Hill Alley Party 2018? Benefit for immigrant rights will extend music fest enthusiasm into activated backstreet

In a creative fundraising opportunity, E Pike’s Capitol Cider will use the alleyway west of Broadway between Pine and Pike to celebrate multiculturalism and raise money for the Northwest Immigration Rights Project (NWIRP) during the Capitol Hill Block Party, which takes place from Friday, July 20th to Sunday, July 22nd.

“A lot of us here at Capitol Cider are upset about the current situation regarding immigration and asylum seekers,” Julie Tall, the owner of Capitol Cider, tells CHS.

Capitol Cider has decided to mobilize their resources in Capitol Hill to support the rights of immigrants as the cider bar continues its annual tradition of embracing the activity around the outdoor music festival to throw a celebration of its own. Continue reading

Community group, SDOT in 2019 push to make Pike/Pine a safer route for bikes

(Image: CHS)

A missing east-west connection in Seattle’s bike infrastructure could open next year. Or it might not happen until 2021. Either way, bike lanes along the Pike/Pine corridor, connecting Broadway to 2nd Ave are coming.

Bike advocates are hoping that linking these two existing corridors will help increase bike usage overall. By linking the two north-south routes, it creates a network for bikers to ride safely around town.

“The real problem is we don’t have connected infrastructure,” said Brie Gyncild, who is working on the project with Central Seattle Greenways. “We expect to see more use of the Broadway bike lanes after the connection.” Continue reading

Plenty of Clouds settles in at 15th and Pine

Travis Post and Lisa Zack at Plenty of Clouds

Flavors of South Central China by way of New York City have settled in at 15th and Pine.

Plenty of Clouds debuted over the post-4th of July holiday weekend as two Ethan Stowell alumni have started a new restaurant generation in the space formerly home to his longtime Capitol Hill favorite Anchovies and Olives.

For first time restaurant owner and veteran chef Travis Post, Plenty of Clouds is all about the flavors of China’s abundant — and cloudy — south. “There’s the spice,” the chef-owner says. “But there’s a lot more to it than that. A lot of the freshness, fresh veggies, herbs, lighter flavors.”

Continue reading

On Capitol Hill corner with interior design and excellent window shopping history, Blu Dot Seattle now open

(Image: Nick Turner for CHS)

Seattle became better furnished this week when Blu Dot, a contemporary furniture retailer and global interior lifestyle brand, opened the doors of its new Capitol Hill location.

“We like the mix of all the different things going on in Capitol Hill,” said Maurice Blanks, COO of Blu Dot and one of the Minneapolis-headquartered company’s founders. “People live in the neighborhood. People shop in the neighborhood. We love the vibe of it.” Continue reading

Street preacher draws crowd and police in Broadway/Pike pepper spray disturbance

A sign-toting street preacher who didn’t find a receptive audience for his message of hellfire and damnation abruptly ended his sermon in a cloud of pepper spray and a rush of Seattle Police at Broadway and Pike Thursday afternoon.

According to Seattle Police, the preacher had drawn a hostile crowd to the corner in front of the Harvard Market QFC where he called 911 around 2:30 PM to report he had just sprayed pepper spray in the face of a man he said tried to grab his camera.

Police arrived and settled the disturbance, separating the photographing preacher from any further debate over the nature of sin, and calling Seattle Fire to treat the man who had been sprayed.

There were no additional significant injuries and no reported arrests.

Echoing Pike/Pine’s preservation, seven-story E Union project set for final design review

A project slowed by concerns that its design wasn’t doing enough to consider preservation of the old auto row garage on the E Union block where it is planned to rise will go back for what could be the development’s final bow in front of the East Design Review Board Wednesday night — but it won’t be preserving any of that old garage.

Design review: 953 E Union

CHS first reported on the $1.8 million acquisition of the property at 953 E Union neighboring the bustling Optimism Brewing building in October 2016 when regional developer SeaLevel Properties plunked down the cash with plans to build a restaurant and apartment project on the lot. Continue reading

Realfine Coffee makes Pride weekend debut on Capitol Hill

An E Pine cafe kicked back into motion Friday. West Seattle-born Realfine Coffee is now open next to the E Pine Rudy’s.

The opening puts the former home of Stumptown back into action after it was shuttered late this summer so the company could focus on its 12th Ave location. Continue reading

Meaty Johnson’s brings ‘Seattle barbecue’ to Capitol Hill

Pine’s newest addition is surely a win for the meat lovers of Capitol Hill. In May, Meaty Johnson’s BBQ opened at 1201 Pine.

“It’s one thing to make barbecue good, it’s another thing to make it good all day so that people can enjoy it,” said Meaty Johnson’s namesake, Zac Johnson, who also works as a real estate agent and music promoter. Johnson began barbecuing as a hobby, and it quickly became a hit with his friends and family. He then began catering for huge house parties of friends and the reception continued to be overwhelming.

Meaty Johnson’s got its entendre-ful start at Cowgirls, Inc., the notorious country bar concept with a 1st Ave Seattle location. Continue reading