CHS photographer honored for rendering aid — and getting the picture — in 11th and Pine protest shooting

Photographer Alex Garland chats with Daniel Gregory at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day march in January (Image courtesy: Michael Barkin)

Seattle photographer Alex Garland has added a lot to CHS news coverage of Capitol Hill over the years. Last summer, Garland, as usual, found himself in the middle of an important neighborhood news story and, as usual, he got the picture.

But as gunfire rang out in a crowd of hundreds of people and dozens of police and National Guard troops in a June protest at 11th and Pine, Garland’s role became much more than photojournalist as he moved to quickly render aid to Dan Gregory, an unarmed Black Lives Matter protester shot as he tried to disarm Nikolas Fernandez, the brother of an East Precinct officer, after Fernandez drove into a demonstration crowd at 11th and Pine.

This week, the National Press Photographers Association recognized Garland with its Humanitarian Award as part of its 2020 honors:

On June 7, 2020, Garland, a freelance photographer, reporter and writer, was photographing a protest against police brutality and racism in Seattle. Garland was closeby when Dan Gregory was shot in the arm as he attempted to stop the driver of a vehicle that appeared to be heading towards a throng of protesters.

“I care deeply about documenting the moment, but ultimately I see myself as a community member as much as a journalist,” Garland writes about the moment at 11th and Pine when he decided he needed to put aside his camera and act. Continue reading

New salon and spa suite rental space on Broadway has its first customer — Pike/Pine’s Emerson Salon moving in

(Image: Emerson Salon)

A new hair and beauty venture set to open on Capitol Hill is already shaking up the neighborhood salon scene.

Emerson Salon, one of the first new Capitol Hill business CHS reported on when it opened more than a decade ago in Pike/Pine, is undergoing a shift in ownership and making a big change — leaving its longtime E Pike shopfront to be part of the new Mosaic Salon and Spa Studios on Broadway.

“Lancer and I are VERY excited to continue serving hair clients as individual service businesses on Capitol Hill inside Emerson Salon. It will stay a SAFE SPACE for LGBTQIA & BIPOC in Seattle,” D’Arcy Harrison said in the announcement of the change.

As part of the changes, Harrison said she is taking over full ownership with former co-owner Lancer Forney-McMahon staying on as a stylist with the new Emerson. Continue reading

Remember that f#!cking plane flying over Capitol Hill during last summer’s protest? Here’s what it was up to

In early June in the first days of Seattle’s summer of Black Lives Matter protests and the formation of CHOP, a strange, noisy, seemingly endlessly circling airplane added to the peculiar tension building on Capitol Hill.

Thanks to Seattle criminal defense attorney Nacim Bouchtia, we can now get a look at what that Cessna 206 was up to in the air above the neighborhood.

Bouchtia filed a public records request with the Washington State Patrol for video surveillance recorded by the plane this summer including its long, droning loops above Capitol Hill. Those videos have now been uploaded to Youtube here.

CHS reported on the plane and WSP’s assistance to law enforcement on the ground during early June protest activity around the East Precinct: Continue reading

Capitol Hill Easter Weekend: Pastor Kaleb stays virtual, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence invite you to ‘Get Drenched with Hope’

Pastor Kaleb

With Seattle facing challenges as it makes what many hope will be a push through to a more complete reopening, it’s a good time for hope and inspiration. Some traditions of Capitol Hill will help give you both this coming Easter Weekend.

  • Get Drenched with Hope by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Capitol Hill’s Wildrose Bar will host the Sisters for a Saturday ceremony to soak your spirit in the holy water of the Abbey of Saint Joan:
    It’s been a long, long pandemic and it’s not over yet. But spring has sprung, vaccine availability is increasing, and the days are getting warmer. Come scream (from a distance, with your mask on) and vent the frustrations of the last year out the sympathetic listening ears of of your favorite secular drag nuns, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of Saint Joan. We will cleanse you of your fears and sufferings from a socially approved distance with water guns. If you choose to make it into a wet t-shirt contest, that’s up to you. If you ask Shelley nicely, maybe she’ll sell you a hot toddy or some other tasty beverage shit. Other acts and surprises to come.
    Stop by starting at 5:30 PM Saturday for your cathartic squirt.
  • Someday we can all gather again

    Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service virtual again in 2021: The annual Capitol Hill Easter tradition returns for a second year of virtual service after the early restrictions of the pandemic in 2020 moved Kaleb Kerr out of the Century Ballroom and onto the internet. This year’s virtual service marks the 22nd year of the show:
    Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service
    Sunday, April 4th, 11:30am PDT pre-show, 12:00pm noon show
    Cost: Free, no registration required.
    It’s a theatrical Easter service produced with love and earnest satire by some of Seattle’s top comic, cabaret, and musical performers, now available to a broader audience.

    For Capitol Hill-area kids, there’s also a free Easter basket pick-up offered. Quantities are limited so sign up ASAP. This year, the show benefits nonprofit Plymouth Housing. You can donate to via Paypal.

  • No City of Seattle egg hunts again this year: 2021 will mark the second year the city-organized hunts have been canceled. Lots of families will organize their own in neighborhoods and parks. If you live in an area with families or you think your neighbors might like to search for colorful plastic eggs and are feeling your inner Easter Bunny, it’s another good year to help organize a safe and socially distanced hunt.

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Lobster Daddy nets Vermillion’s kitchen for Capitol Hill pop-up

Lobster Daddy’s UwU Roll (Image: Lobster Daddy)

Vermillion’s mix of booze, community, and art has survived more than a decade of changes in Pike/Pine. It is adding an ambitious new partner to add good eats to its menu for Seattle’s COVID-19 reopening era.

Lobster Daddy will bring lobster rolls, seafood chowder and creations, plus some witty merchandise and marketing to be part of the offerings at the 11th Ave art bar:

Lobster Daddy (LD) is throwing their first soft-open event at Vermillion on April 2nd and 3rd from 3pm-9pm. LD will be featuring crab rolls and lobster rolls with a variety of amazing ingredients from Asia. You also won’t want to miss their beautiful octopus carpaccio dish (Akkorokamui) named after a giant octopus-like monster from Japanese Ainu folklore.

Owner Kodey Currier says the plan is for Lobster Daddy to continue the pop-up as Vermillion’s kitchen, first as takeout only and, hopefully, with sit-down service as the city and the bar fully reopens in May or June. Continue reading

Why this retailer’s path to find a new home on Capitol Hill will take it through downtown’s overhauled Pacific Place

A rendering of the overhauled Pacific Place’s second floor (Image: Pacific Place)

A rendering of Pacific Place’s new four-stories of glass (Image: Pacific Place)

The path for one longtime Capitol Hill independent retailer hoping to weather the choppy waters of Seattle’s reopening after a year of COVID-19 restrictions will take the shop on a journey downtown and into a space where you might not expect to find a boutique focused on the creations of local designers and artists.

Ghost Gallery is leaving 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row and will join an unusual mix of retail being conjured as downtown’s massive Pacific Place mall gears up — again — after a major overhaul that has mostly yet to welcome back the flow of Seattle shoppers its multimillion dollar redesign was undertaken to attract.

“The space is about 1,200 square feet with tall ceilings, dark wood fixtures and a very antique vibe, so we’ll feel right at home,” Ghost owner Laurie Kearney tells CHS. This won’t be your typical “mall vibe” in any way, and Pacific Place has been so amazing with inviting local businesses to come down and create some unique spaces.” Continue reading

Now arriving: Flight Wine + Chocolate touches down on Capitol Hill

(Image: Flight Wine + Chocolate)

(Image: Flight Wine + Chocolate)

A flight delay at 13th and Pike? Owners at the new Capitol Hill chocolate shop and wine pairing cafe Flight Wine + Chocolate say they may have missed a few planned opening dates over the last few months but are now safely landed and open for business.

“We will be in ‘soft’ open mode for a few weeks – wine bottle, chocolate, merchandise, and gift card sales. Seated tastings, by appointment only, should be available by late April,” husband and husband team David Wildman and Kevin Morton tell CHS. Continue reading

Capitol Hill’s streets filling with pandemic-era restaurant patios — Will they stay?

Plum’s “greenhouse” seating on 12th Ave

As Washington’s reopening speeds, there are signs that getting “back to normal” too quickly could be part of a new uptick in the spread of the virus. For Capitol Hill’s restaurants lucky enough to have a safe stretch of pavement nearby and the foresight to invest in some creative solutions, street patios have been a business lifeline allowing what officials say is a safer approach to reopening in the food and drink economy.

Across the Pike/Pine nightlife area, CHS found a diversity of designs and solutions in place across the neighborhood. But we also heard the same thing again and again from owners facing the uncertainty of a drawn out pandemic future.

“We would love to have this long term but the special permitting is set to stop in October unless the city changes something,” the folks at Cafe Pettirosso tell us. “We will have this as long as possible, it has helped tremendously.” Continue reading

Police: Capitol Hill carjacking suspect busted after speeding through marchers, crashing in South Lake Union — UPDATE

(Image: SPD)

Police say the suspect in a Thursday night Capitol Hill carjacking sped through a crowd of Black Lives Matters marchers before crashing and being taken into custody in South Lake Union.

According to East Precinct radio reports, the incident began around 8:15 PM with a reported fight near 11th and Pike and the theft of a Honda Accord last seen speeding westbound off the Hill. UPDATE: Police say the incident began as a fight over a thrown bottle:

The victim said the suspect had thrown a bottle at his car, leading the victim to pull over, get out of his vehicle and confront the suspect. The suspect then assaulted the victim and sped away in the car.

Police say the suspect later drove through the crowd of marchers marking 300 days of Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle. We do not have reports of injured among the marchers.

Continue reading

Vain rehomes its freak-flagship salon on Capitol Hill

Some recent Vain color (Image: Vain)

A Seattle institution for adventurous and colorful hairstyles, and some truly legendary parties, boutique salon Vain has moved its downtown flagship location to new Capitol Hill digs on 1121 Pike Street. Cozied down between Black Sparrow Tattoo and Club Z, Vain opened for business earlier this month. The move signals the company’s rebirth of sorts from the pandemic, and a new chapter in Seattle’s coiffed counterculture.

Growing in the Belltown building left behind by the move of legendary Seattle club The Vogue to Capitol Hill, Vain was born into the city’s changing punk ethos. Vain owner Victoria Gentry remembered that neighboring businesses didn’t exactly appreciate The Vogue’s noisy shows, but with a salon, “You still get all the freaks without the noise.”

The move to Capitol Hill has been in the works for a while, Gentry said. The former location — in downtown, or Belltown, depending on who you ask — is part of 1st Ave Seattle history, an area now unrecognizable from when Vain first set up shop in the late 1990s, Gentry said.

They already had many clients from Capitol Hill, and the fact that downtown business had significantly slowed during the pandemic all factored into the decision to move. The new location is just on the other side of Boren, still within a mile of the old space for dedicated downtown and Belltown clients.

“I had already been planning on [moving] for quite a while. I had been waiting for the lease to run out to make a move. It got delayed a little bit because of COVID,” Gentry said. “Our connection to the Capitol Hill community has always been really strong. In a way it does feel like [coming home]. I’m excited to reconnect with arts groups and artists.” Continue reading