Packard Apartments Project

In case you missed it, Capitol Hill Times had an article last week on what the construction at the Foley Sign Company(article unavailable online) is about.  Packard Apartments will replace this formerly commercial space.  Key takeaways from the article:

  • Construction is expected to be completed by Fall 2009
  • 61 units and 5000 square feet of retail space at ground level
  • Resident parking for 36 vehicles will be provided in the building
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4 thoughts on “Packard Apartments Project

  1. Wait, really? Why is it a good thing not to provide enough parking spaces to even handle HALF the number of potential residents? That’s already an area with not a lot of overnight parking. It shouldn’t be legal to building residences without accomodating the number of new cars they’ll be putting on the streets…

  2. Not everyone has a car, so I think there’s definitely a market for units without parking. Why should I pay higher rent for a parking spot I won’t use? Likewise, maybe it will encourage car-using folks to ditch their auto in exchange for a kick-ass location/view.