New Hot Dog Shop Po Dog Will Open on Hill

Via @mattgoyer, we learned that Po Dog will soon set up shop at 1009 East Union (according to Google Maps – the current site for The Mercury – a private goth bar that is showing events through the end of June).  From @podog’s tweets we expect that at least one of the hot dogs will be composed of bananas, peanut butter and a 100% beef dog – all on a potato bun.    Expected hours are on their Facebook page but no opening date is currently listed.  I was able to reach Laura Olson the owner and here is what she had to say:

Tell me a little bit about your background:
I am the owner of PoDogs. A little background on me: Traveling substantially during my childhood, I was exposed to many cultures and cuisines. After working in the restaurant industry for four years in Las Vegas I returned to the Northwest. Now back for the last two years my combined passion for food and the Capitol Hill neighborhood led me to dive head first into this entrepreneurial venture. Providing unique gourmet Hot Dog meals in a causal environment..
Any idea of when you may open?
We’re hoping for a tentative opening date of October 1st in which we’ll have our “Hot dog-a-day giveaway” (more details to follow).
Will you have any veg options?
Our menu will offer a variety of dogs including of course the 100% all-beef as well as (but not limited to) the vegetarian dog. We’ll offer a very extensive list of both normal and seemingly odd (but uber tasty) toppings to accompany each of our meat selections.
Will you serve alcohol?
No dog is complete without an ice cold beer to wash it down. We’ll be offering a selection of beers both on tap and in bottles and/or cans and will also have pairing selections for our dogs and beers.
Are you taking the Mercury’s place?
We will be located in one of the upper bays above Mercury club and will have indoor and outdoor seating available.
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10 thoughts on “New Hot Dog Shop Po Dog Will Open on Hill

  1. Looking forward to finally getting an innovative hot dog place in Seattle. It’s about time someone came up with this concept.

  2. Is it closing?

    Also it’s in the basement of an auto repair shop, so maybe upstairs is where the dogs are moving into.

  3. Ever since Aurafice left us, we goths and half-goths have been left without a daytime or reasonably quiet place to gather. If Po Dogs serves coffee and is open late, we might have ourselves a weiner (heh heh heh).

  4. This place is awesome! The food is so tasty and so flavorful. Some really great dogs, and some fun unique ones too. I have tried the egg roll dog, the bacon wrapped dog, the Texas one with onion rings and BBQ sauce, and a south of the boarder one. All awesome. Their fries and condiments are sooper tasty also, ask for the k-fed sauce, cheesy, jalepeno, bacon goodness! And you can’t beat the service. They’re so nice! And open late! Gotta check this place out. Highly recommended