Development News: New Rendering of 1111 Union St.

Runberg Architects has released images of the design for the new 105-unit apartment complex planned for the triangle at Union and Madison (see my previous post about the project here). The project across the street from the Ferrari dealership and the current home of Buzz Stop Espresso, a paint store and the Undrearm Apartments, among others, is slated to break ground next summer, the Daily Journal of Commerce reports. At this time DPD has not schedule the next Design Review meeting for the project.

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6 thoughts on “Development News: New Rendering of 1111 Union St.

  1. this is actually a lot better than it started out at. it is a strong corner lot that needs a bold building as a result. it is very modern, obviously, and may not be your cup of tea but i like that it celebrates the corner orientation of the site.

  2. I like building up stocks to catch demand to prevent uneven rent spikes in the future, but I have one big problem with this.

    It looks like a boat.

    I just can’t stop snickering at this thing. It could be a serious and fantastic building if they flattened the leading edge, I think. But it looks like a boat.

  3. Since when is C. Hill afraid of renters?

    Until the condo boom, we ALL rented. New units are code, rodent and bug free, good showers, and nice, unit sharing to cut rent is common, younger folks can’t buy, the Hill is target for density, what is the problem?

    A bit too much change malaise out there. This site has nothing on it to preserve, total primo trans. – next to two or three bus lines, shopping on Madison or PikePine/Bwy. – and the design, thank god, looks decent modern.

    What is to object? Maybe suggest some decent landscaping, wired for net works and or wifi, other?….