22 Doors closed for remodeling

22 Doors closed for remodeling on August 30, 2009 post-brunch (at 3 pm).  They will reopen on Tuesday September 8, 2009 with a remodeled floorplan.  While the bar area will remain relatively intact, they plan on eliminating most of the booths and will create a stage area in the right corner (as you enter).  The color palette will change, and they plan to embellish the ceiling.  As well, they will have a brand new dinner menu with small plates – all under $12.   

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4 thoughts on “22 Doors closed for remodeling

  1. Sounds like the remodel will make 22 Doors a more socially-oriented space – a better fit for Hill fauna.

    With the booths gone, we’ll see better access to their rotating art. They’ve had interesting shows but it was always hard to look at the pieces closely. You ended up standing at someone else’s booth. Awkward!
    Maybe after the remodel 22 Doors will join the Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk. (Hint.)

  2. the plates thare always were small now they are just charging less $$ for them which is good i guess and the boothes were all ript up anyway

  3. What sort of stuff will go on on the stage (amplified music)? I’m very concerned about noise increases in the neighborhood. This past Saturday evening was especially loud on 15th (until past 3:00am). It’s one thing to hear the occasional acoustical acts such as those that occur at Victrola, but regular loud music will not be received well by the neighbors.

  4. Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is what they’re doing.

    They should focus more on cheerful competent servers and cooks who know how to cook.