Hill Style: Eclectic Styling in Front of Bauhaus

You can really tell when someone is dressing to fit their personal style because their clothes work so well for them and look completely effortless.  I’ve photographed Emily and Justin before and they were equally bold with their style on those encounters.  Anthony and I met for the first time this day.  I loved his ribbon bow tie so much.  I can see it working really well with a lot of outfits as a unique addition and a way to dress up a semi casual outfit.  These three were so fun to photograph, it was hard picking from the photos I took of them.

Anthony, Emily & Justin


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One thought on “Hill Style: Eclectic Styling in Front of Bauhaus

  1. The two on the left are wearing COSTUMES that look everything but effortless. The one who pulls it off is the guy on the right, because he is wearing an actual OUTFIT, and has a look of confidence in his eye and body language. Not knocking their personal taste/styles, these three are what make CapHill interesting, fun and exciting…but that’s my opinion.