Hill Style: From LA to Seattle on 12th Ave

I found these best friends walking together at 12th & Pike.  Arwen was in from LA visiting Nico and happened to make her trip during our recent spring like weather.  Arwen’s glasses and Nico’s shoes caught my eye from down the block.  

Arwen & Nico (Photo: It’s My Darlin’)


Photo: It’s My Darlin’

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8 thoughts on “Hill Style: From LA to Seattle on 12th Ave

  1. What would catch my eye from down the block is that both are smoking cigarettes. That’s an instant disqualification of any style chops otherwise displayed.

  2. Not sure why this feature brings out the weekly CHS no fun club, but I’m not a fan. I like that Dana captures these glimpses. I like that people are brave enough to wear some crazy stuff. Thanks Dana! Now I’m gonna go have a smoke.

  3. I like it – I covet that trench and the yellow shoes are fun and unique. And she manages to have her hair up and glasses without looking like Sarah Palin.

  4. it was rather easy to pick out which woman was from each town even before I read the photo caption. I like this feature as well and wish more residents of our fair city (and neighborhood) gave a damn and tossed some effort into the mix. The smoking thing is an issue for some, but would DQ any interest I would have in them.

    Some of the CH ladies need to dress/act a little less sloppy/insane in my limited opinion.

  5. oh my god, i know! and what about if you saw them drinking alcohol or eating fatty food like a greasy cheeseburger? how about if they’d actually been smoking a joint instead of a cigarette?

    my point is that we all imbibe in things that are bad for our health and this article is about someone’s fashion sense. so what does someone’s smoking habit have to do with anything? it’s like voting against someone because you don’t like their choice of favorite color.

  6. I have so many things to say about this photo and the comments that have been shared about it. I don’t see why the cigarettes where ever mentioned. I do, however, believe that people in Seattle lack fashion sense and the ability to see others who do posses it. Both of these girls are quite modest in their appearance. I don’t think they put much thought into their attire at all. For most people who dress well it just comes naturally. For the comment concerning people dressing in crazy ways, I don’t think Dana has captured, from the photos I have seen, people dressing crazily. I have seen a lot of well dressed people with great personal style. I wish more people would learn how to portray themselves more authentically and wear more personalized attire.