Meet the Melrose Market butcher

Amidst the turmoil affecting Terra Plata at the corner of Melrose and Pine, Melrose Market vendors continue their build out of the space adjacent to that corner.  CHS had the chance to meet with Russell Flint, owner of Rain Shadow Meats, a butcher shop that will be located in the space next to Sitka and Spruce.  In fact, Rain Shadow and Sitka will share the walk-in cooler that separates the two businesses.   Russ has been charged with making a special house salami for Sitka and Spruce that will only be available at the restaurant or at Rain Shadow.  The planned opening date for Rain Shadow is April 16.

Russ currently works as Renee Erickson’s sous chef at Boat Street Cafe.  He gained his interest in butchery, even prior to his term at Boat Street, while working for four years in Whole Foods’ meat department.  He first conceived of owning his own butchery a couple of years ago, while traveling through Argentina.  In his original conception, the butchery would have catered to culinary professionals.  When he was shown the Melrose space last January, he realized it would be a perfect spot for a retail butchery.

Rain Shadow will dedicate a part of its 600 square foot space to a curing room.  All meats will be cured on premises. Russ will make his artisan meats available to fellow Melrose Market tenants: Homegrown Sandwiches, Calf and Kid and Sitka and Spruce.

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15 thoughts on “Meet the Melrose Market butcher

  1. The Hill is becoming leading age in consumer choices and exciting food destinations.

    I don’t wish the guy mal , but, QFC has excellent meats, 2 giant stores near, and then there is the Pike Market for anything you want incl. fresh meats of all sorts —fish — incl.

    Good luck. Fresh lamb brains, I will buy. Or local whole body rabbit.

  2. The concept of getting a wonderful sandwich at Homegrown, and then walking a few feet to talk to the actual butcher about the meat from that sandwich is just unbelievable awesome. This kind of locality, not just a local butcher, but a cooperation between many different local businesses is exactly what we need to encourage transparency and connectivity in our food chain.

  3. “QFC has excellent meats”

    QFC has consistently bad meats, unflavorful, and often tough. Their prices are absurd as well given how bad the stuff is.

  4. usually QFC has some pretty decent beef in the morning, much better than Trader Joes or Safeway on 23rd. the qfc on north broadway had excellent veg-fed, Natural-line, single origin top sirloin i grilled up last night for me and my boyfriend. in fact, i had a 4 oz portion for breakfast with my eggs this morning. QFC has been stepping it up lately, their fish is pretty solid and well priced–esp if you get em to cut it off the whole fish for you–the King Salmon this week is excellent.

    That said, I look at the folks who are buying slightly cheaper, non-local cuts and salmon fillets at Trader Joe’s and I ask why? This butcher should focus on the oddball cuts, specialty items–like homemade chorizo (spanish AND mexi style)…i look for it to compete/compliment with Pike Place Market…..things will def be cheaper at QFC and sandwich shops abound, but these guys I think will do it with a twist, and a price surprise, meaning lunch under $9 and cheeses and meats reasonably priced for the little guy. After all, I do not want to pay a huge mark up for the “experience” of purchasing something at a little market. at a little restaurant, yes.

  5. QFC does NOT have excellent meats, or even adequate meats. Your comment speaks to your lack of taste.
    Also, to my knowledge, there are 2 butchers near Pike Place, which is over 10 blocks from Melrose, in another neighborhood entirely and on the other side of I-5. I wouldn’t consider this over-saturation.

  6. I buy lamb and free range roasting chickens at QFC and have been pleased with both.

    Of course, if I pay 10.00 and more from an exclusive shop, per pound – well then – it will be really prime … of course.

    And it will help, better taste, better color and texture, if I know the pet name of the animal, of course.

    Cute butcher is event better ….

  7. When it opens, I plan on ordering a weekly tub of calves testicles. Yes, they are very good pan fried with eggs … high protein and low fat. NOT stocked at QFC, yes can find at Pike Market meat shops.

    Wonder if he will blush? … will let you know.

  8. This is fantastic! I am very excited to hear about this and along with the cheese shop, this will be a great shopping destination for the hill. I just hope the prices aren’t too crazy and that he has a focus on local meats.

  9. This is such a great addition to the hill. Welcome Russ!

    **sidenote: damn – what is with all the passive aggressive comments? Really people do you not have anything better to do that rip into each other?

    Remember – its called an opinion, and everyone is allowed to have one and also express it.

  10. i hope its grass fed beef! I am sick of having to drive to Ballard or Wholefoods to get the goodness of grass fed beef! Yummzies….oh and QFC beef is terrible, but not everyone can afford the good stuff (i.e. not corn fed)

  11. Dressed tripe for tripe and onions in a white roux with mashed potatoes?
    oyster cut bacon?
    lamb’s kidneys with a little of the suet?
    Talking about beef suet – suet???? great for pastry and on steak
    Beef with a layer of natural fat and marbling????
    salami that is not sweet?
    English sausage? Bangers?
    Black pudding or blood sausage????
    Beef tongue pressed, cooked, and sliced?

    all the yummy stuff that comes from a family butcher …… Perhaps??? Please???? Let us know by expanding your web.