7 Cap Hill park projects competing for $7M Opportunity Fund

In February the initial Letters of Intent were due for projects vying for the $7 million (first round) Opportunity Fund, a part of the $146 million Parks and Green Spaces Levy specifically designated to community initiated projects. In total the Parks Department received 150 Proposal Letters from groups and individuals throughout the city. Of these, seven were proposals for projects in the Greater Capitol Hill Area, which range from outdoor cooking class space to vegetation management financing. Below is a short description of each of these projects:


  • 19th and Madison Neighborhood Park

Location: 19th and Madison

Cost Estimate: $450,000

Proposal Organization: Hearing, Speech, and Deafness Center

Summary: To acquire a small piece of land at 19th and Madison and create a peaceful park and community gathering space



  • Capitol Hill Community Garden

Location: 510 Federal St.

Proposal Organization: Citizen

Cost Estimate: $337,000

Summary: To turn an abandon lot into an urban community garden space with an outdoor kitchen and meeting space to host cooking classes and events. [Acquisition process coverage here]


  • Two New Gems

Location: 24th and E. John; 24th and E Thomas

Proposal Organization: Green Footprint Action Works

Cost Estimate: $1.5 million

Summary: To add two vacant lots to the existing string of neighborhood parks, i.e.Homer Harris


  • Conservatory East Greenhouse Rehab Project

Location: 1402 E Galer St.

Proposal Organization: Friends of the Conservatory-Volunteer Park

Cost Estimate: $350,000

Summary: To rehabilitate Volunteer Park Conservatory’s East Greenhouse for multi-purpose use for horticulture support and public education programs


  • John Street Enhancement Project

Location: E John and Summit Ave

Proposal Organization: Capitol Hill Community Council

Cost Estimate: $200-300,000

Summary: Improve streetscape to create connection between Olive Way commercial district and new park [previous coverage here]


  • McGilvra Place Green Infrastructure

Location: 15th Ave and Pike St.

Proposal Organization: The Bullitt Foundation

Cost Estimate: $650,000

Summary: To restore an existing park, creating new open space with sustainability goals [related to this project]


  • Volunteer Park Vegetation Management Plan

Location: Volunteer Park

Proposal Organization: Friends of Olmstead Parks

Cost Estimate: $150,000

Summary: Implement Volunteer Park Vegetation Management Plan


Quite the list, and certainly all worthy projects. The next step is the official Application Letter which is due April 1st. After that the Parks Department will go through a lengthy public recommendation process with City Council authorizing final approval in December. We’ll keep you posted as these projects move along.


[Full Disclosure: Josh is a member of the Capitol Hill Community Council and contributed to the application of the John Street Enhancement Project.]

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