Capitol Hill food+drink notes: Blue Moon summer, In the Bowl benefit, beer at Bravo

Yes, they have vegetarian options. Got a tip? Pass the mustard.

  • Capitol Hill is getting a new burger joint. Blue Moon Burgers plans to open its third Seattle location this summer in the Joule Building.

“We’ve been looking at Capitol Hill for a long time,” Blue Moon owner Charlie Olson tells CHS. They had been in discussions about leasing the space in the not-even-a-year-old building for a while, but recently decided to move forward “before they all sell out.” The restaurant is now waiting on permits before construction can begin.

The Capitol Hill location will be Blue Moon’s first new location since opening the Fremont store four years ago. Their original location is in South Lake Union.

Each restaurant tries to reflect the neighborhood it’s in, said Olson, so the Joule Building location at Broadway and Republican will be “hipper” than the others. He does not yet know the hours for sure, but the restaurant will likely be slinging burgers and selling beers until midnight or 1 on weekends.

Blue Moon Burgers sells burgers with pasture-raised beef from Long Valley Ranch, their new provider based out of Oregon.

Blue Moon also partners with local establishments. They get bread from Macrina Bakery and pie from Capitol Hill’s own online pie company A la Mode Pies. You can learn more

  • Join the crowd Tuesday, March 22nd at East Olive Way’s In the Bowl as the vegetarian noodle shop donates 100% of proceeds to the Red Cross in support of Japanese tsunami relief. More at
  • CHS advertiser Bimbos Cantina is among a group matching donations to Real Medicine Foundation’s efforts
  • @chefreinvented eats at Joe Bar

  • At least one of last week’s Hill benefits for Japan did well. Tallulah Anderson says Linda’s+Smith+Oddfellows+King’s Hardware raked in $5,000 to support Japanese relief efforts.
  • They’ve begun recruiting for a restaurant tenant to fill the Seattle University Resident Life Center being built at 12th and Cherry. Listing says the Douglas will serve “as a hub for students as well as a dining destination for the surrounding neighborhoods.”
  • CHS neighbors night at Monsoon is tonight (Monday, March 21st)
  • March 28th, check out the Humble Feast Dinner Buffet at CHS advertiser Patty Pan.
  • Country Doctor clinic is looking for Capitol Hill restaurants to join its fall 2011 Eat out on Capitol Hill benefit.
  • The Karaoke Korrespondent visits Nagle Place’s Rock Box, likes it. “What once was this dingy old space has transformed into the poshest karaoke establishment in Seattle.”
  • Rancho Bravo has applied for a license to serve beer and wine.
  • And, heck, while we’re digging around in the state liquor site, Madison Park’s Starbucks is asking to serve beer and wine, too.
  • Details released of the Anchovies & Olives burglary: broken window, broken register, non-specified amount of cash ripped off.
  • Where does a young chef/writer/foodie/social media expert go for breakfast? Joe Bar (see picture of her healthful meal)
  • Seems Marjorie’s chef bailed. Seems Marjorie’s new chef also has a Twitter account:
  • Makini Howell’s 15th Ave E Sage (formerly Hillside Quickie) is adding some signage to cap off the re-brand.
  • Baguette Seattle celebrates one year on Madison with a special deal on Tuesday.
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9 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink notes: Blue Moon summer, In the Bowl benefit, beer at Bravo

  1. Rancho Bravo should spend a little of the money its making on some decorations. It’s got a crack den vibe going for it that’s more than a little off putting when visited sober.

  2. Oh Rancho Bravo is just fine. They put love in their food, and the staff is really nice. It’s good to see a great business that is thriving. Maybe you should try spending a little more of your day sober.

  3. …it’s nice to see something on Broadway (or anywhere in Seattle) that isn’t Thai (four or so within one block of Joule) or Starbucks (only three within one block of Joule) or Pho or…

    Good news for N. B’way.

  4. They put a pretty good chunk of money in that patio they installed last fall, I imagine it’ll start getting some use this summer. For a neighborhood taco/burrito joint, they’re pretty decent. I’d rather they focus on good food, who needs walls covered with Mexican tchotchkes to enjoy their food?
    Looking forward to tacos and beer on the patio on warm summer nights.

  5. At least Blue Moon is local and serves locally sourced products. Way better than a mall’s offerings. Plus, I’m personally looking forward to more (/better) pie options on the hill.

  6. I frequent the South Lake Union location regularly (when it isn’t overrun by the Amazonites) and am thrilled to see them coming up the hill. For a tasty and quick meal, they shine and supporting the use of local products is a wise move.
    Deluxe has burgers but it’s a sit-down and be served type of place. When time is a little short, Blue Moon is the alternative.