CHS Pics | Nobody goes directly to jail in Broadway Monopoly protest

(Image: Alex Garland with permission to CHS)

Rolling loaded dice — five sides of “1%” to one “99%” — in front of a Capitol Hill Bank of America branch in lockdown mode because of the protest, members of #MicCheckWallSt entertained, informed and irritated (a few) Saturday with a game of Monopoly on a stretch of Broadway sidewalk.

More than a dozen police officers and four security guards were on hand in the 600 block of Broadway E as the Occupy offshoot made its point with theatrics, costumes and a few giant props. “The big banks have been playing monopoly with our money and our homes,” the MicCheck announcement for the protest read.

The outsized police presence was on hand as participants in Monopoly costumes handed out flyers and Monopoly cash. The bank was open but operating in lockdown mode as doors were unlocked for each customer and then re-locked after they entered the bank.

There were no reported arrests at the protest.

In March, five members of Occupy Seattle were found not guilty after being charged with trespassing for chaining themselves together inside the Broadway Chase bank in a November protest. It was clear this Saturday that Bank of America wasn’t going to put the jury system to the test on trespassing charges again.

(Image: Alex Crick)

(Image: Alex Crick)


(Image: Alex Garland with permission to CHS)

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6 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Nobody goes directly to jail in Broadway Monopoly protest

  1. don’t you know banks are lending like crazy again, started i believe back in october of 11 with some business related stuff going on in DC? take advantage of the speculation, and pull the trigger on a loan unless your satisfied driving that piece of work car around for a few more years. don’t get mad, get money fools, individuals in office are the only ones who can get wall st regulated not those on the street. think about it, risk arrest and throw away your life or take advantage of the major banks via car loans, $20,000 no problem, pushed through the 1st impression you give off.

  2. banks begging for another bailout and obama making a crucial decision that would show where he’s really at with voters. bankrupting banks and letting freemarket capitilism speak for itself, giving those seeking office a free ride to office