Butchering trees in the springtime at 529 18th ave e

One of the best things about capital hill is all of the great old trees we get to enjoy. Whether you live in one of the classic old homes or a spanking new condo we can look out our windows and see nature all around us. We can walk to amazing restaurants and Madison market and yet see nature out our window.


UNTIL someone moves in and decides that the house would be so much better if they ripped all the life around it out of the ground. If you buy a house buy it for the landscaping as much as the house. There are lots of houses with no trees and lovely grass. Buy that. Also trees are great screening there is a lot of us on this little hill and if you want some privacy you really need some trees.


So if you are the guy that cut down that old giant maple then I really really don’t like you.



Respect the existing landscaping.



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4 thoughts on “Butchering trees in the springtime at 529 18th ave e

  1. Mooaaaaaassssbaaaaks! Go hide under a mushroom and see if I can’t drop a tree (or something) on your heads. It’s my house and I don’t want to be killed by trees. Or have all that gunk landing on my cars. smh.

  2. You should eat that mushroom instead of hiding under it. Might settle you down a bit. Angry much? SMH??? are you picking this shit up from your kids? it’s super tacky. Maples are messy, who cares. They are more beautiful than any car or house I’ve ever seen