Free shuttle for September’s Capitol Hill arts walk

Erin Shafkind,  at Vermillion

Sure, it’s an art walk but Blitz venues are spread out enough that you can’t see it all in one night while on foot. Goodness knows we’ve tried.  This month Zipcar is providing free shuttle services for art walkers, offering pickups/drop-offs at three locations: the Seattle Asian Art Museum, at 11th Ave and E Pike, and at E Melrose and E Pine.  Look for specially-marked sedans 5pm – 8pm and be whisked away to your next art walk zone. Here’s a few highlights of the September art walk/shuttle/jump/pedal/run:

  • At the Seattle Asian Art Museum (free admission during Blitz) you can see The Celestial Chariot, which Jen Graves has conveniently deconstructed for you.  
  • Vermillion hosts a strong photography show with images by Kelly O’Neil, Timothy Rysdyke, Erin Shafkind, Jennifer Zwick, and Dana Jonas & Dennis Turner. Here’s hoping Erin brings her barn heads for fun photo ops at the opening.
  • More photography is on view at two fresh art walk venues: Balagan at Erickson Theatre and at Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS). Both are showing photos by Alex Garland; the former is focused on Haiti and the latter on images from local Seattle political demonstrations.
  • Art of a literary sort is happening at Richard Hugo House. The annual Celebrity Spelling Bee is a fundraiser so there’s a $20 admission fee, but we think there is creativity (and dare we say art?) to working out the correct spelling of “obsequious.” 
  • If you seek classic-inspired artwork this month, see the oil paintings of Kyle Abernethy at Apocalypse Tattoo, and the oils and charcoal pieces by KEENOY showing at Electric Tea Garden (8 – 10pm). 
  • Cairo has starting doing events on art walk night, so we want to give a shout out to the little DIY space that could. “Bummer Vibes” is a collaborative show featuring artists Devon Varmega and Bryan Ray. See the Facebook event for more info. 

Also recommended are checking out The Art Cave artist studio, Ghost Gallery,and  Blindfold Gallery, and seeing what NKO has been up to with his new mural installation on the STart Construction Wall on 10th Avenue.  

Go to for a complete list of venues or pick up a printed map (look for the rainbow bear cover designed by Joey Veltkamp). 

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