Shop the Hill returns: 66+ grassroots ‘Black Friday’ deals on Capitol Hill

CHS is again co-sponsoring a completely free and completely grassroots campaign to promote after-Thanksgiving holiday shopping on Capitol Hill. And, no, none of the sales start Thursday night at 9 PM. We’ll give you time to digest that turkey or field roast.

Below, you’ll find this year’s Shop the Hill roster of limited-time deals and promotions from 66+ Capitol Hill area shops, restaurants and services. We’ll also continue to add updates via and on the Shop the Hill Facebook page.

Shop the Hill is super simple — for everybody but Audrey at Babeland who has again muscled up to make all the coordination and posters happen. Each year, we invite Capitol Hill businesses to come up with a promotion for the weekend following Thanksgiving that we then spread the word about in every cheap, free and effective way we can. You can help, too, of course, if you’d like to give your favorite local merchant a boost. The effort is also supported by the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and United Reprographics. Together, it’s an effort to support the neighborhood’s economy and give Seattle shoppers an extra incentive to visit Capitol Hill. And, yes, you’ll find some great deals in the mix, too.

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