Blotter | Man hit with bottle, robbed on Broadway, Harvard hold-up, Raub pleads not-guilty in Maine cold case

  • Broadway/Pike assault and robbery: Police are investigating an early morning assault and robbery reported Sunday near Broadway and Pike. Full details of the incident were not yet available from SPD but a preliminary report detailed witness accounts of a group attacking a man around 12:45 AM Sunday, striking him several times. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to treat the victim for a head laceration and injuries to his neck. One witness said the man had been struck by a bottle thrown at him by the group.

  • Harvard hold-up: A man contacted police Friday morning to report a robbery the night before in the 1600 block of Harvard behind Seattle Central. According to the victim, he was walking near the school around 7:45 PM when a group of four black males in their 20s came out of the parking garage and surrounded him. One of the suspects demanded he hand over his possessions and threatened him that he had a knife as the group rifled the victim’s pockets and stole his cell phone, wallet and cigarettes. The victim said he never saw a knife and was not injured in the robbery. No more suspect details were available.
  • Broadway burglar foiled?An apartment dweller may have scared away the person breaking into the business below his unit after he called 911 to report he heard an alarm sounding and glass breaking early last Monday. When Seattle Police arrived to the business in the 700 block of Broadway E, they found an empty cash carrying bag and cord used for electronic purchases on the ground. Police say the front door to the business was locked, but while investigators found a broken single pane window it seemed unlikely to police that somebody could have entered through it. A surveillance camera facing the broken window was unplugged and not working, according to police.
  • Gary Raub, the Seattle-area homeless man arrested in a 1976 Maine murder cold-case pleaded not guilty to the charges last week.
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