Where to watch Super Bowl XLVII (and 6 5 places where not to) on Capitol Hill

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Maybe we’re jaded. Unless a joint announces it’s doing something special for the big game, “where to watch the Super Bowl” lists are Super lame. Where to watch? Any bar or restaurant that has a TV! Look, this year’s list is different than last year’s list because that place closed. And that place got a TV!


Here’s a roster of area food and drink players touting something special — plus a good cause or two — for you on Sunday for the 49ers-Ravens tilt. When the game ends 31-3 Niners, you’ll be happy you were there sit and eat and drink for six hours.

We’ve also included some intel on where *not* watch the game. Go sports ball!

  • We haven’t hyped the Kedai Makan-Montana link up enough, we know, but damn, we’d sit through a lot of commercials for this: “Putting on a Super Bowl bash @Montana opening at 3. Pork ribs with kecap manis and black pepper, wings a la Jalan Alor, tauhu Sumbat, and the Kedai snack mix with peanuts, Iona bills, kaffir and chili. Sunday”
  • For our farther-flung friends in the CD or near the Hill border zone, stop by The BottleNeck or The Twilight. $5 wings!
  • Let’s get to the good cause, shall we? At R Place:

2013 Big Gay Superbowl Extravaganza (A benefit for the ECSA)


Join us Sunday February 3rd. It’s San Francisco vs Baltimore, Jim vs John. We’re not sure who you’ll be rooting for, but we do know they’ll be great commercials and Beyonce. All 3 floors will be open with the sound on. 4 50″ HDTV’s, 2 Huge Projection Screens, 2 46″ HDTV’s, and 10 32″ HDTV’s. We’ll have some food for purchase with all proceeds going to the Emerald City Softball Association. $6 Double Absolut Cocktails, Happy Hour prices all day, Shot wheel special. Great Raffle Prizes and much more. 

The “gayest Super Bowl party ever” for the gayest Super Bowl ever, by the way.

  •  The Lookout knows how best to prepare for the game: “Super Bowl Sunday-Happy Hour starts at 11am. Barbecue specials.”
  • Ah, forget it. We give up. Here’s Yelp’s database of Capitol Hill+First Hill+Central District bars with TVs open Sunday afternoon. Sorted by “most-reviewed” — Cafe Presse, Elysian, Garage, Six Arms, Big Mario’s. Ship it.
  • The Hill is also now home to two (two!) sportsball bars: Auto Battery and 95 Slide. We suggest they show the game.
  • Don’t want to watch the game but still want to eat bean dip and drink in public setting? Yelp database return for Capitol Hill+First Hill+Central District bars WITHOUT TVs open Sunday afternoon… oh wait, Yelp doesn’t offer that valuable info. So we dug through the results for you. Sorted by “least-reviewed” — Bar Ferd’nand, Grim’s, Unicorn, Poco, Liberty, Linda’s… there are more. You can *not* tell us about them in comments.

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6 thoughts on “Where to watch Super Bowl XLVII (and 6 5 places where not to) on Capitol Hill

  1. Due to popular demand and tons of requests, they are in fact playing the game in their backroom. The backroom with a huge wall projector. It’s on their facebook page.