CHS Pics | Sounders in Miller Park

IMG_8120Seattle Sounders player David Estrada got in some autograph time along with a skills clinic and some pick-up action at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center playfield Tuesday afternoon.

Estrada was joined by Sounders Alex Caskey and Dylan Remick in the event sponsored by the pro club.

IMG_8198 IMG_8220

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3 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Sounders in Miller Park

  1. The player in the green shirt is Seattle Sounder Andy Rose.

    Incidentally, I’ve seen Caskey buying groceries on the hill, and Rose walking around up here, so they might be Capitol Hill residents themselves.

  2. These guys did a great job. Great way to spread some Sounders cheer and inspire budding players. And zero attitude the whole time they were there. Good way to build the brand Sounders, the Mariners can learn alot from you about how to build a loyal fan base.