I am sick and tired of seeing new apartment buildings popping up in my neighborhood

I am becoming increasingly aware of the number of new apartment buildings that are springing up in my neighborhood. I see the demolition of businesses (i.e. B&O Espresso) and houses in my area ruining the quaintness of my neighborhood. I am reminded of Ballard where there is a glut of ugly apartment buildings that are being built. Where is the charm of Capitol Hill?? I purposely decided to buy a condo up here because of the charm and diversity of this area. Now, I am being surrounded by the building of “generic” and cookie cutter apartment buildings. I fear that Capitol Hill is becoming just as generic as every other neighborhood  in Seattle. Where is the Capitol Hill “uniqueness” going to?? I cringe everytime I go down my street and see nothing but houses being demolished. I am sorry I decided to buy up here. I never thought I would see the day when Capitol Hill is now becoming the new Ballard with a glut of apartment buildings. I know everything changes, but why my neighborhood?? It incensing me to see so many apartment buildings going up in my nice quiet neighborhood and no one seems to care. Well I do and I have been told there is nothing I can do to prevent this. Isn’t there?? I don’t want to see my neighborhood become a sea of cookie cutter apartment buildings, where old charming houses are bought and demolished at the drop of a hat. What can be done to prevent this increasingly apartment building glut that is happening?? Does anyone else care and what can be done???????

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I am a native Seattle-ite who moved up to Capitol Hill 3 years ago. I specifically bought a condo up on Capitol Hill for the diversity and charm. I have worked in the healthcare industry for a long time.
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One thought on “I am sick and tired of seeing new apartment buildings popping up in my neighborhood

  1. I agree 100% with your point, but your credibility is undermined by the fact that you are a condo owner! Condo development is just as bad for the character of a neighborhood as apartments. And condo owners usually have more money than renters. And the businesses that are being torn down are being replaced by wine bars and white tablecloth restaurants that cater to the upper classes. Many people who used to rent here can’t afford it anymore and have to move further out of the city and spend their time and limited income commuting. So you’re right, but also take some responsibility for your role in Capitol Hill’s gentrification.