CHS Community Post | Rain City Poetry Slam with featured poet Roberto Ascalon and the 3rd Hoodie Slam Qualifier!

facebook_invite_cover_robertoJoin Rain City Slam for featured poet Roberto Ascalon and the 3rd Hoodie Slam Qualifier!

Slam Information:

The 2nd Annual Hoodie Championship is beginning! For the next weeks, we will be taking the TOP 2 winners from each slam to a head to head, cut throat championship! Winners recieve a Rain City Slam T-shirt. The Final Winner will recieve the extremely rare, Rain City Slam Hooded Sweatshirt! The only current owner being our 2013 Hoodie Slam Champion, Michael Hodges.

Aim for second, because at Rain City…

Featured Poet

Award-winning poet Roberto Ascalon (Seattle) has taught since 2003. His teaching residencies have led to exhibitions at the Frye Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and the Museum of History and Industry, and earned him a trip to the White House where had the honor of shaking hands with the President. He is a Kundiman and Jack Straw Fellow, a two-time Seattle Slam Team member and winner of the 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize. He lives in an old school building with a beautiful girl, a blackboard and a cat.

Please take a moment and read our safety statement:

Rain City Slam is committed to safety in our community for all of our members. We ask that anyone entering our community in any capacity treat the audience, poets, venue staff, Rain City community members and featuring artists as equals. We refuse to permit any act of hate, violence or bigotry on or off our stage and microphone and will ban any person or persons involved in those acts. Any person whose safety has been threatened in any way should report the occurrence to a member of the Rain City Slam board. We will keep information confidential and anonymous and provide any support needed. Absolutely NO ONE is above this rule and inappropriate, dangerous, hateful or violent behavior is unacceptable for everyone.

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