Expect a line on E Pike as holiday hype boosts demand for Sun Liquor’s aged eggnog

(Image: Sun Liquor)

(Image: Sun Liquor)

Here is why you are probably going to see a long line in front of Capitol Hill’s Sun Liquor Bottle Shop Thursday afternoon. Their aged eggnog is really, really good.

Another reason: The hype this year has grown as thick as the nog thanks to Seattle Times writer Tan Vinh’s obsession with the drink as the paper teased the arrival of the Capitol Hill creation in area chain Total Wine’s stores.

Thursday, locals will have a small advantage as the E Pike distillery will put a portion of its remaining 2016 inventory up for sale “first come, first served”

Egg Nog Pop Up Shop
Thursday at 2 PM – 8 PM
516 E Pike

We will have a limited # of bottles of our Sun Liquor Aged Egg Nog available for purchase at the Bottle Shop! First come, first served.

In addition to possibly scoring a few bottles of the coveted drink’s 2016 incarnation — a little more brandy, we hear — you can look at the hype as a celebration of Sun’s success on Capitol Hill including its expansion to create the bottle shop earlier this year and its ramped up production capabilities across the street on E Pike.

If eggnog isn’t your thing, Thursday night also brings a Pre-Chanukah Party- Latkeh Cook Off with community group Chabad of Capitol Hill. Or maybe both nog and latkeh can be your things. It’s the holidays. Enjoy.

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