On the List | Capitol Hill Oscars parties, Jayapal town hall, Rihanna tribute party

Waxie Moon and Rebecca Mmmm Davis host the Academy Awards party at the Century Ballroom (Image: Priya Alahan/Century Ballroom)

Now that the snow is finally melted (mostly) the city seems to thaw again too. This week, there’s an abundance of things to do, such as celebrations for Outer Planet Craft Brewing’s 4th anniversary, the world premiere of new folk-roots musical The Devil and Sarah Blackwater at Annex Theatre, Tint Dance Festival 2019 at Erickson Theatre and the Seattle Asian American Film Festival on the Hill and in the Central District. Find much more stuff to do on the list below or on the CHS Calendar.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20: Monday night in front of hundreds in Volunteer Park, Rep. Pramila Jayapal only scratched the surface of her plans for helping Congress stand up to Donald Trump. Wednesday night, go in depth with Jayapal as our WA-07 D.C. Rep. holds a town hall on First Hill. Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave, 6:30 PM

THURSDAY, Feb. 21: Whether she’s minding her own business smoking a blunt by the pool, rolling her eyes at a TMZ photographer or turning up at the MET gala in what can only be described as an ‘omelet’ dress, Grammy-winning pop star Rihanna is IDGAF-ness in the living flesh. It’s just one of the reasons fans ‘stan’ The Caribbean Queen, who turns 31 this week. Over at tribute party Good Boiz Gone Bad: A Rihanna Party, superfan DJ Thumper honors RiRi by ‘remixing, layering and reimagining’ her hits while performers such as Kimber Shade, Kaleena Markos, and HotPink Shade grace the stage from 10 to 1.  Fred Wildlife Refuge, 9PM – 2AM (21+)


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(Image: Timothy Norris)

THURSDAY, Feb. 21 THROUGH SUNDAY, Feb. 24: Perhaps you’ve heard of local dancer and choreographer Lavinia Vago, who co-founded dance company The YC with local dance superstar Kate Wallich in 2010. Or maybe the name of LA-based dance company SZALT rings a bell. Chances are you haven’t, and it doesn’t, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking out Velocity’s promising SZALT / Lavinia Vago ‘split bill’. The entire show will be scored live and will feature an “immersive multi-sensory environment.” Velocity Dance Center, 8 PM

FRIDAY, Feb. 22: On September 13, 1991, Nirvana released its seminal record Nevermind at the then 1-year-old Capitol Hill/South Lake Union-adjacent Re-Bar, which HistoryLink describes as a “funky little counter-cultural and gay-friendly nightclub” (The band, by the way, started a food fight and got kicked out from their own party.) One can only imagine Cobain alive today, disgusted with what the city’s become. Chances are he’d still like Re-Bar, which turns 29 this year. Celebrate during Re-bar Turns 29! with musical guests such as Reverend Doctor Riz Rollins (KEXP), Michael Manahan (Re-bar), Brian Lyons (Flammable) and Julie Herrera (Flammable). Re-Bar (21+)

SATURDAY, Feb. 23: Noodles (including Phud Kee Mao or “Drunken Noodles”), stiff drinks and comedy: Sometimes a Saturday night can be this simple. Inside Jai Thai restaurant on Broadway, Broadway Comedy Clash organizes its monthly local comedy competition hosted by local comedian Mary Lou Gamba. The audience votes for the winner, who will move on to the semi-finals in May, and perhaps the year-end finals. Comedy on Broadway @ Jai Thai, 9-11 PM.

SUNDAY, Feb. 24: The plush carpet and chic mid-century modern furniture at co-working space the Cloud Room emit such luxurious LA-vibes I’ve always suspected it’d be hard to get work done there. (Actually, there’s quite a bit of work done there.) The point: While it is a co-working space, it’s also the perfect location for an Oscars viewing party. During the 91st Annual Academy Awards: A Viewing Party, The Cloud Room lounge will be open for non-members to watch the show on the big screen. There will be popcorn, prediction ballots (the winner gets a prize) and themed cocktails such as the tequila and agave-based ”Hollywood’s Trophy” as well as the “The Black Panther Martini,” which consists of black vodka, dry vermouth, and olive juice. The Cloud Room, 5 PM

To watch the Academy Awards on a big screen with commentary from celebrity hosts Waxie Moon and Rebecca Mmmm Davis, swing through the Century Ballroom. “Guests are encouraged to dress up and strut the red carpet for photos and best dressed contests.” Tickets are $20 at the door or you can go VIP with a reserved table for four, unlimited truffle popcorn, a bottle of bubbly and table service for $95. Century Ballroom, 4:30 PM

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