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  1. I plugged in the numbers for a 3 bedroom using the chart and estimating it was 1200 in 2000 and is 2000 in 2015. The annual growth rate was about 3.4%.

    For the studio going from 600 to 800 it is 1.94%.

    To be fair, the recent increases may exceed that but over time, which is what investors look at, the picture hardly describes a windfall for investors in terms of rent increases, or pain for renters. How many workers or recipients of entitlements, don’t see at least 2% increases per year, and likely more if one has a 3 bedroom and a family.

    Are those who propose a fix also willing to guarantee investor returns during recessions and downward slumps? Many who bought homes in 2007 are only now beginning to see the value return to the purchase price. They took a risk and did not enjoy a good return on their investments.

    I fail to see the problem here. We are a city in demand, and the supply has lagged. This will fix itself as thousands of units come on line and we end up being a city of the past with inevitable corrections in economic sectors.

    There was a time when Detroit was among the most prosperous cities in America, riding the crest of the auto industry. Need I say more.

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