Wrapping up two loose ends, introducing a third

We post a lot of stuff here. A lot of it we follow up on. A lot of it we don’t. Quick update on two loose ends.

  1. The Trader Joe ferret’s owner? Still a mystery
  2. Washer and dryer claimed!
  3. And introducing a new issue in the ‘hood — Mr. Car Alarm, your neighbors hate you.
    RANT: The idiot with the car alarm on 19th & Republican
    Reply to: pers-262496547@craigslist.org
    Date: 2007-01-14, 10:12AM PST

    I am sick and tired of being woken up repeatedly in the middle of the fucking night by your car alarm, and SO IS EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!! This weekend alone it’s gone off no fewer than 10 times between midnight and 8am.


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3 thoughts on “Wrapping up two loose ends, introducing a third

  1. The one time I was repeatedly tortured by a car alarm like that, I tracked it down and left a note under the wiper that read something like:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Your car alarm goes off repeatedly, for no apparent reason, throughout the night. This is an annoyance to everyone in the neighborhood. As you may not be aware of your defective alarm, please consider this a request on behalf of DOZENS of people to GET IT FIXED. If you do not do so promptly, also consider this a warning: the next time I have to get out of bed and come down to your car, I won’t leave another note. I will kick in every headlight and tailight on your vehicle.