A new haunting on Capitol Hill

This new “paranormal mystery” novel is set in a home on Capitol Hill:

The supernatural plot is set in motion by Jerry and James, a young gay couple moving into a Victorian house on Seattle’s Capitol Hill that has been left to James by his great-aunt, Emily Hargraves.

James, a therapist, is giddy with excitement. The house is huge, charming and looks out over the city and the Olympic mountains.

Jerry, a contractor who works for his father, has the willies from the moment he opens the front gate.

Sounds like our neighborhood.

You can buy Alan Rose’s The Legacy of Emily Hargraves on Amazon, of course. Amazon’s blurb on the book notes some of the other characters who appear:

They seek assistance from a psychiatrist who is knowledgeable in paranormal research; from a psychic who confirms that Jerry is somehow part of the haunting; and from a nosy, next door neighbor (“a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Committee of one,” Jerry grumbles) who had been a friend of Emily’s for over sixty years and unwittingly holds a key to the mystery.

We’re glad the old man isn’t a blogger.


Thanks to TTCA.org for bringing Emily to our attention.

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